Lecture Details for Lambs to the Slaughter with Muhammad Shareef

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Lecture Details

Event Date6/1/1996
Event LocationSandford University, California
Event DescriptionHAMZA YUSUF & MUHAMMAD SHAREEF speak at STANFORD UNIVERSITY Staurday, January 6, 1996 600 pm sharp until 9:30 pm KRESGE AUDITORIUM Donation: $7.00 Topics: Hamza Yusuf: "Lambs of Slaughter: Our Children & Modern Education" Muhammad Shareef: "Islamic Education & the West African Model" Some points that will be mentioned during this talk are the influence of television, learning from video programs, computer mania, the western educational system, and the subsequent effects of these mediums upon the intellectual and moral development of our children. Concepts and ideas as to what we, as parents and educators can do to insure that our children are educated without sacrificing their integrity as human beings to the ills of modern society, will be discussed.

SHY Quotes made at this Event

A Is for Ox : The Collapse of Literacy and the Rise of Violence in an Electronic Age"A brilliant book" -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Evolutions End : Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence"Here`s a book that I think everyone here should read." -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Evolutions End : Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence"This is an amazing book" -Munawar
Evolutions End : Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence"How heart cell`s synchronize after being cut off then joined back onto the Heart." -Munawar
Evolutions End : Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence"`Evolutions End` was the class reading homework for the Islamic Roadmap lecture/workshop" -Munawar
Age of Faith"He talks about the peerless books and knowledge that was created by the...they call...golden age of Islam." -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf