Lecture Details for Lenders Leopards and Lions

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Lecture Details

Event Date1/26/2011
Event Location California
Event Description Lenders, Leopards, and Lions: The Violence of Avarice - Muslim Musings from Dante's Six, Seventh, and Eighth Circles of Hell Youtube:

Event Transcripts

No Transcripts Available

SHY Book Recommendations made at this Event

Dantes Inferno

SHY Quotes made at this Event

Dantes Inferno"SHY spoke about the concept `life being like a mountain` and how this is the physical reality in the book." -Munawar
Dantes Inferno"Dante lumped `userer` (bankers) in with homosexuals - both are unnatural acts. Back when Christianity still forbade Interest." -Munawar
Dantes Inferno"The whole speech is an explanation of the book." -Munawar
"I asked my father (84), when you get past Lust. And he said, `About a half hour after the cadaver cools.` " -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf