Lecture Details for Reviving the Islamic Spirit - 2006

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Lecture Details

Event Date1/24/2006
Event LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Event Description

Event Transcripts

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SHY Quotes made at this Event

Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment"On the value of mastering vs dabbling. In reference to a quote by Sidi Ahmed Zurruq in `Foundations of the Spiritual Path`." -Munawar
Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment"SHY recommends this book repeatidly, and quotes from this book in the "How to Read a Book" lecture" -Munawar
Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment"Regarding people who like to join groups. Sh Hamza pointed at the chapter on Dabblers" -Munawar
Mastery: The Keys to Long-Term Success and Fulfillment"A really great book" -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Meditations"The author was amazed that people care what others think. This book was mentioned, not explicitly recommended." -Munawar
Gardens of the Righteous: Riyadh As-Salihin of Imam Nawawi"A good comprehensive book on Prophetic Character" -Munawar
"Life is minimum security prison, Hell is maximum security. And Heaven is when you're let out." -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf