Quotes by Shaykh Hamza

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"I actually met the Pope because of it..And he was very gracious. But he came down and really connected and spent like 30 seconds (meeting each delegate), which is a lot of time when you're meeting the Pope. I was really struck by how poorly he Photographs, because he actually has a very soft face, and when I met him personally, it really came through. I told him, listen I have a problem. (I have) a Mother'n'Law, that I've got problems with because her daughter married me (a Muslim) and she's Catholic. And I think I can solve this problem, if you would just pray for her. And his eyes just lit up, they really did; So he said a prayer in Latin for her. So when I told her that...I am just like, in-like-Flynn. I have no problems...All my problems are solved. She's Mexican Catholic, very devout, Mexican-American, and she has a picture of me meeting the Pope that everybody who comes in the house (sees). (And she says) "That's my Son-N-Law. I don't care if he's Muslim or what!""

- Shaikh Hamza Yusuf (Religious Freedom Why now? Discussion with Robert P George)