Quotes by Shaykh Hamza

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"When a pitcher is throwing a perfect game in baseball, do you know what happens to the whole team? Nobody talks to him. Everybody just stays away. Because he's entered into a completely different zone. They call it "The Flow" in sports psychology. They're in the Flow. And great athletes know this; It's when everything becomes unified. They're not experiencing separateness, they're in a total state where everything is perfect. And that's when he pitches a perfect game. Shutout, no hitter, just strike out after strike out. And nothing goes wrong, it's a perfect flow. This is the state of the (Awliya) saints, All the time...This is where the Awliya are at. It's perfect. That's why they don't get disrupted, they don't get disturbed, Because they're aware."

- Shaikh Hamza Yusuf (How to Read a Book)