Quotes by Shaykh Hamza

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"We visited him once, at this point he was Blind, literally blind, he could not see, he could barely hear, he was in his Coma. He was on the bed, Mouli Hassan said, "Hamza Yusuf came, he's visiting." Alhamdullilah, he liked me a lot. There was no response We sat there and we read something and then we were about to leave. Mouli Hassan said, "Mashallah, Ghaib", He is just not here. And when he said, Sidi Jaid said, "I'm coming, give me a little time." That's what he said, "Give me a little time." And then, we waited a little bit, and he came, and he said "Lift me up." We sat him up, and he opened his eyes, and he asked for his glasses. Then he started reading Surah Yaseen. and then he just said, "I am really giving the Shayateen such a hard time." Wallahi, that's what he said, "They're trying to put doubts in me, and I'm just Alhamdulillah." "

- Shaikh Hamza Yusuf (Islamic Theology 2013)