Shaykh Hamza's Book Recommendations

A list of book recommendations as made by Shaykh Hamza at various public appearences

1. Islam: General

Book Recommendation
What Went Wrong?

2. History: History

Book Recommendation
A History of Knowledge: Past, Present and Future
A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
A Study of History
Are Muslims Distinctive?: A Look at the Evidence
Biography of John Locke
Cambridge History of Islam
Civil War Book by Shelby Foote
Civilization on trial
Ghazali (Makers Of The Muslim World)
Great Short Works of Leo Tolstoy
History of Bombing
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
How the Irish Became White: Volume 137 (Routledge Classics) How the Irish Became White
James Baldwin vs Williams Buzley Oxfords debate
Knowledge Triumphant: The Concept of Knowledge in Medieval Islam
Light of Asia
Mecca: From Before Genesis Until Now
Over Morocco in a balloon
The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu: And Their Race to Save the World`s Most Precious Manuscripts
The Colonizer and the Colonized
The Future of Islam
The Influence of Islam on Medival Europe
The Muqaddimah
The Plague
The Saint and the Sultan: The Crusades, Islam, and Francis of Assisi's Mission of Peace
The World and the West
Toynbee`s History
Travels of Ibn Jubayr

3. History: Western

Book Recommendation
A Modest Proposal
A People`s History of the United States : 1492-Present
Adam Smith`s Mistake
African Muslims in Antebellum America: Transatlantic Stories and Spiritual Struggles
Black Like Me
George Washington`s Farewell Address
History of the Peloponnesian War
Hobbes: On the Citizen
How the Irish became White
How the Irish became White
Islam in the United States of America
Letter from the Birmingham Jail
Lincoln`s Greatest Speech : The Second Inaugural
Mark Twains Weapons of Satire : Anti-Imperialist Writings on the Philippine-American War
NAACP: A History of the NAACP
Pat Buchanan
Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas
The Civil War: A Narrative : Fort Sumter to Perryville Civil War
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
The Jefferson Adams Correspondence
The Jefferson Bible
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers
The Social Menace of the Orient: white or yellow, Volume II
The Web of Deceit
Thomas Jefferson : Writings : Autobiography / Notes on the State of Virginia
Two Treatises of Government and A Letter Concerning Toleration

4. History: Eastern

Book Recommendation
A Literary History of the Arabs
Colonizer and the Colonized
History of Islamic Spain