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Event Name: Al Qur'an the Living Miracle
Transcription Date: 4/8/2019
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first the idea of the Quran as the

miracle of Islam Islam is is fascinating

in that we have before us the miracle of

the Prophet sallallahu sanim unlike the

miracles that we read about in the Quran

that are taken based on faith such as

the miracle of moosa a.s a time when he

thrust down his staff and it became a


a snake and the miracle of the asylum

who brought the living to the dead or

dead to the living or the bird that he

fashioned from clay and then it was

given life by the power of Allah these

are miracles that people experienced at

that time and some people would contend

that they have a type of what's called

Toa Torah or because there's such a vast

chain of transmission of these miracles

that they can be accepted on that value

but we would believe in them because

they're mentioned in the Quran but the

Quran itself is the miracle of the

Prophet this is the triumphant miracle

that the prophets alighted some was

given one of the poets put it best when

he said a hooker ISA that a matin for

Carmela your brother

isa al salam he called the dead and they

became they answered him and they stood

up one interrogator at Yellen Mennella

Adam E but you have brought generations

back to life the prophet sallallaahu

Slim's miracle is that his book is with

us to this day

track tophi come on Rainey Matta

mastectomy him lamp illumined by the

avada kitab allah was

I have left two things with you as long

as you adhere to them cling to them hold

to them you will never go astray The

Book of Allah and my Sunnah and the

Sunnah is in reality an explanation of

the book of Allah it is an explanation

of the book of Allah the prophet saww

license life is a tough sear a

commentary on the Book of Allah so

beautifully articulated by Aisha when

she was asked how was the character of

the prophets Allah is amis at Ken ahora

al Quran his character was the Quran

were in the Quranic Oricon oven you are

on a vast character a vast ethos the

Quran can be really summed up in one

statement that even Jews a says in his

tafseera says here he says that it is

the call of creation the invitation of

the creation to the worship of al Haq

the truth which is Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala now this invitation is exactly

that it is is an invitation Dawa in the

Islamic tradition is an invitation we

invite people we do we have never

historically have never outside of the

arabian peninsula have never forced

anyone to become muslim this is

historically documented nowhere has a

Muslim held a sword over somebody's head

outside of the Arabian Peninsula and say

become a Muslim or you die this is

simply falsification of history other

religions have been notoriously known

for doing that the Muslims have never

done that and the reason that they have

never done that is because the Quran is

an invitation it's a Dawa the Muslims

know what that one means it means

literally to invite through it as a

video I'll pick up at hikmah one more

letter has a call invite to the way of

your Lord in the best way with wisdom

and in the

best exhaustion the best exhortation

this is the message that Islam has gone

out and spread to people so if we look

at the Quran as a an invitation it is a

Dawa we can see there is a beautiful

hadith that articulates this and gives a

different nuance to this idea the Quran

is the Madhuban of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala in the creation in this earth

dooba in the Arabic language means a

place there's two rear ayah two

transmissions one is mokuba and one is

Madiba the medulla is a banquet in which

a king sets forth and invites those

worthy of the invitation to his banquet

and they must have the proper and

requisite Edel in order to enter into

the the tent of the king and this the

Quran is the banquet of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala in his earth the other area which

is also sound calls it Madiba if you

look at the word matter but it is what

they call it's my kin in the Arabic

language it's the place where one

acquires Adel and Edom is that which

makes us human

the Prophet SAW Allah is and I'm said

the best of what a parent gives to his

child or her child is a DAB Hasan is

good at that

this is the best and highest thing that

a human being can give to his child is

good Adam and the prophets Allah said in

a hadith that is has some weakness some

people called monkara but it's by the

consensus of the ummah the the meaning

is sound at debonair Rabi roxanna DB my

Lord has given me a dub and how

excellent he made my adapt the word Arab

in Arabic means courtesy and it's a deep

courtesy it's a spiritual courtesy and

this is what the Quran in it is a place

where we

learn the requisite courtesies in order

to be fully human and those courtesies

are beautifully demarcate admire our

scholars in the two sections of sip

which are a badass

well more a madad the courtesies between

the slave and his Lord which is called

ibadat or the acts of worship and the

courtesies between the slave and

creation which are called more a melody

or the human transactions Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala has given guidance in both of

these when we look in the the idea of a

badda-badda has two aspects the first is

al-qaeda and the second is Afghan the

rápida can be broken off again into two

branches one of the sicknesses of the

age is an obsession with al-qaeda which

in using Western terminology which would

go under the category of what they call

charisma or rules of which you learn the

update is not complicated it's something

that can be learned very fast the

athlete of America Howie is a beautiful

al qaida of which the OMA has agreed

upon it can be learned very quickly but

the RP that must be seen as three

essential aspects and what we say we say

Allah is one we say Allah has no

likeness we say Allah has not give birth

does not give birth these are aspects of

the appeal that which we articulate and

then there is an ephod a belief in the

heart that al-qaeda must penetrate the

heart it cannot simply remain at the

level of ratiocination at the level of

the intellect it has to transcend the

intellect and enter into the heart and

directly impact the heart and this is

what manifests human behavior at the

level that a Muslim is

to show and this is where the IP that

then permeates every cell of the body

and the human beings behavior shows that

he is a Muslim that he is a Muslim Dona

Mirana what have come our America we

have our actions and you have our


it is actions that deed that distinguish

human beings and nothing else it is the

actions which distinguish human beings

based on their understanding because

actions emanate from understandings and

not vice versa and this is very clearly

understood in modern social sciences and

I would recommend studying the concept

of cognitive dissonance which is a

beautiful a beautiful insight which the

Quran gave us centuries before I haven't

found really any insights in in my own

personal studies of modern Sciences

except that I found already either

explicitly articulated in the Quran and

the Sunnah or implicitly understood by

the scholars of Islam who came later if

you look then at what the Quran is the

Quran is is formulated on this this idea

of al-qaeda the other aspect of the

Quran which is from the account is how

then do we get human beings how does how

does the human being get from a stage

where he is bereft and without guidance

to a stage where not only does he

understand but he is acting according to

the guidance of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and this is done in the Quran with two

very important concepts and you can see

the Quran beautifully following this

pattern constantly the first is called

Talib and the second is called Sahib in

Turkey what this means is that Allah

calls us to the Book of Allah and gives

us the sound reasons for following the

Deen of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and the

benefits of following the Deen of Allah

and what will happen with us if we

follow the need of Allah the next aspect

is called Tar Heel which is out of ah to

inspire all the prophets of listening in

the hadith beautiful diet that he made

when he went to sleep alone as Samton

FCE lake or what yeah - what you baked

well java he like rotten rotten awake I

have surrendered myself to you I have

faced my home I placed my back in your

security and safety

grandpa tell what a habit an awake out

of desire for you and an hour of all of

you and these are the do these are the

two sandals that the human being must

have in his life he has to have the

sandal of Raja and he has to have the

sandal of health and so he moves forward

or she moves forward in her life with

the turkey and the toheeb and this is

the balance even mustard said that the

movement is the one who the target and

the term Hebe yes - e they become equal

with him abu hamid al-ghazali or the

Llano preferred the Raja because he said

Raja engendered love and fear engendered

despair if we then look at the aspects

of the Quran there are seven identified

by even Josie what they Allah and in his

test he'll the first one is there are

seven knowledge is that the Quran

encompasses the first one is El Morocco

via which is the knowledge of lordship

who is

Lord who is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala who

is Allah subhana WA Ta'ala Allah tells

us and declares it in the Quran know

that there is no god but allah subhana

wa ta'ala that there are no now part of

the miracle of the Quran and in the

essential aspect of it is the Arabic

language the Arabic language is unique

in terms of certainly European languages

it has a unique aspect and that is that

there is no copulative verb to be in

other words when we say in English there

is no god but Allah we use the verb is

which in Arabic does not exist when we

say there is no god but allah we say la

ilaha illa allah there is no god but

allah but we do not use a copy of verb

to be what this enables us to do in

language is to transcend being in other

words there is no conceptual limitations

of allah subhana wa ta'ala when we speak

about Allah subhana WA Ta'ala in the

Arabic language which exists in the

English language and that is why it is

impossible to say la ilaha mala in any

other language than the Arabic language

the Quran is an Arabic revelation before

it is anything it is revealed in and

zelner or an and our vision line the

Kentucky law the law Allah here is in

order that you are it's not hope like

taraji there's different types of line

that here it is it is in order that you

talk alone that you become people of

intellect the Arabic language somebody

asked me why should

I said to increase your IQ to increase

your intellect that they are big is by

its nature and all the Arabs that speak

Arabic don't fall into that because they

don't speak Quranic Arabic which is that

is the language that empowers and will

literally give the human being a much

deeper and broader understanding your

your actual understanding of existence

increases with your increase in the

knowledge of Arabic language why because

it is a true language it is a true

language in other words the language is

not simply a symbolic language in which

people have agreed on certain phrases to

use like in the English language we use

the word cat in Arabic to describe cat

or self to describe self if you look at

the actual evolution of the language

there it's these are arbitrary

distinctions in the Arabic language

there is no arbitrariness there we

believe that the Arabic language is part

of Revelation it is a totally fair

language that was revealed it is not a

language of which human beings agreed

upon and this is why as you begin to

move into the Arabic language and the

meanings of the Arabic words you will

see conventional understandings of words

that exist when an Arab says nufs he

understands self but if you begin to

actually go into the language itself it

will articulate for you the reality of

nufs you will understand what enough

says if you make it and I'm even though

the bus Cities won the battle I like the

crew fee school of the grammarians you

had the bus cities and the crew fees and

they used to if they ever got together

they throw sandals at each other and and

in the good old days

right now we throw bombs at each other

in those days they just used to throw

sandals when they disagree but the the

the coup fans believe that words the

source words were ruse of the verb

and the noun came after and the bus

friends believed that the noun was

actually the source because Allah says

that he taught Adam the Asthma physical


if you look in Arabic if we look to the

verb itself the Arabic word for nafs has

two possibly more but two words in the

first form there's six what they call

bab six forms in the in the Arabic first

form or what they call a food a fever

the two are not Issa emphasis which is

on the bab castro fat hen and the nephew

say enforcer which is Ramadan men the

the nafisa enforcer means to be miserly

the Nephilim whoso means to be precious

already Allah is indicating two types of

self the prophets all nice theorem said

in in a beautiful hadith about one of

them on a 15 when he was asked who's

your savior and they said sayyiduna

so-and-so and Lannister killer who

except we consider him miserly the

Prophet said well Hanukkah died on a

diamond and bottle is there a disease

more sick than miser leanness because

the kaffir is a miser in reality because

he will not give thanks to Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala out of thanks is easy to give

you know it's like this London taxi cab

drivers icon and he was complaining

about all these Muslims that had come to

London and I won't say from which

countries but they come during the

summer and they take over a place called

Edgware Road and he was going on and he

was told me the thing that really

bothered him was they never say thank

you right and and I said well it does

exist in their language which means that

it's just their bad mannered people just

like you have bad men are people in any

culture or any language and I I wanted

to tell what comes around goes around I

mean they stole everything in the the

English right stole the whole world and

they never said thank you to anybody for

all the stuff that they took from it

right the colonialists didn't go and

tell that the Afghan 'yes thank you for

letting us steal your country right but

that's another story the but the the

idea of

he'll as one aspect of humanity the

other aspect is preciousness in the

feast the Neffs itself its primary

nature is precious

that is why whoever kills enough it's as

if he killed all of humankind this is

the Quranic worldview the nafs is

precious now if you go into the second

form you have nafisa which means to help

other people to alleviate somebody

suffering which is the cream the

generous the precious synapse will do

this but then if you move to another

type of transitive verb it is nafisa

which means to literally buy and compete

you now feasible and this is a sickness

that comes from miser Lina's not wanting

other people to have generosity to have

the blessings that you have and this is

why the Prophet said well attend half a

zoo and don't buy with one another and

if you must make ten AFER's or five

addict affiliate NFS animal ten a few

soon if people must compete with one

another then let them compete with one

another for Asura but not for this world

and what is very interesting that the

dominant philosophy now is what they

call competitive capitalism which is

literally destroying people as the

prophets Elijah them said it would

destroy people when they tenaha suha

when they begin to buy over the dunya

foot to felucca home come ahead of catan

and it destroys them like it destroyed

the people before them so this is again

a disease of the self

so from this semantic field that comes

out of the Arabic language you can see

the richness of the word nafs which in

its conventional meaning simply means

self but once you begin to open it up

and explore it you get this


it's where symbol meets reality it is

this is the power the symbolic power of

the Arabic language is that it is

literally meeting reality and haqiqa in

Arabic comes from hop it comes from a


is al hop his name is al haq and haq

Pepa is a derivative from the word al

hop now if you look in English the word

for reality which is reality comes from

a word press which means thing so

already in the language it's indicating

what they believe reality to be which is

things material things this is the

substance of their reality this is not

the substance of our reality

we believe that the earth and everything

on it is contingently real and that it

will vanish like everything else crewmen

are they half an everything is in a

state of annihilation kuru Satan

Harlequin Allah Raja everything will be

destroyed this existence is not

permanently real it is only contingently

real based on the high amia of allah

subhana wa ta'ala that he allows it to

exist this is all the worldview of the

quran that allah is giving us element

alluvia knowing lordship and we must

again the whole point of this was that

you had to go into the arabic language

la ilaha illa ma we do not think of

Allah as the supreme being in a

hierarchy of being this is this is

something that already even the

Christian philosophers are recognizing

the the invalidity of this person point

we do not see Allah as the supreme being

in a hierarchy of being let's say

committee shape Allah Subhan Allah Tala

in a extraordinary articulation by Abu

Bakr and Kalani one of the great

intellects of this Ummah when they said

lay some of us at him the ha'la'tha he

what I'm on fasted on an HOH he is

neither connected to his creation nor

separated from his creation

leisa committee Sheikh Allah is not the

supreme being with all these inferior

beings la ilaha ill allah and this is

the depth of the muslim understanding

the muslims were had the deepest and

most profound understanding based on

their knowledge of the quran and on

their knowledge of the arabic language

the next is the element of allah which

is knowledge of the prophets themselves

the Quran gives us knowledge of what is

nagoya once we identify that there is no

god but Allah that Allah is actually

giving us a message then who is the

messenger the messengers are clearly

identified as men that come from the the

purest of human beings and they

articulate the truth for creation in

different times and places the the next

one is Alma ad where are we going fine

at aboon where then are you going this

is the great piranha question that every

single individual must come to terms

with if people don't want to think about

where they came from which most people

don't and people like Stephen Jay Gould

aren't really thinking about where they

came from because these people all they

look at is how they never look at why

you see evolution looks at how all this

happened it never looks at why why has

this come about whether we believe in

evolution or not is irrelevant in terms

of the question itself why did this

stuff come about what where did it come

from who brought it into existence and

so knowledge of in my head that we are

going to meet allah subhana wa ta'ala

that we will be in the presence of allah

subhanho wa taala in a way that only

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala knows and we

will be asked and taken to account for

this is the element had the next

emphasis of the Quran is calm once you

accept your Lord you accept that there's

messengers you accept that there's a

final reckoning how then do you live in

the earth how do you live with human

beings how do you live and worship Allah

and this is the realm of ham in the

Quran there are only 500 verses in the

Quran that deal with ham either

explicitly or implicitly it's not a

great deal out of the 6236 I believe

verses of the Quran I don't know where

they get sick sick sick sick I see that

oops quit people whoever's riding that

quit riding that that scares the

Christians they put there's 600 6666

verses in the Quran I don't know who I

think a Christian wrote a book first of

all and then Muslims just been reading

that book and getting the information

because that's not how many I is of the

bomb but it scares them because it's the

number of the Antichrist in their


so the after understanding the Afghan

and applying them in our lives

Allah gives us against our even Turkey

which is right and worried in the Quran

what we're promised if we follow the

Book of Allah soprano at the ANA and we

follow the Sunnah of the messenger what

I consider suited is watch when Hassan

at Leman Kanazawa what your will after

what occur all Baha kathira you have in

the messenger the best example for those

who are yearning for the the next life

who desire a Las pleasure and desire to

meet Allah in the next life and do much

remembrance of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

and so the the wide is there and the

worried which is again the term Hebe

there are a lot of promises if we

deviate from the Quran what would happen

to us and we are witnessing that

everywhere this is one of the beauties

of the Quran is it empowers the human

being and allows us to know why we are

where we are and how we can get out of

the situation we're in if you look all

over the Muslim world well I I have to

deep deliberation about these things I

have come to the conclusion that all of

this is in reality a Rhema from allah

subhana wa ta'ala and nothing else this

is a rama from allah to this oma yareta

almaty feed on yaja the punishment of my

ummah was placed in the dunya and this

is a runner from allah in order that we

might return to Allah Subhan Allah to


Allah has frightening and devastating

ways of bringing his people back to the

Deen of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala we are

warned about this in the Quran so we

should see these things on Santa carajo

CheY CheY on Oahu

hallo domme perhaps you detest a thing

but in it is much good for you and Allah

knows Allah knows well Hanuman some data

morning you do not know we do not

understand existence fully and then the

last aspect out of these seven is the

idea of Kasasa

which is the Quran contains stories of

those who went before us now the stories

of those who went before us are there to

teach us that we are part of an unbroken

chain of struggle the Deen by its nature

is mo jihad ah

it is struggle we are part of an

unbroken chain of struggle that will

continue until the end of time it is the

struggle of truth and falsehood they

they fight one another and this is the

nature and that we that allah subhanho

wa taala will give victory to those who

are patient amongst us and this is why

in alumni house our body what we see

from those who went before us was the

deep patience that they had the deep

deep patience that they had in taking

this message out in suffering for it

what might happen tomorrow of one

honeymoon car once go soppec command to

good forbid evil and be patient about

what afflicts you from doing that

tomaso been happy what allows all the

summer they enjoy right and they

enjoying patience by the nature of

enjoining right you will suffer

afflictions these are the seven that

even Jews Al and Calvi identifies in the

Quran now what I would like to do is

just talk a little bit about the how

then all of us agree that the Quran is

the way out I don't think I've heard

this so many times what is the way out

and I've said it myself the Quran how is

it then do we get from understanding

this at the rational level in the

intellect to literally experiencing it

and living it in our lives I believe

that the Quran itself gives us the

methodology for doing that the first

thing I want to say is that I although

there's a lot of work been done

the scientific miracles of the quran

abdul majeed and danny has done

extraordinary work and and really people

many people have been influenced and

impacted by it i personally do not

believe that the the i think the

scientific miracles of the quran are

insignificant in relation to the purpose

of the quran because i do not believe

that the purpose of the quran is to be a

book of science there are miracles of

science no doubt in the quran in

embryology extraordinary things and in

geography and geology and other sciences

they are there and it's good work for

people to identify those things because

it's part of what they call an edge as

an enemy or the incapacitating nature of

the science in the quran but the primary

ages of the Quran is linguistic and what

I would like to do is look at a

statement made by a man Jeremy Campbell

who wrote a book about information

theory he says in here evidently nature

can no longer be seen as matter and

energy alone which is the 19th century

view of reality matter and energy alone

nor can all her secrets be unlocked with

the keys of chemistry and physics which

is what human beings have been

attempting to do to understand reality

at the biochemical level at the atomic

level - this is materialism at its

sickest brilliantly successful as these

two branches of science have been in our

century a third component is needed for

any explanation of the world that claims

to be complete the powerful theories of

chemistry and physics must be added a

late arrival a theory of information

nature must be interpreted as matter

energy and information nature must be

interpreted as matter energy and

information that is the Quranic

worldview the Quranic worldview tells us

that what we see and witness outside of

ourselves are signs from Allah subhana

wa ta'ala and what we see and

as inside of ourselves are signs from

allah subhanho wa taala the witnessing

itself is not simply a witnessing with

the eye which is the physical but it's a

witnessing with the heart itself which

as a super physical a metaphysical

witnessing articulated by our scholars

when they say a Shahada total sadhana

and Elmen be Masha Heatherton basurin

baba ceratin that are witnessing that

Allah there is no god but he is a

articulation that manifests out of a

knowledge gained by witnessing Mucha

basura with our own eyes or basi rotten

and with our hearts and this is why the

human being according to the founder I

mean the Quran itself but the founder of

information theory Claude Shannon who's

who's the founder of this theory of

information says the human being is the

ideal decoder this is the function of

the human being is literally to decode

and the Quran itself is the it is this

the code it is the the translation for

the human being it is the manual by

which the human being can break the code

of existence not from a scientific

aspect and I don't doubt that there are

things in there that that do with that

but from what how existence works in

terms of Sunnah of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala how existence works this to me is

the greatest miracle of the Quran that

if we learn and deeply deliberate the

Quran a variety the barone al-quran

Amanda fluminox adoha don't they deeply

deliberate and reflect on the Quran or

are there organs of cognition their

hearts covered with locks unable to

access the Book of Allah a variety the

brunel for on what o Kahneman in the


now as you defeat Edith and kathira if

it was from other than Allah they would

have found much differences in it like

the fifty thousand errors that they

found in other religious books they

would have found much differences in it

but there are not differences in the

Book of Allah subhana WA Ta'ala because

the Book of Allah is from Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala this can only be grasped in a

deep and sincere way with yet being

uncertainty by deep reflection on the

Book of Allah and this is the job of

allah al bab the people can sustaining

innermost core that break away the shell

of superficial thought that transcend

the shell of superficial thought and

enter in to the meanings that allah has

immersed the human being in both in his

experience of the world and in the

greatest and the divine articulation of

who the creator of the world is what the

world is and what our place and all the

various types of people and creation

that exist in the in the in existence

itself and this is an act of discovery

to enter into this is an act of

discovery which in itself is to enter

into the experience of ecstasy the word

in arabic to find or discover is the

same root word that we use for existence


wudood is existence wada means to find

but it also means to be ecstatic because

discovery is a state of ecstasy when

they asked abu hanifa of allah and who

be mad at Eric Taylor

how did you gain knowledge he said well

Hamdi was sugar by hand and sugar and

the meaning of that is that he said

Khulna Mazda 2 element water hamon

hammertoe lava Shakur to La Paz aldini

every time I increased in my knowledge

and understanding I thanked Allah and I

gave him found

praise and he increased me and my

knowledge and understanding and you

think aloud by blessings things that

make you felicitous things that give you

SIA this is why we thank Allah the Quran

is a book of sahaja it is for the mummy

name Vanunu 0 men are called animals

she found rotten element meaning we have

revealed from this Quran what is a

healing and a mercy for the meaning when

I use it over a minute Hazara

it will only increase those

transgressing in laws why because

they're gaining by transgression and the

Quran stops transgression on for a hawk

embodiment o mother lumen give victory

to your brother the oppressor and the

oppressed ke phenom sort of Ohana

al on him how do we give victory to our

brother the oppressor by stopping him

from his oppressing and this is what the

Quran does it will only increase the

volume in loss because it stops him from

his oppression and this is what the

Muslims who adhered to the book of allah

subhana wa ta'ala have done the way the

methodology in in deriving benefit from

the quran is in the quran itself the

first thing that the quran when it

announced 'as itself that it is a walkie

from allah subhanho wa taala and then it

tells us that these are signs now a sign

in linguistic theory is something that

must be decoded you have to decode a

sign in order to arrive at a knowledge

of what that sign is indicating and and

the sign is indicating what it's a it's

a signifier of something beyond it and

this is the world is both a sign of the

existence and unity of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala but the quran itself is a sign of

an explanation of the existence of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala and of the creator and

so the first thing is to recognize that

the Quran is a book literally of ayat

now to in order to decode that those

signs we must learn the language of the

Quran the language of the Quran is

Arabic the language of the Quran is

Arabic Imam is a theory in his rosada or

the one who said well yes Ivana could be

Muslim in and yet the elemental Arabiya

T Maya Bravo who do its obligatory on

every Muslim that he learns from the

Arabic language what his capacity in

was him to do and this was the position

of the early community and I'm not I'm

not an Arab here like giving some kind

of no I this'll language that I learned

myself and I'm still learning because

it's a vast language but the point is

that Muslim and and really to me the

English language is is it's a language

as a human language it's a sign of Allah

Allah says in your tongues and in your

colors our signs it's a sign of a lot

but it's for the Muslims to me it is a

sign of our humiliation and our

subjugation that we speak that English

has become the language of our

conferences and our intellectual and

scholastic pursuits is an indication of

our humiliation because it's a language

of a people that conquered many Muslim

lands and they have implant

they've given us this language and this

is what we're left with it's a language

that and I say this as a native speaker

of the language it is a poor language

it's a poor language it's what the Arab

they called lava to tiara the language

of Commerce which doesn't mean they

don't have philosophy and Shakespeare

Sheikh Isabel right they even say he was

an Arab but the the point that as long

as we're trapped in the language of

English I believe as an intellectual

community we will not rise to the level

anywhere near what those who went before

us do part of regaining our heritage is

regaining the Arabic language and also

unlike almost all the other languages in

existence the complexification of

languages increases despite the fact

that that that it changes in other words

Latin moved into Italian Spanish French

these are like slangs or dialects of

Latin but by the nature of language

because they left Latin there was a

complexification that took place that

enabled them to articulate difficult

thought unfortunately this has not

occurred in the Arabic language and the

reason for that I say enforce I really

not unfortunately but it has unfortunate

consequences the Arabic language by its

nature has been preserved

unchangable with the revelation of Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala the Arab grammarians

and the Arab lexicographers were the

first people the first dictionary in the

English language is sixteenth century

they don't even know really what

Chancellors language meant they can only

guess at a lot of words the meanings of

words the Hebrew language the Hebrews

caught on to dictionaries from the

Muslims and this is why in modern

biblical studies in tel aviv and the

universities where they study they go to

arabic groups to understand the bible

this is a fact that i'm not making this

up they go to arabic roots to understand

the bible because they recognize that as

a semitic language it is the only

language that has maintained a lexical

purity that other languages have not

maintained because of the preservation

of our scholars and and by the trophy of

Allah because when allah said in nan de

una zona de condado de Harvey boon that

includes the preservation of the Arabic

language because it's an essential

aspect the Arabic language has been

preserved and it's there for whoever

wants it if you want dunya then learn

English but if you want after ah learn

Arabic because it is the language that

literally opens up a whole world of

meaning that is inaccessible in the

English language and I'm saying that as

somebody who is bilingual who reads the

Quran in Arabic and reads English the

Arabic the Quran is not the Quran in

English it cannot be called the Quran in

English and this is not kind of you know

a boasting of the scholars of the past

no part of the areas of the Quran is the

Arabic language itself and that is a

language of Revelation so we must learn

the language of the book itself and this

includes Arabs who go through year 12

years of high school and they can't they

can't you know one one of the road I'm I

think was Muhammad banir for saying said

this hustle cause I've had it on my

behalf and unsub

well it's not gonna Rob this OMA has

been given three special things

knowledge of the unsub genealogy the

knowledge of the is

NOLA sanandana makalapa dimension

Messiah this imminent Mubarak said if it

wasn't for the Senate of this Ummah that

he would have said whatever he wanted to

say whoever wanted to say it so we have

the Senate which is the unbroken chain

of transmission which the Quran exists

to this day in an unbroken chain of

transmission to the messenger of allah

to gibreel and they said unto allah

subhanallah to anna there are muslims

who memorize the quran with the senate

unbroken chain to allah subhana WA

Ta'ala and this exists our day it's a

miracle of the Quran that we have an

absolute Senate of unbroken chain of

transmitters of the Quran both Masha

Masha ferritin and the Mushaf attend

Wakita Burton by articulation and by

writing its unbroken resume as many all

of this has been preserved so learning

the Arabic language now the the next

aspect is and this does not mean if you

don't know Arabic you can't read the

means of upon on I'm not suggesting that

but I'm saying it's a crutch and lame

people use crutches but the beauty of it

is you can throw away your crutches

because the Arabic language is learn

about I mean Murray spoke I was 50 years

old when he learned the Arabic language

a French scientist who just wanted to

read the Quran in its original language

52 years old

we have Muslim that speak English better

than the Queen they speak English better

than the Queen why why is that people

grow up in the Swat Valley and they

speak Queen's English what we want to

speak the King's language not the

Queen's English want to speak the King's

Arabic which is the language of Allah

American model the king of kings Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala so Allah says in the

Quran where da porra al-quran Festa me

illa huwa ala see - looking for a moon

if we want Rama from Allah subhana WA


this is Allah has given us the formula

when the Quran is recited listen to it

now the word in Arabic here this

chemical is from an eighth form verb is

this Timoner which is what is it's

called babban Muhammad which means it's

a reflexive it goes back in

to the self in other words it's not

simply a hearing it is an

internalization of the hearing

it's a harkening if we say in the first

form send me out

it means we we hear like some actor

mauritania dollars a smell thanks Mac

next Mac they're always ask me did you

hear that did you hear like here they

used to say I heard that right now but

that's not what is the matter it means

that is what semia means estimate means

to internalize it so you you not only

hear the word you internalize it you

take it into the cell you allow it to go

through the ear and into the heart where

it's understood and comprehended what on

c2 and then once it enters into the

heart there has to be silence and

stillness there has to be silence and

stillness if you do not steal the heart

from the chatter of the world then you

cannot understand and penetrate the

meanings of the Book of Allah

Liam Oh Sue Ellen Mata Harun they only

touch it the purified ones the purified

ones maka huddle which is a passive form

they're purified by their class - Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala Allah purifies them

they only have access intimate access to

it those who are purified and so this

Quran has to be internalized there has

to be esteem this this estimate festa me

Allah who were on Seto Nayla come tohe

moon in order that you are shown Rama

now we one of the things that I think is

is a sign of the the sickness of our

Ummah is that we no longer listen to the

Quran in other words in our Suk's the

Quran now is played like background

music you will hear that municipality

you will hear Quran now in the Suk's of

all the Muslim countries you will hear

the Quran even in the soup and if you

hear it here then tell the people to

stop playing it because the soup is not

the place for Quran in fact it's my crew

to recite the Quran in the soup

except for polymer in was doing more

idea and you can look at the books of


I'm not making that up and I was once

trying to do a transaction and somebody

a CD of Quran that he was trying to sell

and I asked him please turn it off and

he said why and I said because Allah

says either for al quran fest amir una

who if you hear the quran listen to it

and be silent and i can't make a

business transaction if you've got

caught on plane and he said is it why'd

you see this is i mean this is a

sickness this is a sickness it means

there's a deep loss of adam and this is

what's happened in our own we have lost

add up to the Book of Allah I I'm gonna

close it up now we've lost add up to the

Book of Allah Subhan Allah to Ana now

from the add above the Book of Allah is

that you listen to it when it's recited

and you're silent now in the Quran it

says that are far less water move up

assault and nippy don't raise your

voices over the voice of the Prophet the

Animus many of them has said it includes

when hadith is being recited now there's

a principle of serum of home at Allah

which is the even more strong like when

Allah says don't say to your parents

both that's the least thing you can do

it obviously means not hitting them or

going down if we're commanded to be

silent when the prophets all that I am

is speaking then what is the commandment

when allah subhana wa ta'ala himself is

speaking which is the kalam of allah

which is the book of allah subhana wa

ta'ala if we hear the Book of Allah we

should go silence if you don't

understand it then be silent anyway

neither come tohe moon in order that

you'll be shown or achma from Allah

Subhan Allah to Anna the the Quran is

the unending miracle of Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala it is the book that enriches

those who have no wealth it dignifies

those who are based and and and and

subjugated it gives nourishment

to those who are spiritually

malnourished it is a book that brings

light and life to the dead and the blind

someone book morning onion for home la

opción they Allah says about them they

are blind deaf and dumb and they do not

see their their death they can't hear

and theirs they can't speak they can't

articulate and they can't see and the

Muslim is somebody who is

attentively to the signs of Allah seeing

the signs of allah subhana wa ta'ala

because the signs are both things that

we see with the eyes a somewhat bizarre

willful ad we see with the eyes we hear

with the ears and we understand in our

hearts the Muslims are people of

intellect they're not people of

stupidity and an idiocy Muslims are

people of intellect and the Quran is a

book that demands deep thought it is not

a book for simplistic for just just a

book that no it absolutely demands from

us that we think Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

says well knock people happy on a button

Fayed Navaho by either who was I

we thrust this Quran against falsehood

and all forms of truth against falsehood

and it is overcome now the air there's a

modern translation that says and it

smashes out their brains which that's a

gross mistranslation of Quran because da

Matta although in its one of the

meanings is you sahabat edema to to hit

strike the brain that striking does not

mean smashing it physically out which is

a lot of a way that a lot of Muslim

modern Muslims would like to finish

arguments by smashing out their

opponents brains no we're people are

boron and the proof is if you read the

ayahs that follow that verse you will

see that they are all asking about do

you think there's more than one God in

creation haven't you looked at the

heavens and the earth it's using

intellectual proofs to show these people

in other words you have the mother who

yet mother who means that it overwhelms

their intellect until they have to admit

that it is the truth from allah subhana

wa ta'ala

muslims have never been afraid of open

debate and open discourse the muslims

have never been afraid of open debate

and open discourse of a hanifa of the

ilaha and who he debated the atheists in

the messages he debated people that

didn't believe in the bath this is what

the Muslim because they were not afraid

of any forms of falsehood because they

had the truth but because we're so

distant from the Book of Allah we

actually fear now all of this falsehood

that is out there will lie

yah-ha-ha-ha-ha bottle in Alberta Canada

Hoka if the truth comes falsehood

vanishes falsehood is vanishing the

prophet when Saint Ali he said fits in

Oaxaca and Lillian Mulder him there

there are fictions like a dark black

night and then ali karram allahu wa jall

babylon and who said mother shall also

Jana edenia Rasul Allah what is the way

out on that day he said Keith have Allah

the Book of Allah

see he never Omaha become maha brahma

baba hadouken acqua mama vanakkam it has

the information of those who went before

news about those who will come after and

it is a judgment between you the

prophets alliance Edmond a who teairra

sirat al-mustaqim

da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da a mimosa

Rahman the beer the beer desert in view

of the shortage of time I'm going to

allow only one question if anyone in the

audience has a burning question to ask

brother Hamza I am white just one


yes brother if you would stand up and is

there a microphone in the

go back to me

the question if I understood it right

was as from Arabic speaking people

because an Arab by definition is

somebody who speaks Arabic and the word

in fact comes from a word which means to

articulate clearly means to articulate

clearly and some call an out of mine is

like proper I mean things like that but

and some say it comes from Europe which

is the one of the fathers of Arabic but

it's those who articulate clearly which

means the vast majority of people now

claiming to be Arab are not really Arab

in fact if the Sahaba heard them I think

they would just shake their heads and

say are these what kind of language is

this but like a eyes in are like Hagin

they would just say well what was that

acted the LME that means in Arabic I

write with pain so they you know they

really wouldn't understand I don't think

I mean they heard so hey but Romy once

saying yeah an ass yeah an ass and omar

bin al-khattab said my badass oh hey you

Nadia ness what's wrong with sohave he's

calling the people and he said no no he

has a boy named Yanis but so he had

asthma in his tongue so he didn't

pronounce the ha very strongly I would

say that the the the way that we go back

to the Quran is taking the meth and Minh

hatch of the set of people the men have

the cell phones to read the Quran in 30


this was the Manhattan the cell of the

Quran was divided into 30 Jews 60 his

thirty Jews the the his was sixty to be

recited at Fajr and mother

it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to read

and most people spend more time in the

bathroom doing their toiletries then

then that takes really I mean just to

put our priorities straight honey

father-in-law I know who is oftentimes

the most generous in terms of his

she said that the least amount that we

can recite the Quran is twice a year

that it must be recited at least twice a

year the prophets Allah I am in a

there's hadith that has weakness that

arrazi mentions that says meant at the


Fahad Jaffa the one that has gone past

forty days and hasn't completed the

Quran has been rude to the Quran the

Quran must be read but it has to be read

with deliberation we know that the

Sahaba did not memorize the Quran until

they were acting according to it and

this will increase us in our knowledge

when I mean a bee man edema or wrath of

Allah in my madami annum whoever acts

according to what he knows Allah will

increase him in his knowledge so there's

increased by acting according to what we

know the Arabic like the Quranic Arabic

although there are deep intricacies and

subtleties in the Quranic Arabic by and

large the Quranic Arabic is not a

complicated Arabic it is Mubeen the

Hadees are actually more difficult to

read than much of the Quran but the

Quran must be read with commentary and

the commentary is is something that this

is one of the problems of the modern age

is that people are literally reading the

Quran misunderstand there's people

reading English translations and

misunderstanding because the translator

misunderstood it

and there's misunderstandings in the

translations and also translations only

give one aspect the Quran oftentimes

have many different aspects so the the

Quranic Arabic there is a beautiful

vocabulary that is not extensive that

can be learned very quickly I have a

class that has been working with me two

hours a week for about three and a half

almost four years too and they are they

all of them were adamant when they came

in and now they're reading the Quran

with a considerable amount of

understanding they can understand it

with a dictionary using relying on a

dictionary for some words and this shows

you just that a small amount of time a

massive amount

now Arabs already have a considerable

jump on everybody else because there's a

great deal of the Quranic Arabic that

they still can understand even for a

person on the street

my friend Abdullah Ahmad in dead told me

he was in Egypt once and he he speaks


Arabic and Egon attacks and he said

Orido an odd habit yo Superman paprika

hysteria Barbara and the man said Sabah

Allah Allah

so now Egyptian taxi drivers are

notorious for being like what they call

khofifah done so I don't know if he was

just not understanding it was caught on

or he was making fun of my friend but

we'll give him the benefit of the doubt

now yes thought omen minute oh man I

send your crew no Federman home let not

want people mark and other people

perhaps they're better than them so the

the most beautiful tafseer' that we have

is the jela Lane for a quick

understanding of the Quran it's a

remarkable work with and I also

recommend a tequila aroma tanzeel by

even Jews al qalbi which is also concise

and just brilliant in in what it

contains and then you move on to the

bigger tough series but we should

identify resources and the other thing I

didn't I wanted to talk about this but

again I'm just not I need to be more

structured but I want to talk about our

children and and giving our children the

book about la semana with Diana the

prophets Elias and I'm said on the yom

Okayama that the parents who give the

court on to their children

will be given crowns that radiates like

sons util we jus T Jan Telemachus chumps

I mean Subhan Allah I don't understand

how we can give our children chemistry

and biology and physics and I mean it's

just that they're not going to be tested

about that stuff on yo mo camera which

is not to under two diminish the

importance of those Sciences I'm not but

we need to get our priorities right and

our priority above and beyond everything

should be the book about loss of vanuatu

Anna and will lie and I'm saying this

and making an oath by Allah our own

amount who were the most brilliant

scientists and scholars that the world

has ever known

I mean way beyond the people now who

don't even know how to to take care of


I mean scientists are uninspiring

by and large it's not all of them but a

lot of them they look at these Western

scientists they don't even know that how

to send it to me on email they don't

even want to talk to people anymore

send it to me on email but these are all

of them what they share in common is

that they memorize the book of allah

subhana wa ta'ala and they learned the

language of the arabs and I believe

personally that that ayah in the Quran

is absolutely literal in its meaning

under contact they don't in order that

you use your intellect that you learn to

use your intellect when Allah tells us

the reason why we're all scattered and

separated he says Vatika in the end on

paul monday afternoon because there are

people that don't use their internet

accessible home demo program Chetta that

it can be in home call Monday afternoon

you think that they're united their

hearts are separate because they don't

use their intellects we need to begin

using our intellects raise up to the

level of this Deen and Arabic is a means

it's a tool that's all it is it's a tool

but it's a powerful tool that empowers

the intellect certain types of

understandings that are not available to

people through other linguistic mediums

Kazakh Muhammad's automatically