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Spirit of Islam

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Event Name: Spirit of Islam
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a hundred saw the law and I said Anna

Muhammadan ready he'll play no part in

was I have a teehee woman TVR whom BSN

in Arahama Dean inshallah

attempt to talk about the spirit of

Islam if you translate that into Arabic

it would be Russian Islam the spirit of

Islam and the Ruhr they asked the

prophet Elijah about the rule yes alone

a kind of rule and the prophet Elijah

was commanded to say about the rule that

it is from the command of Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala and then immediately after

Rama ot to Manila L mean la kalila and

you've only been given a little bit of

knowledge and I think that's a good

starting point to talk about the spirit

of Islam because for me one of the

essential spirits of Islam is literally

entering into a state of humility before

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala one of the

crises of our age is the crisis of

ignorance and one of the things about

ignorance is although there are several

types the worst type is what's called

al-jihad America which is what they are

is called compounded ignorance and this

is the type of ignorance where people

think they actually knows something and

one of the fascinating things to me in

the Quran is that the Quran actually

begins with after al-fatiha with Alif


and if you look in any commentary of the

quran they always say Allahu Allah Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala knows what that Islam


and immediately after that Allah says

that each al-kitab Allah ie bethey he

would Alan muta pain this is the book in

which there is no doubt but Allah begins

the book by saying Alif LAAM Meem and

then follows it by saying this is the

book wherein there is no doubt and one

of the indications there is that if you

go to this book without a state of

submission without surrendering to Allah

Subhan Allah Tala

now you see the body minute lisara it

only increases those who transgress with

loss and so the Quran itself can lead

people astray

who do not submit to the requisite

factor in benefiting from the Quran

which is that they're people of taqwa

and people of taqwa are people who stop

at their heads at their they literally

stop at their limits they know their

limit and they stop at that point and

this is why immediately after Allah says

who then limit attain it's a guidance

for the people of taqwa and the people

of taqwa

are people the first thing that they

believe in is that which they cannot see

you mean own a better life they believe

in the unseen and this is the essence of

entering into Islam is literally to

enter in in a state of submission

absolutely Salma katha

enter into this Islam this state of

surrender and peace absolutely and

completely as limp to what he Lila that

I have submitted my entire being my

essence to Allah subhana WA Ta'ala and

so the rule of Islam the spirit of Islam

is literally a spirit of submission and

part of submitting is submitting to

those who have been given knowledge of

which we have no knowledge of and the

first that we look to are always the

prophets and for us it is the prophet

muhammad salallahu alaihe wa sallam this

is who the Muslims look to as the one

who gives them definitive knowledge as

the one who gives them the knowledge of

which there is no doubt my aunt opponent

hawa he does not speak from passion he

does not speak from his own self in hue

in love what you you have this is a

revelation that was given to them the

prophet sallallaahu said him did not

desire this revelation he did not seek

it out he was a man who was literally in

a state of Nevada to Allah Subhan Allah

to Anna he would go to the cave

Lavar and he would get the Hannah in the

rewire it says he used to do certain

types of worship that were known to the

hadeeth of his time some type of

meditation of which we really don't have

any clear or definitive text on that

matter but he used to go and he would do

this meditation and then the revelation

begins a para this miracle Adia Hinata

and this beginning of the revelation

really is something that tells us about

the essence of Islam the spirit of Islam

itself the first thing that he was

commanded to do is a para and era is the

basis of knowledge this is the basis of

human knowledge

allama been Alam well enemy were Maya's

alone by the pen and now which they are

writing when I was in Mauritania where

they still have in the deserts of

Mauritania tha's

the people there have impeccable adapt

to the Book of Allah and to the these

things I was used

pen to clean my nails because they use

read pens to write on the lower and one

of the faux pas ha there threw a rock at

me and he said Hamza laughs at Aksum

Allah who super Hanoi - Hannah we had an

Apollo well is La Helene is NYADA Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala has sworn by this pen

and this pen is not made for something

like this to clean the nails and I never

forgot that

and it's been hard since that I see

people throw pens toss pen across the

room and I'm always deeply sensitive to

that simply because of this teaching

that took place from somebody in

Mauritania they take these big pens that

have plastic covers and they make

beautiful ornamented covers and put them

on them to honor the pen because Allah

has honored the pen by swearing by the

pen and Allah only swears by something

that is great so the knowledge Quran

bismi rabbika and this is the second

element y para why do we read we read in

order to come to know Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala the intellect is nurtured to come

to know Allah subhana WA Ta'ala my

contention that the modern world is

based literally on a split the Europeans

took from us fr ax and they left us

bismi rabbika you see we stopped reading

and they started reading and we kept

worshipping Allah but without intellects

anymore at a certain point and I haven't

actually somebody told me exactly what

date it was but I haven't worked it out

myself but at a certain point it seems

like the entire Ummah literally switched

off their intellects and it's an amazing

phenomenon because an omen that was

literally addicted to discovery and the

pursuit of knowledge suddenly becomes an

Ummah completely divorced from the

pursuit of knowledge and were literally

left with

a blind imitation with very little

reflection except for a few great

scholars that have maintained the

traditions of Islam and then the

greatest tragedy of that is that when we

have begun to start studying and

learning the Muslims have gone to

Western methodologies and literally

abandoned this incredible tradition that

we have which is not to say that there

is not benefit in in much of what of the

developments and the knowledge ease that

have taken place in the West but at the

same time we should recognize that we

have an extraordinary and vast tradition

and the abandonment of this tradition is

one of the most detrimental things to

the condition of the Muslims in our

present time and we have to seriously

look at the impact and the effects of

this when allah subhana wa ta'ala told

us to read he also told us to ask those

who know if you don't know that's a low

and a thicker income tablet and a moon

you have to ask the people of

remembrance if you do not know this is

part of the AIDA of the muslims the

spirit of islam is literally to

recognize our own limitations and that

we must learn from others who may even

count one of the great teachers of the

quran who was a companion of the prophet

sallallaahu and he was a nun he was the

prophet came to him and said that he was

commanded by Gillian Allison em by allah

subhana wa ta'ala to read surah Tauba

inna to obey even count and obey Allah

and when he heard that he said ya

rasulallah as a man it is

did he mention my name and he said Sam

maca and obey even cog wept tears

because his name was mentioned by allah

subhanho wa taala to Jabril to the

prophets all the light incident even a

pedometer took from this hadith a

beautiful meaning is that he said that

the Prophet is teaching his Ummah that

they should never think that they gain

so much knowledge that they cannot

benefit from those that are lower than

them or less than them in knowledge the

Arabs have a beautiful proverb You jadoo

Finelli male-identified Bihari you can

find sometimes in rivers what you don't

find in oceans and there's a beautiful

tradition of Muhammad bin Hasaan who

asked one of the Companions of of even

abusive or of the Aloha on whom he had a

Jaya who was with even Yusuf and she

said did you ever hear anything from him

and she mentioned just something she

heard him talking about in filth and he

was amazed she didn't understand what it

meant but he it actually helped him

solve a problem that he had had and so

he said subhanAllah I learned from that

to take knowledge even from the people

that don't even understand what they're

carrying we live in a time literally


the Muslims have moved away I mean we

can I can go on and on but I really

don't want to but one of the great

tribulations of this age is a lack of

knowledge of what dr. German was talking

about in terms of a soul and

understanding the richness and the

wealth of this deep teaching Islam

cannot simply be reduced to a series of

black and white choices of yes or no it

is a deeply complex matrix

generative matrix from which it can give

us guidance in any situation that we

have and this sometimes literally means

doing what in normal circumstances would

be considered Haram and this is not from

the idea of an ayah to Bahrain and

Wasilla that the ends justifies the

means that is not the teaching of Islam

but the teaching of Islam is to

recognize that the whole foundation of

Islam is based according to is even at

this set of they call so far and Adama

on Masada felt that the entire sharia

was based on the benefits of creation

that Allah subhana WA Ta'ala has

literally given us a deal in order that

we might benefit muscl AHA dunya weeow

weeow weeow a benefit in this world and

a benefit in the next world

this muscle AHA is based on two

beautiful principles the first is called

double Matheson and the second is called

gentleman Masonic the ruler man called

these the Dharma facet of doto rods the

necessities and islam always will take


necessity over the Muslim asada to cut

them and a gentle masala 1/2 in in in

the whole soul of the Muslims so to give

an example of how we do this normally it

is not permissible for somebody to

expose themselves to a physician of

their nakedness but in a situation of

Aurora it becomes permissible in order

to fend off something that would

literally harm one of the six things

what Jomon mentioned and one of them was

the Neffs which is the self so in this

situation is permissible for the person

to expose their nakedness if it is to

benefit the protection and preservation

of the cell and this is not enough so

that general Muslim which is for hijacks

those are needs so the necessities are

over the needs and then the last thing

is called toxemia or touch me max which

are based on tallien macadam and a flap

so for instance fitrah the growing of

the beard is a rajim according to the

the four schools of the people of sunnah

it is a watcher but it is from the taxi

net it's not from Dorit it's not from a

jack it's from taxi nuts and it is a

watchable nobody can say it's not Elijah

but for somebody you know in terms of

prioritization what they call in in

medical terminology triaging for people

to be obsessed with the beer in an age

literally where people are being

slaughtered because they say la la la la

mohammed rasoolallah these are people

who have their priorities mixed up which

is not to say that the beard is not

important I'm not in any way diminishing

the importance nor do I believe that the

beard is what people some people say

it's from the kosher on Islam there is

no push or in Islam there's no shells or

superficial things in Islam Islam is a

deep teaching it's a teaching it's demon

Fatah and the beard itself is from

cetera but when Muslims make it their

life go to scold other Muslims or not

having beers or make it their life goal

to scold Muslims because their their

pants are over their account which even

that I mean is there there's an end up

for it there's a there's a reason for

that which is kala and so part of what

the Prophet SAW licen was teaching these

early Muslims was to understand the

Muslim there in LA in these things for

instance in this happy where the prophet

sallallaahu said I'm said Kanto NATO

command Ciera to the core and F as ruja

the inner to the Cucumber Azshara

because it reminds you of the next life

so in the hadith itself the Prophet is

telling us why he's telling us do it so

that we have valina

we have a Becerra we have a proof we

understand what we're doing we're not

simply doing it out of blind imitation

when you understand the reasons of

Sharia and this is something extremely

important to understand what are called

Ellen in the Quran what they call

interfere tambaqui tab where Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala explains cookie bar

alaikum o CM come back to t valid

element publican Lahan local taught upon

that the purpose of CM is to literally

nurture taqwa in the heart of the

believer and so understanding this this

is why during the fasting it's much

stronger to lower the gaze not to speak

about her on things not to do Heba

they're Haram and all the times but

during the fasting they're even more a

priority non-local touch upon in order

that you might learn these

things the prophets all the lyceum

taught his Sahaba these things one of

the things he said about the about a

when you're hunting if the animal goes

into the water and it's still alive and

he said fanatical Minho don't eat from


Farouk you know an animal man Allen mode

because maybe the water caused it to die

and that would be by if T naught or by

suffocation and it's not permissible to

eat meat from which the animal died of

suffocation the prophet sallallaahu said

implored us also google mascara and

haram everything that harms the

intellect is impermissible and this is

why the Muslims with these modern drugs

except for about out of our Harry

Ibrahim who I there's some people trying

to revive his meth head for some reason

but even her husband was a la Hedy and

he felt that comma specifically meant

wine that the Arabs knew and it didn't

apply to other types and people say I

mean is using this somewhere in the Gulf

states or something right there were you

know you can drink scotch but you can't

drink wine and it's monologue this type

of madness I mean this is just part of

it that's the spirit right in fact here

they're having a liquor conference

Subhan Allah very opposed in general

very Apophis area this if they ask you

are you in the liquor conference they

I'm in the dhikr conference tomorrow

Allah we don't we they drink to forget

we pray to remember this a big

difference is a different religion

Subhan Allah

now unfortunately Muslims don't do dhikr

anymore they bicker

description they do liquor and Muslim

now they bicker and we're supposed to do

dhikr so we have to get it straight

really start doing some thicker of allah

subhana wa ta'ala in in the Sharia if

you look at the Sharia itself there are

only 500 verses that deal with account

there are approximately according to

Imam Co P in his a clear and even al

josiya there's only approximately 500

hadees that deal with a cam and I want

to bring out a really important thing

and I hope people appreciate this the

Imams of the early communities were

brilliant human beings Allah Subhan

Allah Tala gave these people intellects

they were literally containers somebody

asked me why is it that we can't contain

the knowledge that people had before and

I'll show you why if you have a cup like

this and a cup like this and you start

pouring at a certain point it can't hold

anymore you see that it can't hold

anymore but if you have a big container

it can hold it well if you look at these

early Muslims they were huge containers

and unfortunately we've become very

narrow containers so literally you try

to pour it in and unfortunately in order

for you to pour anything in you have to

be emptied in the first place so when

people come and they think they know

everything and you try to pour some

knowledge in there it just spills out

because they somebody came up to me and

asked me they asked me brother what

what's your opinion about such-and-such

and I said well such-and-such and then

he started arguing with me

I said well you didn't want my opinion

you just wanted to suss me out

I mean this is what we do we saw people

out what is he is he a Sufi see visio

mojave is he a Salafi is he I mean this

is where we're at and this is a bad

place to be for one lady some maca

Menominee men haben he has called you

Muslim I just give you a really example

of how far from the spirit of Islam some

of us have gone when I was in England

doctor Jomon somebody played a tape from

me in which the man was slandered and it

was a tape sold you can buy it in with

some stores and the man was slant and I

told the person who had the tape I said

I I know that that can't be true but he

did somebody said that he said something

I said I don't believe that he said that

when I saw him today he wanted to ask me

and he didn't believe it either II want

to ask me if I was a Habashi which is a

group in in Lebanon and I don't want to

go in because I don't like to talk about

groups and use their name but I am

definitely not a hugger she I'm an I'm a


I mean it's probably better to be a how

is she literally from Ethiopia than a

you know I mean publishes how much has a

blessed land they Prophet blessed it and

prayed on its leader but I'm definitely

not a hugger she from Lebanon alright

I'm a Muslim from California but he

asked me out cuz he said somebody called

him and said I think he's a hibachi and

I said the only way that I could think

that somebody even could confer that at

all is that I you know even though I

pray North East it makes more sense to

me South East that you know but that's

just an issue I don't like to get

involved in those things about I mean

hamdullah in the in the in the Maliki

math have you have a huge spectrum of

possibility for Qibla the Prophet said

in Medina Sharapova horrible that that

when you're in Medina that for the hype

that you have to go to either east or

west when you go to the toilet

indicating that the Jew knew either

facing or having your back is facing

towards the Qibla which is bad Adam but

some I mean they said this ridiculous

thing and I asked him and he said stuff

with a lot and I knew I just wanted to

just hear it from his own mouth and tell

him you know that I knew that that was

not true but this is something Muslims

do we have literally become hustlers

outer and then everybody has to fit into

a category and I don't like to fit in

category I happen to like Muhammad that

of Azadi about the alone I know and I've

benefited greatly from his books I also

like in 10 years a lot of people that

don't they don't like that you see

because suddenly the right brain and the

left brain there's a corpus callosum is

blocked and they say no no I'll Bahama

and all those either you like Muhammad


you don't like givin Tamia or you like

even tiny and you don't like our

Amidala's ally but don't tell me you

like both of them you see and I see one

hand a lot I like both of them so tough

luck and this is what Imam Shafi delano

said in beautiful poetry papeon wa

sofiane Feghouli so aji de fer in

neonatology akka and Sehun federa

capacidad open boot open Maharaja who

don't give a Allahu dhul Jalali don't a

sufi of a pianist ubi don't be one of

them by Allah I am giving you sincere

counsel the first one the fappy is

somebody who they haven't tasted taqwa

in their heart if they don't have a

technical term culture soul and he said

and the other one the Sufi is ignorant

and how can an ignorant one ever

yes the ho how can we be someone of

salah and in other words that the inward

and outward have to be joined the the

real moment is the moment who has his

outward islam is intact

his iman is intact and exon is

manifesting and this is a whole and

complete human being but some of us have

become so focused on the outward that we

literally literally forgotten the inward

experience of islam and really the

spirit of Islam is ultimately one night

Arabic al muntaha

to your Lord is your end this is where

we are going

each one of us will die I will die and

have to be before my lord the only a

hormone naturally after an amine on that

day human beings will stand before the

Lord of the world this is where we're

going to be like the man he said I used

to always demand justice when I looked

at all these people around me and then I

started looking at myself and I started

begging for mercy and and really this

there's a lot of truth to that you see

because it's so easy for us just to find

the fault of other human being

it's very difficult to see the fault of

yourself one of the valuable sayings in

the New Testament that I tell Christians

a lot of times when they start picking

on Islam I say you know in your book it

says that don't before you pull the

speck out of the eye of your brother

pull the 2x4 out of your own eye and

there's a lot of wisdom in that saying

that people need to look at their own

selves and they need to assess where

they're at and what are we doing I mean

somebody came they were criticizing a

book that was written saying it has

mistakes in it

subhana Allah it a Hyundai that every

book other than the Book of Allah has

mistakes in it every single book Imam

Shafi Radovan who said I looked at the

rosanna 40 times the book he wrote the

Rosella I looked at it 40 times and I

kept finding mistakes after 40 times I

gave up and said only a laws book is

perfect and I'm just gonna put it out

for the people now people somebody told

me the other day said I looked at my

book twice after they sent it to the

press and I thought of the Imam Shafi

about the Olano 'shit anima vain ahuna

but that's where we're at so this idea

of having a deep taqwa really of having

a taqwa when I was in Mauritania and

I'll tell you this story and I haven't

told this story publicly but I'll tell

you this story my my teacher there for

our hatch who really I have never met

somebody than him embodies the spirit of

Islam more than this human being because

he's somebody that he's 92 years old

since the time he was a child he was

given to worship of Allah and to

studying and at about the age of 20

years old he begged his mother

permission to make Hajj on foot during a

time when Mauritania the people who were

wearing leather on their backs in order

to to survive because they were so poor

and his mother gave him permission with

the promise that he would come back and

he walked from Mauritania to Sudan and

when he got to Sudan he sat with the

whole Ummah there and he told me that

once a Sudanese man told him he said

Sherif Sherif tan and he's wanted to

show him something and it was a silent

it was a film it was an outdoor cinema a

silent film and and I said what was it

and he said there were two giant

pictures of men and they were shooting

each other and he said he did I said

what did you do he said I said oh the

wind AHA and I left it which is fitrah

and then he went to the thing he

remembered that he told me the Egyptians

when they're amazed at something they

say ya Salam and then he went to the

Haram and he prayed in the Haram and

made his hatch and he walks from Mecca

to Medina and he spent some time in the

mojoh aira and then he went back to

Mauritania on foot and he began teaching

and he's been teaching there for over 70

years his habit every day is to get up

about four hours before fudgie up and to

begin making tahajud and when he recites

the Quran he weeps from the fear of

Allah Subhan Allah Tala

and then at Pfizer he goes and he walks

to the Masjid at 90 92 years old he

walks like a young man I was there last

year and he calls the Adhan himself and

then he leads the prayer and he does his

tahajud for maybe 3 or 4 hours for the

prayer he recites from juice Amma

because he said the Prophet SAW lies and

I'm said many Roma comes and you have

faith whoever leads the prayer among she

let him shorten the prayer and then he

sits from buzzer and he teaches until

pahor and students come and he teaches

until four he goes and he has lunch and

has a short nap and then he gets up

after and teaches until awesome

he goes and he makes the answered prayer

and then teaches until Asia and people

come and wake him up in the night and he

gets up and he teaches and this has been

his life for over 70 years

this is and and thousands of Muslims

have studied with him from all over

North Africa and West Africa and one of

the things I was once in his presence

and he's a better one man and his robe

was had some dirt on it and I it

occurred to me that the hadith of the

whole chapter on a man and another two

minute a man it just crossed my heart

and at that point he put down his book

and he looked at me he smiled and he

said Hamza a Samaritan hadith by the two

minute a man have you heard of the

hadith that the Prophet Elias and I'm

said that the data is from a man

I've never heard that and he said go get

the pumice and we'll look up by dada and

he had me look up by dada and it was a

word that meant somebody that doesn't

particularly care their outward

appearance and that that was part of a

man about several years later I was in

Medina and I mentioned this to somebody

and he said I can't believe that that's

a hadith and I it kind of hurt me that

and I was coming out of the machine I

went to a bookstore and I climbed up a

ladder pulled out a book and it was

digital I believe I leave I'm in can

definitely and I open the book and it

was Imam Katia Hwy explaining the

difference between a pahor shuttle

emanuelle bad a determine an email he

said both of the hadees are sound but he

said Alba Dada is for the people who

live in the desert the vadia that if

they are concerned with their outward

appearance that it leads to RIA and

Loyola and it's not a good attribute but

the people of the city should be more

concerned about their appearance because

there are people of hada and I just this

man really what what I got in living

with him was literally a glimpse of a

better of what reality better is and I

think many of us have forgotten that

we've really forgotten what it is simply

to humble ourselves before Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala and to to really study the

beam to learn the Dean and to become

people of understanding the prophets all

the lightest and I'm said in the sahih

hadith that mahalia relates when you

read Allahabad Haran you the

whole 15 the one who Allah wants good

for him he gives him understanding of

the Deen he gives him understanding of

the Dean and part of understanding the

Dean is act

it's implementing it so the really the

spirit of Islam is is based on learning

the Deen and acting on it and taking it

out to people and taking it out in a

state of humility and submission not

taking it out in a state of arrogance

and self-righteousness the Sahaba of the

Aloha and they were not arrogant people

when they went to the corners of the

earth they went with deep humility but

they had RZA they had a visit to new

foods they weren't humbled in a meek

sense no they were like lions but they

were humble in the sense that they

recognized that the rest of the world

was in the state they were in because

they had not been given Islam and they

had been given Islam and Islam is a

blessing Allah he is a blessing and home

are in his great and deep knowledge said

that Islam lay an ugly aerelon Islam

Autobots an ottawa either lam yasha and

muslim hoon our marital jahiliyyah that

this deen will dissipate and disappear

if the muslims don't understand what

jahiliya is and in another transgression

he said let me out of Islam Manami r-fl


he doesn't truly know Islam unless he

knows jahiliyyah that we have to

understand hoooly test the beam and wali

test Avena Sevilla would you remain part

of this revelation was to come down to

make clear the way of the moodini to

understand how we deviate how we leave

Islam and how and what happens to people

who did it the Quran is a book of Sinan

it's a book explaining how creation

works we have to take it upon ourselves

we have to apply it in our lives and

give it to our children and if we don't

do this we really we're destroyed we're

destroyed I mean for me in the end the

spirit of Islam is summed up in the

spirit of the prophet and Allah subhana

WA Ta'ala told us well ma arsalnaka illa

rahmatan lil al-amin if I'm emphasizing

Rama a lot it's only because what I'm

seeing is so much rage in this world

there's so much anger and indignation

and rage and really people we need to

become rahama Vandana we have to have

this spirit of Ratna between us we have

to begin to unite on broad-based

principles we have to begin to set aside

differences that can can that they have

another place and another time in better

times and this historically has happened

the Muslims had the luxury of having

differences they had the luxury of

having differences we no longer have

that luxury which does not and never

means and I do not imply in any way

compromising the Deen of Allah Subhan

Allah - Hannah but we have to recognize

that our Deen is a universal Deen it

encompasses many different types of

people many different types of

understanding and even in the early

community is manifested in the Sahaba

about the Aloha and whom their

understandings were not the same the

understanding of Bobeck about the law

and who was not like the understanding

of other Sahaba and so just appreciating

the differences amongst us and

recognizing that these differences are I

at their signs and their beautiful signs

this this gathering will lie if you just

reflect on the power of Islam to join

human beings together in the spirit of

brotherhood and sisterhood in a way that

no other religion has succeeded in doing

if you look the Christians until very

recently had African pews even in their

segregated churches most of the churches

were separate and even to this day they

have the Korean church the Japanese

church this church and that church and

the Jews it's confined to only one

ethnic group anyway so you that you

can't even eat with them I mean I went

to a conference and after the kite was a

dialogue between Jew Christian and

Muslim and when we went to lunch the

Jewish man couldn't eat with us because

the plates our plates are unclean in

their religion if they eat from a non

Jews plate it's considered midget

in this Subhan Allah

that's amazing if you think that so

anyway I'm you know I'm not gonna go on

any more down here something that way