Lecture: 17 Benefits of Tribulation

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Lecture Details

Event Date1/20/2001
Event LocationDuring a Rhila
Event DescriptionHow is it possible to have benefits in tribulation? Isn't it all about pain, suffering, and sadness? Knowledge for the seeker!. knowledge is wealth and studying knowledge is increasing that wealth - The wealth of a scholar is his/her knowledge that others may benefit from. God the Most High is all-hearing all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise one - He is the knower of the seen and unseen and knows what is beneficial for us.. for those who take time out in solitude to contemplate and reflect. We ask of Him what we want but he gives us what we actually need. Sometimes things don't go to as planned as much as we wanted it or desired it to be.. but with insight you will see that actually what happened was better for you in some shape or form. Sometimes you will see God's wisdom and intelligence in His planning and sometimes you can't understand it at all, because of our own limited thinking and wisdom. We have to accept and acknowledge our limitations as human's. Going through tough and difficult times is part of the journey of life in this temporal world and its not easy, its really tough and can be heart-breaking. Spiritual and self development, training, growth and experience of knowing how to put total and complete trust in God (Tawakul) that Inshallah you will get through it. How to deal with matters and situations that we face on a daily basis in this chaotic and busy world.. with daily dua's and supplications from Prophetic tradition.

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