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Lecture: Aqidah Tahawiya

This page lists information about a lecture Shaykh Hamza gave. It organizes what quotes he made, which books he recommended, and links to a transcript, if one is available.

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Lecture Details

Event Date1/20/2005
Event Location UK, Birmingham
Event DescriptionAfter 2005 Rihla as SHY mentions the trip

Event Transcripts

No Transcripts Available

SHY Book Recommendations made at this Event

Quotes Made at this Event

Human Embryology - Note: SHY owns a copy of this book due to the authors statements about Science and the Quran
Human Embryology - Note: The Introduction to this book states that the first accurate embryology statements were made in the Quran
Herald Tribune - Note: SHY read an article on the Muslim Cosmologist `Bruno`
Magical Child - Note: Chilton Pierce was recommended not this book particularly.
Magical Child - Note: How highest spiritual receptibility and change occurs in the teen years.
The God Delusion - "Fascinating. I really recommend it" -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
The God Delusion - Note: This book is an athiest attack against God. SHYs recommendation stems from the great arguments the author uses which Muslims should think about...but not follow/endorse.
The God Delusion - "It's worth reading" -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf