Lecture: Call to Dawah


Event Date5/5/1996
Event LocationUniversity of Toronto, Canada
Event DescriptionFilmed at the University of Toronto, Sandford Fleming Auditorium (Engineering). I remember the actual event advertisements when I was studying there.
Shaykh Hamza was actually in Mecca the day before, but flew in because he had committed to lecture at the event. He is exhausted, and you can tell during the program. The actual lecture is about 30 minutes, but the question and answer goes on for another hour. A good speech, if a little fragmented.

Event Transcripts

Quotes Made at this Event

In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology and the Survival of the Indian Nations: "This book details how the culture of the Canadian Inuit was completly destroyed in 5 years by the introduction of Satelite TV."
Spiders: "Sh Hamza read a book on spiders in order to better understand the ayat in the Quran which relates the activities of the Kuffar to the Spider`s Web. This book wasn`t specifically recommended."
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Coma: "This book is about Mad Doctors keeping humans alive while they harvest their organs. Sh Hamza made the simily of Europeon powers doing the same to Asian/African countries...keeping them afloat while they harvest their riches/resources."

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