Lecture: Hajj: The Journey to the House of God


Event Date1/1/1999
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Event DescriptionIn this lecture, Hamza Yusuf explains the spiritual meanings of the Hajj ritual. He discusses the struggles involved in the journey,why we worship God, the importance of the Day of Arafat, circumambulating the House of God, and other spiritual and physical aspects of the Journey. We have included a bonus lecture entitled Patience in the times of Tribulation which is a condensed version of the talk Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation. Hajj: Journey to the House of God & Patience in times of Tribulation By Hamza Yusuf (2 Lectures on 1 CD)

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The Postmodern Condition: "Regarding grand narratives and how Western culture doesn`t have one anymore."
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf

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