Lecture: How Lust Becomes a Counterfeit Love


Event Date3/4/2022
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Event DescriptionThe acclaimed Amir Sulaiman lends a poet’s sensibility to this discussion with Hamza Yusuf on lust, which Imam al-Ghazali called one of the two main desires that must be broken for spiritual health yet is widely celebrated today. How can we differentiate lust from love? THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS, A SPECIAL RENOVATIO SERIES HOSTED BY HAMZA YUSUF Hamza Yusuf converses with scholars, leaders, and writers to explore one of religion's most enduring conceptual frameworks, the Seven Deadly Sins. These compelling conversations shed light on how the sins manifest themselves within us, illustrate their devastating consequences on our culture, and elucidate their corresponding virtues for all of us who struggle with sin.

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