Lecture: IIS Interview: On Islam & Muslims (Rare 1996 Interview)


Event Date1/1/1996
Event LocationCalifornia
Event DescriptionOver nearly two hours in this VHS cassette, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf gives his insights on various topics about having social awareness with Dr. Nazir Khaja, including: - his conversion story; - the primordial human nature, his near death experience, and his reflections on mortality and the afterlife; - the modern world's rejection of religion; - his spiritual inquiry of the Qur'an and the radical paradigm shift he found offered in that Holy Book, and his understanding the Qur'an through example of the Prophet (SAAS) and the type of Qur'anic verses; - the ills of capitalism and consumer culture; - religious communities and bonding; - the current state of the global Muslim community; - how to present the Quran to people of other faiths and non-faiths; - Islamic social activism; - the oneness of God in Islam - Islam Iman and Ehsan, and; - marriage and sexuality, and the notion of sin. Due to the deterioration of the VHS video cassette, this is the best possible quality. There is also an audio mismatch as the interview progresses. This interview was produced by Islamic Information Service (IIS Islam) in Los Angeles, California. The interview and executive producer was Dr. Nazir Khaja and the director was Bashir Matin. This interview was broadcast over two one-hour programs on a weekly television program called "Islam" in 1996.

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