Lecture: Sacred Text Messages: When the Famous Become Infamous, Remain Faithful S2-E08


Event Date1/1/2021
Event LocationBerkeley California
Event DescriptionThroughout history, there have been many religious charlatans. For those who have been deceived by them, the personal and community impact is devastating. Some even lose their faith in God and leave their religion. In this episode, Shaykh Hamza untangles this sensitive subject by reminding us that true faith is not rooted in the fallible nature of man but the timeless truths found in God's Book, the message of His prophets, and the rightly-guided teachers who mirror them. About the Sacred Text Messages podcast: In this age of material excess and spiritual privation, grounding ourselves in divine guidance has never been more critical. The Sacred Text Messages podcast with Hamza Yusuf provides an antidote to the modern madness by reconnecting us with God and His Messenger ?. Listen to timeless wisdoms from sacred sources and rediscover Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

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