Lecture: The Praised One (SAW) in World Scriptures by Hamza Yusuf

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Event Date10/23/2021
Event LocationYoutube
Event DescriptionPresentation Chapters 0:00 New introduction to the presentation 3:05 A personal requests not to make copies or segment the video 5:31 Universal compassion 6:55 Introduction to the talk 10:23 The stature of the Prophet Muhammad ? in Islam and the Quran 16:15 Types of evidence. 18:30 Timeline of world religions 19:36 References in Hinduism 28:00 References in Zoroastrianism 32:36 References in Buddhism 37:05 References in Judaism and Christianity 39:19 Remarks on Genesis 17 & 44 52:30 Remarks on Deuteronomy 18 & 33 54:45 Remarks on Genesis 21 57:49 Remarks on Isaiah 42 1:05:30 The prayer of Abraham 1:06:20 Remarks on John 14 1:09:13 Remarks on Luke 3 1:10:13 Remarks on John 1 1:11:21 Matthew 1:14:42 Arnold Toynbee, The Preaching of Islam 1:23:19 Appeal to support 12000 Strong Initiative 1:30:15 Questions and Answers About this talk: Salman al-Farisi, whose journey from Persia in search of the truth led him to Medina, had heard from Christian monks stories of the last prophet who would appear soon in the land of the palms. In the New Testament, John the Baptist (peace be upon him) was asked, “Are you that prophet?” referring to a prophet other than the coming Messiah. The Old Testament speaks of those to come. The Prophet Muhammad ?, praised more than any other human being in history—by hundreds of millions of people every day—was foretold by many seers, sages, and prophets. This talk will look at some of the clear references as well as some of the more obscure ones which indicate that many knew of the advent of the last prophet to humanity. Celebrate with us the birth of the Chosen One, whose light and guidance still illuminate and direct countless souls fourteen hundred and fifty years later.

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