Lecture: What Conservatism Really Means - Roger Scruton in Conversation with Hamza Yusuf


Event Date6/5/2018
Event LocationZaytuna College, California
Event DescriptionRoger Scruton and Hamza Yusuf meet in the library of Zaytuna College to have a wide-ranging discussion on the true meaning of conservatism. Roger Scruton is philosopher of politics and aesthetics. He has authored more than fifty books on culture, philosophy, and religion, including A Dictionary of Political Thought and How to Be a Conservative. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Cambridge in 1972 and is currently pursuing his interest in the philosophy of music. He is a Fellow of the Humanities Research Institute and Course Director of the M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Buckingham. Hamza Yusuf is a leading proponent of classical learning in Islam. He is president of Zaytuna College, and has taught courses on Islamic jurisprudence, ethics, astronomy, logic, theology, prophetic biography, and hadith, as well as other subjects. He has published numerous articles and translations, including The Prayer of the Oppressed and Purification of the Heart. He also serves as vice president for the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, an international initiative that seeks to address the root causes that can lead to radicalism and militancy. Produced by Safir Ahmed & Najeeb Hasan Additional Production & Film Editing by Imran Ali Malik Set Direction/Camera: Haroon Sellars & Tefari Casis

Event Transcripts

Quotes Made at this Event

A Study of History: "Admits that Ibn Khaldoon is his major influence"
A Study of History: "Mentioned in the "Special Address" Speech"
The War Against Grammar: "It was an eye opening book for me"
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Pygmalion: "The main character `The flower girl`; She doesn't speak English properly. But she wanted to become more lady-like, so she fixed her language."
A Study of History: "He quoted Arnold Toynbee: That any civilization on its way out, begins to use profanities."
Shaikh Hamza Quoting from the book
Videocracy: How YouTube Is Changing the World: "How videos go Viral. Referenced the book. "
A Study of History: "Toynbee - Any civilization on the way out, they move to profanities. And the upperclass will begin to talk like the commoners."
Shaikh Hamza Quoting from the book
A Study of History: "The only person who I know,who ever read the whole thing (unabridged) is Dr. Umar Farooq.  I myself only read the abridged version, I did read it several times. "
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
A Study of History: "Recommends "Islam and the West", which is a chapter in the book "A study of History" "
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
"When I first went to Morocco in 1977 on more than one occasion, if (A Moroccan man) saw bread (on the floor) they would pick it up and put it on their forehead, and then put it in a high place. (Out of etiquette for food)   Ezra Pound has a wonderful statement.  He says, "I don't know what power exploded in the seventh century of Arabia that spread to the libraries of Cordoba but I got a glimpse of it in the way the Moor walked in 1913 in Tangier." "
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf

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