Lecture: Zaytuna College Commencement 2021


Event Date5/21/2021
Event LocationBerkeley California
Event DescriptionPlease join us on Sunday, May 23, for a live-streamed farewell to our bachelor’s and master’s graduates. These promising and persevering students have worked diligently throughout their time at Zaytuna College, particularly during this past year, in which they completed their coursework amid the disruption caused by the pandemic. During the Commencement, you will get a glimpse of the thoughtful intellectual work these students are producing, ranging from topics on epistemology and political justice to Islamic education and bioethics.The ceremony will include an address by a very special guest speaker, Dr. Eva Brann, a 2005 recipient of the National Humanities Medal who was Dean of St. John’s College in Annapolis and remains as its longest-serving tutor. Imam Zaid Shakir, President Hamza Yusuf, Provost Omar Qureshi, and Heba El-Haddad will also offer remarks and reflections, as will student representatives from each of the graduating master’s and bachelor’s cohorts.

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