Quotes by Shaykh Hamza

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People used to be present when they cooked food. They cooked with love... I had one teacher Umar Malahji; His wife would cook her food doing prayer on the Prophet the entire time, with Niyat-us-Shifa. That God would make that food a healing for the people that ate it and make the energy that they derive from it, used for worshipping Allah. They would only buy from grocers in Medina that they knew prayed 5x in the Masjid. They would go out and pick their own animals and sacrifice them, becuase they did not want to buy meat from these butchers, because they didn't know how they were treating the animals. This is a real family...and it is a fact, and I guarantee you, many people have experienced this. If you go and have eaten a full meal, and you go there, and they serve you food in the house of Umar Malahji, you will not get indigestion by eating a second meal immediatly after that at his house...and they will force you eat. They will Say, "KUL, KUL, KUL!" That food was made with presence. People dont have energy anymore. How is your food being grown? How is it being cooked? Because this is where energy comes from.

- Shaikh Hamza Yusuf ( The Critical Importance of Al-Ghazali in Our Times )