Quotes by Shaykh Hamza

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The rungs of Islam are going to go one by one.  Every time one of those rungs goes, people will cling to the next one.  The first to go will be governance.  And the last is salaat.

So, this idea that Islamic law is coming back, is a modern fantasy.  This kind of idea these islamic movements have put out there.  "We need to reestablish shariah."
You're going to apply Shariah in the modern world?
You create consumer societies, put false desires in people, then you're going to cut off their hands when they steal things?
I'm not an advocate of reimplemention of Hudood (Capital Punishment).  It's long gone, and it's been long gone.
The Prophet (SAW) said, The sign of Jahiliyah (uncivilized) is when you implement (the Hudood) on weak people and leave the strong people.

- Shaikh Hamza Yusuf ( Qurrat al-Absar - Discerning the Eyes Delight )