Recommendation: How to Read a Book

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RecommendationHow to Read a Book
Entry Date6/4/2004 12:00:00 AM
Modified Date1/6/2005 12:00:00 AM

Lecture where book was Recommended

Misreading History with Richard Bulliet
How to Read a Book

Quotes Made at this Event

"Get the 1940 Edition"
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
"He based the whole lecture on this text."
"He based the whole lecture on this text."
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
"Mortimer Adler wrote a book called "How to read a Book". And it's actually worth reading. I would get the first edition, which is 1940, and there were several editions."
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
"One of the most important books that I've seen in the English language.  It's a key to other books.  It really can help you read other books and it was written by somebody who learned how to read from a master reader. (Regarding the text "How to read a Book by Mortimer Adler") "
Shaikh Hamza Yusuf

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