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Recommendation: The Hasty-Pudding: A Poem in Three Cantos

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Recommendation Information

RecommendationThe Hasty-Pudding: A Poem in Three Cantos
Entry Date3/21/2019 12:00:00 AM
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Lecture where book was Recommended

The Art and Artifice of Poetry | Hamza Yusuf & Scott Crider

Quotes Made at this Event


I'm going to tell you the truth. You're a young man, and I've been around long enough to know some things.

This is it: We're Aliens, really. This is not our planet. We're just here for a short time. It's like a prison that you've been put in.

Behave well, and you'll get off on good behavior. But ignore the other inmates, because they're crazy.

" -Shaikh Hamza Yusuf
Note: The last major American attempt to write an epic poem

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