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Event Name: A Quranic Worldview
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the topic tonight is about really I

think that talking a little bit about

the idea of Education in the West in

terms of this song and there's certainly

a crises that many of us are experienced

and I think it's actually a crises

that's taking place all over the world

we have a dearth scallops there's some

scholars around the world there's a

great need of missing scholars we have

issues that are confronting this Ummah

that have actually read the

unprecedented conditions and really

because most of the people in Islamic

training now are usually third fourth or

fifth grade intellects because of the

position that Islam has been

unfortunately given in the Muslim Ummah

and I think one of the tribulations that

has been thrust upon this room is a

direct result of those status that

Islamic Studies has in the eyes of the

Ummah and I'll say one thing

what I've noticed about a lot of

is that they tend to get interested in

Islamic education because they're

worried about their children going

astray in the American society and

oftentimes they send their children to a

Sunday school or they send them to the

Masjid expecting the Imam with the

message of to kind of take care of it

and make sure that they don't end up on

drugs or or with a boyfriend or the

girlfriend or something of that sort but

really they don't want them that

committed to this harm in fact they say

we want you to be a Muslim but inside

there they don't want you to be too

Muslim and they get a little upset and

when they start seeing their children

maybe even getting actively involved in

Islam because they see that as a threat

in many ways or undermine even call them

called future that the parents already

have mapped out for their children and

that is really sad that's pathetic to me

traditionally if a young person wanted

to study in Islam in the Muslim Roma

that was actually considered the highest

location in fact medicine was actually

one of our locations and

the idea of just a little thing about I

once Christian dynamite the Muslims and

making out a man because there's a home

and mentioning the Old Testament related

to missile which is a Babylonian figure

and this Christian was saying that the

Profi Madhavi so you've heard this

already on the caravan and got it mixed

up mixed up with the hamana of battle

and I remember reading listen and and

thought about it didn't have an answer a

reply I just trusted that the neither

the Bible guy

describe the phenomenon mixed up within

the aerobic or there were to have an as

simple as that I didn't think of any

other explanation but recently a nice

bouquet published a book called the the

Pharaohs for harmony Farrell and he

asked an Egyptologist from France for

the photography to the colonist if he'd

ever turn to the name con man and he

said actually I note that I've read that

name and he asked him if he could trace

it we find it for him and he was the

chief architect ramses ii and it was

actually built of some of the temples

and the pyramids around these two and

that was completely not accessible

knowledge by this Egyptologist admit he

said that in no way could have that

information in the seventh century

so that's just me the Lord of all and

then again gives us the attribute the


he's also described to us because I

mentioned this competed in a must battle

and I think this the summation that we

can come to the conclusion that we can

conclude that the father is telling us

that a loss of the Hannah with Diana

Mesa committee be shaded was I'll see

you there is no thing like control

buzinova God and Allah is the hearing

and the scene

there is no issue to take them out of

the way

if they don't to the other side

and this is their nature

and that's the

if I do

to access to think about where we fit in

there and there's only three there and

the woman gets four irons for others

because the is not a complicated

creature outside on the same so they're

not difficult to define and then the

catheter is even easier because and

really emphasize the nature so the tell

us about the nature of people to be the

human beings created was created with

weakness that is created is created in

her head what happens is somebody you

know definitely get out you see it tells

us all about the nature of the human

being and gives us this so that we can

understand who we are so that we can

literally come to know who we are

because if you know who you are and you

understand who you are then you can know

who you are not

and so knowledge of the self is directly

related to knowledge about motion paddle

into animal and are capable of learning

their own very capable by the very

nature of the self because human being

who fall into two categories and the

Brawn enunciate with beautifully in the

one knee and a lot else in many verses

that the sand is created the neck that

he from a rival fluid in Savannah to

lean from an idiot of mine from an idiot

of mud and we were created from the


that arises out of the earth and tells

us that he's crazy

this is my ether and tells us he taught

Adam the names all of them and they

commanded the ageless when bow down to

our Father that angels were commanded to

bow down on to our Father to go into

such that which is not a sin ever

alluvia but a sense of machine because

the sense that prior to Islam there was

a section called tisha need which even

some of the Kings they used to do such

them to them and this but

so human beings are hiding we have the

from so where do these two where do we

where do we fit between these two of you

because I wanted speaking to their gods

they think that they can exploit people

they think that they can impress people

the volume more than we did even the

basketball people that think they can do

whatever they want our first time

reminding them of their origin but then

there's another category of people and

those are people who are humble and

sometimes actually have a lower opinion

of themselves like the oppressed people

that tend to see himself as worthless

and a lot called those people and tells

them beautiful I got your money out of

it we even know we'll do your something

amazing we have taught your father and

given you the ability to acquire

knowledge and humanity together and so

anything's elevates the movement to such

a degree now

it needs to rise up and recognize who he

is and pull that that facts that out you

down and they meet in this little way

that we call this month so it's not

important you're pressed out and they'll

press it down it'll build up who think

they're double who thought that they

don't have the conditions of honey pop

and in remind them of their origin that

they are simply vital fluid that they're

going back to the earth from which they

came but it takes those who are pressing

Europe and raises them up and dignify

them it greets the arrogant for age it

makes them pray at the same line with

the people that they used to in Spain

like the Romans see this is what it's

not that you take those people and it

takes these they become brothers so the

quantity teaches us through that in sand

is and then the next element that is

essential is to once we know move

insanity we have to know what is what

the nature of life itself is and if we

don't know what life is then we become

diluted Alessa

that's all or under common had to dunya

don't be deluded by the light of this

world well

and that is the that is the true life

but new buzzers can happen proponent

Edina you know the life of this world

so the dunya is called the Athena and

the human being is to be a and the

summer is the key to success in this

life and in the next life and this is

why the emphasis of summer itself is

throughout the for honor the ability for

the Muslim to be patient to be able to

reason if you lose your patience you

can't reason the most patient event

after the prophet of our lives our

welcome of Ilan who didn't lose his

reason when everybody lost their reason

because the nature of shanna our courage

is that there has to be a still center

the brave men

the impetuous nor cowardly because those

three extremes of which the mean is

courage somebody that just runs into the

rags or runs to do something without

thinking about that he might appear to

be brave to those who see him but in

reality he is impetuous he's impetuous

and the one who is coward and cannot act

has no but the situation was when he was

dead not only is it temporal but death

is closer to you like the problem is the

strength of your sandal and he said to

my remembrance of the destroyer of

pleasures the destroyer of delights do

much thicker of death itself and one of

the meditative practices of the seller

was to reflect on the Equality on which

other states of the p.m. literally

placed themselves in their brady's this

is a practices written many books of our

buyer to brace themselves in their prey

to reflect our moon connect here and the

so happened the question of the grave

then to reflect on the actual that we

were raised up and we must stand before

Allah Subhan Allah Tala and be taken to

account for our actions

the man from Marion Barry and we have to

bear we have to sit unit so this

practice which is to take the self to a

conscious state of the temporality of

the world and recognize that our

investments in the world we have no

guarantees we don't know about tomorrow

now this on the other head should not

prevent should not put somebody in in a

paralyzed condition where they cannot

act because we're human and we trust in

Allah so there's a fine middle balance

we're not like the Christians that were

run off to the monastery I mean so many

points I was giving a lecture of the

university about Islam and this person

said you know how difficult the

Christian when he was of the priests who

didn't have to get married in the

monastery and this

the children there also because so we

will be asked about our ride to educate

them did we treat them with a woman

should never despise and won't beat up

if he dislikes one characteristic of her

he should find something that you like

that rhymes him what community blowing

and so look at the Falls of your life

and he knocked on the door and then he

wrote inside all my wife's creepy to go

and he said to me and he started evening

and I opened the door and he said what

are you going and he said he wanted

something what did you want

he said no nothing I have a mistake he

said he said a difficult time with my


what I think you and I came to complain

to you but when I saw that you're having

to face I just realized that

even complain and now this is honorable

you will think about meeting and he said

he is og this is my wife to our pillow

Madan she brings up my children went up

call upon me and she prepares my food

but do not befool make me and she cleans

my house what sucks to be happy and

washes my clothes

shouldn't I be patient with this woman

you see I mean this is the honor of this



or because they call it when you do

something out of fear the obedience of

bonds fever people like the selection

for the freight and maximum punishment

and they say that the one who does it

for reward that's called positive true


the obedience of the merchants will

always see what they eat genomica right

what am i how many has tinnitus if I do

this I'm getting 25

so he's calculated like at the end of

the day the marketplace calculates how

much a mini and we're not belittling

that because Allah has even some heat

but you know nobody said the highest

form of obedience is back in two murders

out of the same way the wife this is a

house that has a high tech net see you

placed between you the what is

interesting words about who said Mahanta

but Mohammed indicate also entitled in

Iran are more sensual Allah is not a

sensual type of model and one who is one

of the names of Allah it's a type of God

that transcends the physical so this is

the type of love that should be the

basis of the house of the family so

knowing what life itself feelings and

recognizing the - Union is temporary

it's Fanning and by its nature and it

dissipates in ago and we won't be in our

radiance and that's an important thing

to reflect on and then once these you

know once we put these things into place

and understand them that like Allah when

he says animal under 19 whatever was

given to me was the thought were very


I mean their entertainment they were by

the nature they keep people there hungry

all the time and they give them teepees

their music

and their entertainment and the latest

fashion and they think they're getting

food but they're just temporary smacks

of junk food with no calories no values

and so the spirit continues to diminish

until there's nothing left there's

nothing left of their spirit and then


and I said

into you know I


it's called e7 half and all the time

when you make a claim he said anyone

that makes a claim I don't play along

expose and anyone that makes a claim

that he does and anyone that makes a


then understand that any type of

knowledge is directly related to the

culture that produced it in other words

you cannot separate culture from is its

historical intellectual legacy in the

same way that is to either produce the

the cultures of this farm and the

civilization of asylum and it is

produced our medicine produced our

mathematics produced our economy in the

same way it's the Christian crooked

group that produced

so from the south and watch them over a

two-year period move into tertiary stage

where you lose your mind and they would

not seek them despite the fact that

after the experiment started in 1930 by

the 1940s they were mature for that

disease they refused to give them


Dean and not simply just what the tips

of the pens allowed just four nine five

ten words where other people people of

the city so we want to they can take the

you have that which is when did you seem

to have enough knowledge

and that's why they stopped for one



you Electrify our state and for you this

all wrong actions