Allah is with those that Submit

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Event Name: Allah is with those that Submit
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<Opening Dua>

One of the aspects of this month is, it's a month when people begin to take themselves to account and to think about what they've been doing in the past.  and what they
plan on doing should are lots of the
Hanoi to add a grant in the future so
it's a time of reflection and one of the
most important reasons why I loss of a
Noah's Allah gave us the Quran was in
order that we reflect a fat is at the
bar owner for Anna don't they think
deeply don't they ponder deeply this or
on and one of the aspects of and dangers
of religion is that religion becomes in
essence a type of tribalism religion
itself becomes a way of separating and
it becomes what in the parlance of
modern social scientists is called
identity politics it becomes a way in
which I politically define myself as
other in relation to groups out there
and historically this has been done in
the Muslim world these are the other
religious groups in the modern world
it's obviously because religion is
playing less of a role certainly in the
West than in other places it becomes the
religion becomes a way of identifying
oneself these are the entities of power
and so it becomes in essence a type of
what the Catholic Communists of South
America called Liberation Theology it
the politics of God where we basically
enlist God as our party member so he's a
card-carrying member of our party our
political party and and we pull him out
for the quorum to give us the vote that
bypasses & vito's any other group and so
I want to look at some verses in the
Quran in relation to that idea for
people simply to ponder and perhaps
benefit Allah super Hanukkah other says
about the people of previous revelations
well Carl a nice hotel janata e la
montaña Houdin mo farah and they say no
one will enter paradise unless they're
Jews or they're Christians tipica and
many you home these are just vain hopes
these are just omnia is a wish these are
their wishes for a tube or Hanukkah in
kuntum Saudi team say to them to these
people that are saying you want to go to
heaven unless you're a Jew or a
Christian say to them where's your fruit
if you're speaking the truth where is
this proof from God where is the
contract from God we want to see the
signature in the contract that says that
God says only this group is going to
have to the expense of everyone else
Bella in this an important word in
Arabic because this is really redressing
and clarifying what has gone before
Bella men s lama was happily laughing no
it's not being this group or being that
group it's whoever submits his entire
being to God wahoo a machine on and he's
a virtuous human being
that is the one you want to know who is
in good state with a loss of a metallic
it's not the Jews it's not the Christian
it's not the Muslims as a political
category that defines themselves visa V
the Jews and the Christians or the
Hindus and the Buddhist that's not what
a lots of man without is saying Bell m
and s nama wedge caboodle ad the one who
submits his entire being to God and
that's what the Roofus you don't say
what Rahul here means joomla could
intend it means the essence or the
entirety of the human being Mendez na
milegi hua hua machine on and he's a
doer of virtue he's a doer of good fella
who I do hoang gotta be this is the one
that has his reward with his Lord
without Hogan anyone who Yanks and these
are the ones who have no fear and who
will not despair or grieve men s nama
watch her holy lady Wilma he know that
is the one that Allah soprano Assad is
saying has a distinction without washing
panel data not some group that you
happen to be a member of not some group
that you happen to join not some group
that you happen to be born into it's not
the little check mark when it asks you
what your religion is and you put in the
Box do Christian Muslim Buddhist Hindu
that's not what makes you distinct
without la soupe analyze data that I'm
an SM illogical who is laggy well Who am
I she knows that I go to war ended up
the heat what a hold on I mean what a
home that general those are the ones and
then Allah super Hannah with Diana says
about again what goddess of you who do
lasers in Masada and I shave and the
Jews state the Christians have nothing
what godessohn Masara least it's of
Yahoo the unashamed and the Christians
say the Jews have nothing woohoo Mia to
do let khattab and they're reading the
same book will whom here to New Nikita
look at what Allah puts between the
vania to the janitor did lemon Ken
Hooton on the Soraa they won't enter
paradise and let their Jews or
Christians and then in the midst of
these the second statement which is the
Jews say the Christians have nothing the
Christians say the Jews have nothing
between the two velleman esta mala to
hula daddy the one who submits his
entire being to Allah Savannah with to
Anna and he is virtuous that is the one
what a whole night haha and then a la
CIMA hanowa chatter says khodeto columns
of Enid I am on a mission a podium like
that others have said this before in
other words this is a psychological
state of human beings but it's a state
of ignorance when you simply assume that
your group is right to the exclusion of
every other group groups aren't right
this is about an individual states with
a lawsuit vanuatu ana this is about your
state with a loss of Hannah matata
better man s nomological that is who
Allah subhanAllah diana has given
distinction to not any group of people
and if you don't believe this I want you
to think deeply about a hadith in which
the prophet Elijah hempstead let's
severe illness tenon and levena mean
publikum shivered and be shipping in
there are and we there I'm Heather those
low celica jawab minute let's select
remove you will follow those who went
before you hand span by has been and in
a hadith has one and even a new a sandal
vyas handled until if they go down a
lizard's hole you'll follow them down
the lizard's hall they said that yahoo's
one Masada yaroslava the Jews and the
Christians are lesser men who is not
those people so our prophet Elijah and
said you will become just like the Jews
and the Christians you'll follow them
down the same path you'll be doing the
same things that they're saying let's
call agenda in the Muslim own pocket and
they need some kind of identity some
group of people some specific group to
the exclusion of everybody else and
there's a lot of Muslims that they
paradise is some hotel that we've got
booked in the app setup
and everybody else shows up they say
sorry no vacancies really there's a lot
of Muslims that's what they think they
think it i'm booked I've got it booked
already you know because of that little
box that I put my check in velleman SMOS
were really lay the one who has
submitted his entire being to Allah
Subhan Allah Tala wahoo a machine on
wahoo a machine on it's not even enough
to be in a state of absolute submission
you better be doing some deck sense
because the Quran says has desert with
accent in the XM does Allah the ward
good with anything other than good it's
an in the Arabic language is to add D
Oksana tadley you have to have an object
you see there are certain verbs that are
called intransitive okay Thomas SD and
then there's transitive verbs with a
headsy a transitive verb needs an object
if you don't have an object you can't
use the verb afsana is a verb in the
Arabic language that means it needs some
object right Oksana oxidization in what
in something he had to do what would he
do good in you need an obscenity daya he
did good to me accent come on along edik
do good just as God has done good to you
do good to others help other people do
things this is what the prophet Elijah
time spent his life doing serving other
people and he said Taylor from hadima
home say that mhmm mhmm when the prophet
Elijah him said Lionel I had to come hot
sell you his belly a simi- in bolinas ed
an asthma telephone la it's in Al
Bukhari and Muslim a man does not truly
believe in other words land yet most
amenable his a man has not reached a
perfection of completion until he loves
for his brother when he loves for
himself Imam I know we love Iran who
said were happy a rumor yes metal ruler
of huwa this encompasses the whole idea
of brotherhood say yes ma who l castle
and it includes even his brother the
the catcher your ship will leave me a he
and Tasha and he died circa merci
beaucoup de nasi he loves that his
brother in disbelief it has guidance
just as he has guidance where you ship
would you wanna he died he appeared
movement and he loves that guidance
continues for his brother the believer I
mean this is this is Islam it's not some
group that we identify ourselves visa V
another group and think the initial what
happened is the Muslims for too long
have just been caught up in their own
world not realizing that they were once
the vast majority of the Muslim world
today was Christian did you know that
the five golden centers of Christianity
all became Muslim which is one of the
reasons why Christians were so troubled
by Islam and its spread antioch this is
the great city of Christianity
Alexandria Constantinople the Hagia
Sophia the greatest mosque in the church
in the history of Christianity outside
of st. Peters and it became a mosque
there still bothered by that in the
Vatican that's why the Pope prohibited
eid prayer in the course of a mosque a
few years ago they let them do it he's
prayer and the Pope found out about it
he forbade it until he said that they
can practice math in the Hagia Sophia in
Constantinople so all of those centers
of Christianity actually became Muslim
they were Christians but the Muslims
went there with a different attitude one
of the things that Bernard Lewis said is
that whenever people are defeated
or begin to lose they always blame other
people as a historian this is something
he's making he said it's very unusual
the response of the Ottomans when they
began to lose ground in Europe and the
Europeans began to encroach on the
traditional Ottoman lands like Crimea
which was ottoman from early on and the
Russians actually took it back from the
Ottoman Bernard Lewis says in his book
what went wrong he says that the
Ottomans didn't didn't blame anybody he
said you can see in all of their papers
that they began to write about why they
were losing ground they asked what are
we doing wrong what are we doing wrong
this was the question that because they
were rooted in an Islamic world view
they weren't blaming others when copy
but Bob daddy wrote about the Mongol
invasion he actually closed a heavy
intelligible that which perceives the
Mongolian invasion in which among area
of the alarm you said that the a group
of people will come from the east and
completely destroy this round city as a
response to their profligacy and their
deviation when the mongols invaded by
that in 1258 the ummah at that time if
you look at their writings they said
very clearly these are our own sins that
have come back to haunt us that's how
they viewed an invasion they didn't view
it as anything other than an act of God
so jassu coladas dr vasna is adam Lenna
and this is what happened when the
Babylonians invaded Egypt invaded
Palestine Allah super Hannah was audited
because of the facade of venues for our
even he said the Babylonians they
invaded Palestine and then I lost you to
handle it
called them a bad and Lana that they
were our servants vajazzle feel an idea
they started going into the homes of the
Jews who were the people of God at that
time going into their homes and just
doing whatever they wanted to do why
because of facades and 2 couple and
arrogant these are these are all sinners
of you read the Quran it's useful to
read it objectively that's why Abu Baara
godavari quoted an ayah ones to some of
the Sahaba that he considered they were
hoarding well and one of the Sahaba said
to him about that was revealed about the
Jews he said Nazareth see him Everett
and lenna he said it was revealed about
them so that we would learn the lesson
in other words don't think all these
verses about Jews and the Christians or
the Lucia to keep Donald fight to us you
do the same things and you get the same
things happen to you because this isn't
tribalism we don't believe in a tribal
god and that's the other religions we
don't have a tribal god we carry around
and we're promised victory if we as long
as we have this guy doesn't a lie is not
that God Allah has no a lot is wherever
justices that's what our law says he is
if there's no justice there a lots of
hand without is not there and Allah will
not give any aid to an unjust people he
won't in fact he'll aid until a just
non-muslims according to abstract
menedoza it's overrun just Muslims
that's what I prominent Jose who's who
stated at the level of Imam attic and
imam abu hanifa an imam ahmed and Imam
Shafi that's what he said he said Allah
with you and that that's justice that's
not talking about religious justice
that's talking about market justice you
don't cheat people that's talking about
being truthful in your words that's
talking about not oppressing people
redressing wrongs that's what they call
what a lot of these manacles Adam Ibaka
so and finally just about this they say
a little later a lots of a high notices
vaffanculo who then oh noes are they say
use or be Christians tested oh and you
will be guided called they'll min letter
Ibraheem Hanifa or mark an M&M; acidic
you know this is the middle of Abraham
it didn't say this is the middle of the
prophet Mohamed Salah lucidum in this
passage which is important because this
is telling the Jews and the Christians
this is this is not about being a Jew or
being Christmas is about being Abrahamic
because this is what unites all of you
what the two lunatic attempt you read
the same book Allah super Hannah with
Alice's in mahogany or Mexican unless
Allah hey guys this Alma is one oma
meaning the game here according to the
owner ma the deen of allah is one at
dean sistema again for thought of this
one there's not multiple Dean's there's
no there's only one true religion with
God in every age and place in the house
electrical owner tomorrow what a lot of
booking but the phone and I am your Lord
so have tough la estes abajo de novo
tatata o menos ahora cool no he's been
be murdered a confetti home but they
split up each one claiming they had
their own special book from God each one
claiming they had their own special
revelation that didn't apply to anybody
else giving them superiority over others
cool new husband be metadata in Silicon
every group is rejoicing with what
they've been given buzzer on da Gama
latina hot second leave them in their
ignorance until a time because what does
Allah say in that verse 1 he says para
todos Gerudo desert and Nevada a disable
codicil no sora lady who da da che k
Derek apollon latina diadem una manera
Cody him solo Yakimov a no home d
meccano CBS / Yakima been only o
Muhammad EVMs it can be a steady for
Allah will decide between all among all
of you Allah will decide when
on the day of judgment concerning those
things about what you were just to add
June and I see love whoa who are born a
lot of Buchan you want to debate with us
about God and he's our Lord as much as
you as your Lord he's our Lord as much
as he is your Lord well Anna Anna Anna
welcome aeronautical and we have our
actions just like you have your actions
you want to debate about God these are
God to in other words we can debate here
too let's put it out on the table but
before you put you was out on the table
you better know what's right and what's
wrong a protocol dejado is also a lovely
beautiful for more information on
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