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Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010

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Event Name: Be Peacemakers - Eid 2010
Description: Eid Sermon
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n this country turn them on

the black people now before that in

Germany when they had hyperinflation

would it Hitler say it's all the Jews

problems it's all the Jews problems is

not the fact that we started a war

against all of the other Western

countries and now they've wiped us out

completely gutted our economy and and

we're stuck to reap the bitter fruit of

World War one no it's the Jews problems

they've done this to us

and what happened they had enough

propaganda they had their FoxNews really

they had their Fox News they had their

propaganda machine Goebbels taught a lot

of these people how the thing works

Jacques Ellul wrote a book called

propaganda which explains how much of

Western propaganda now is based on the

ideas of Joseph Goebbels the only PhD

amongst the inner circle of the Nazis

this is what's happening blame it on the

Muslims they're your problem don't blame

it on all this war mongering don't blame

it on the fact that we have a budget of

defense that usually be called the

department of war now it's called

Department of Defense a budget that is 9

times greater than all of the other

military budgets in the world combined

until a famous author from Boston could

write a book called the abode of war

calling America the abode of war Doral

Harbor and that's an American calling

America the abode of war Kulemin oh

pardon are and allowed me ha ha ha

every time they attempted to to stoke

the flames of war Allah put those flames

out way as an owner that ugly facade and

they sow corruption in the earth wallahu

legitimacy Deen Allah doesn't love

people that so corruption in the earth

we should be peacemakers not war mongers

our religion is a religion that calls to

peace you can say yeah Muslims are being

fought everywhere and you're saying

peace no you think about what what

fighting a machine like this does to

Muslims today you think about that just

think about the suffering that's been

brought on the Iraqi people the

suffering that's been brought on the

Afghani people and then talk to me about

war you know we want to see these wars

end and Muslims have to wake up in this

country because we have a destiny in

this country if we don't rise up to the

destiny that allows you an alert that

has chosen this community to bring peace

the people in the future I believe will

this community they will curse them all

of those things they had all that wealth

all that intelligence all of that power

and yet they squandered it on 401k plans

that dissipated before their eyes

squandered it on a new car that they

could have used their old call to have

squandered it on big entertainment

centers that's not what we were created

for a poodle Cody hada was stuff that a

lot you would a comedy sat in a machine

allahu akbar allah akbar allah akbar

allahu akbar allah akbar allahu akbar

allahu akbar anime Adana

allahu akbar al hamdulillah al

hamdulillah and american-islamic a Kappa

B Hanauma a bad Allah o sequels in a

series of Allah be pious people be good


don't cheat the system live within the

laws this is our religion to be good

citizens this is our religion be

exemplars for this religion you're here

you're not somewhere else you have

immense opportunities many of you have

been blessed greatly use your wealth for

good use your wealth you you get what

you need and then and then use it for

good don't squander this opportunity

life is very short

many of us are growing old before our

eyes really we're getting older this

community has been here now for some

time we have young children we need to

sow the seeds for those young children

to reap the benefits of our hard work

and labor please

take it as an opportunity don't ignore

the winds that are blowing out there

don't ignore these winds really many of

the Jews in Nazi Germany they didn't see

those winds blowing they didn't they

thought they can't get this is this must

be as bad as it's going to get we're

watching it get worse and worse and


at which point at which point really if

we allow this to

happen they will make it impossible for

Muslims to live to live in this in this

land with their children without concern

every time their child goes to school

but I believe in the heart of hearts

it's a loss of hano of data that's

waking us up and if we don't wake up if

we don't wake up we have no one to blame

but ourselves a loss of Hannah with

Dianna is is is has told us tell people

who you are

the Provencal nadia Ali was Adam said

believe or anyone else i empower people

if you can't do it yourself

I mean I lost my hand with that I accept

your Ramadan

now loss of a hand with an accept all of

our fasting or standing in prayer may

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala guard all of

your homes guard your children protect

your women protect the Muslims

everywhere may Allah make this land a

safe land may Allah prevent it from any

harm coming to it may Allah bring these

leaders to the understanding so that

they pull out of places where they

shouldn't be but they leave people alone

may Allah subhana wa tada

- these people rely may Allah give them

wisdom the people that are over us in

authority may Allah subhana WA Ta'ala

protect our women especially those all

of them but those who are openly Muslim

wearing the hijab with great courage may

Allah protect them may Allah protect

them from any harm coming to them may

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala make you people

of the Quran all year long may Allah

give us understanding of the Quran may

Allah make us people of the Quran may

Allah increase our understanding of the

Quran may Allah subhana would not have

forgive all of our sins may Allah Subhan

Allah to either restore peace and order

make us people of peace make us people

of order bring the Muslims back to their

senses if they've lost their senses and

make those have since become leaders in

our community may Allah subhana WA

Ta'ala protect all the people in

Afghanistan all of them may Allah

subhana WA Ta'ala bring these troops

home to their homes where they should be

may he protect the Afghan people from

any harm

may he protect the people who arrived

from any harm the people of Palestine

may Allah Subhan Allah

protect the people of Palestine may

allah subhana wa tada give them wisdom

to come to some kind of agreement

may we be peacemakers may Allah make us

amongst those who call to peace a

Donelson and in the end the ultimate

pieces in the al-shara this war is this

this world is a place of turmoil it's a

place of strife it's a place of grief

may allah subhanallah dynamic all of you

people of acura make all of you people

who know that ultimate peace is with

allah subhana wa tada but as long as

we're in this world may he make us

people who struggle for the best that

call to the best may may he make us

people of Eid fertility here accent who

returned wrongs with rights

Apolo dejado Stopford olala welcome

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

diesel Kumar heron Salam alaykum wa

rahmatullahi Mubarak