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Can the West learn from Islam

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Event Name: Can the West learn from Islam
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I think that the is it

certain any sort of nonsense can go

through one's head because also knots

actually projected through there even

through the overt media so if we are not

able to analyze it and dismiss it and

understand it's real and from at least

we can refrain from speaking about it

and acting on it and thereby promoting

the actualization of insidious

suggestion so ignoring see consider your

suggestion I think is one over one of

the best suggestions the prophet has for

us today


well let me just conclude with a few

general remarks this has to do with the

place of religion and everyday life and

the melding of religion in everyday life

again going back to the first statement

I read about the the idea of

reintroducing the sense of the holy now

in the Quran it says there isn't a

there's to be no compulsion in religion

there is to be no compulsion in religion

I realized that this is not the image of

Islam that is commonly projected in the

West I think that one reason for this is

because religion in general not just

Islam but but religion in general here

is often associated with compulsion and

compulsiveness hardly I think this might

have to do with the history of this

country and the reason why lots of the

people originally came here had to do

with religious persecution which

unfortunately and continue at once may

not onto these shores but I think that


fanaticism compulsiveness in religion as

in anything actually tend to alienate

and alienate an individual from other

people and of course the group from the

larger body society and you can

contaminate the individual from his own

real nature I believe so it says in the

Quran 2x tests in your religion the

Prophet said to his companion Abdullah

have I not been informed that you fast

all day and stand in prayer online

Abdullah replied yes o Messenger of God

the Prophet said don't do that fast then

eat and drink stand in prayer then sleep

for your body has a right over you and

your wife has a right over you and your

guest has a right over you

and I can't think of any better way to

end and by quoting them from the ending

of the my second chapter of the Quran

which again illustrates I think this

attitude that religion is supposed to

uplift us not intimidate us and

terrorizes the Quran says God does not

compel a soul to do what is beyond its

capacity it gets what it has earned and

is responsible for what it deserves our

Lord please do not punish us if we

forget or we errant and please our Lord

do not place on us a burden like that

you put on those before us and please

our Lord and do not make us carry that

for which we lack the strength and

please grant us pardon give us every on

us you know Peter helps against time

great now if from the audience

this will be the time and bring them up

please come to the mic if you will

oh well I guess we all have enough to

think about tonight

that's good we don't really have to do

this ritual

oh please step up to the mark what I

would like to hear you talk about own

bit well the relationship of women in

the society I understand that when

they're not allowing them all that true

and it's not do they have any formal

formal place or rituals and all that to

worship or whatever and then

particularly what is their relationship

in society women okay well the first I

can quote the proper thing if your wife

wants to go to the mosque don't prevent

her so it's any wives are prevented from

going to the mosques that's on their off

their husbands have to answer the proper

for that and it is going record also the

positive set aside time special times

for the women to talk with him I didn't

talk a lot about the issue of women in

society we're staying for a couple of

reasons it's one of those actually it's

one of the areas that is clouded with

lots of prejudice in Western society and

some of these prejudices are actually

quite ugly one thing is that this fire

if I do think about that but women

attended here on that evening precisely

able to evolve every get 7 million new

opener on this is it among it's about

within 4 or 3 also says in the words of

God I certainly do not overlook the work

of any worker among a male or female it

seems to suggest right of women to work

in society

I read in a interesting book by a

contemporary young writer on this

particular subject who said that the

there are a minority a song from women

who have objections to traditional role

in society his estimation of this is

that it's because the men are I'm going

to be men so I'd rather I'd like to

conclude this with this by saying that I

can be I think that in song talk to

learn from this long just to start with

on this one is that can't even really

see all of the place with one gender

delay because that isn't the way society

really is mmm how can talk about the

place of anybody in society and as we

talk about it relates that people those

other people in society so I think are

the real thing for us to ask ourselves

is how we normal to each other and if

there's any weekend or how can we event

so to me that is what you were there's a

lot about a lot of things written on

this specific issue issue in so called

women's issue but I think really if the

real issue is a couple vision actually

how many when you get along with each

other I thought of that I don't see

where where there is any discussion

frankly speaking no place for men and

women in society well sorry that I know

that was not terribly no what was that -

mother you got too harsh

anyone else you talk about the

historical interpretation of jihad and

then maybe what the practical value of

it is it's an islamic spirituality and

maybe how we could apply it out here

and understand the Islam better okay so

has me struggle okay oh this actually

brings up an interesting answer to the

soma question for women that's actually

saying for women's you have this taken

care of her husband I think that's

really true that's the prophetic general

statement yeah

now I think there's quite a lot to that

station let's think about that a little

bit um but I won't go further for me

I'll let y'all meditate on that one yeah

one of my favorite sayings of the

Prophet on this subject is we've

returned from the lesser struggle to the

greatest struggle and the left the

struggle is the struggle against an

enemies of truth

you know when over it attempts to

destroy the innocence and truthfulness

struggling against that is yeah that's

the lesser struggle the greatest

struggle is struggling against one's own

egotism so now I know what we certainly

yeah we have discussions about this in

our civilization here and I think we

definitely do need a more extensive

jihad against our own ignorance and

willfulness or any well okay very good

thank you very much