Dajjal, Technology, NASA, Jack Parsons

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Event Name: Dajjal, Technology, NASA, Jack Parsons
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The father of the Space Age, that's what I called him.  what he said I'm not the father of the Space Age that's the real father of the Space Age

This guy who was at Cal Poly tech right this guy Jack Parsons was openly a devil worshiper.  He developed the fuel that enabled us to penetrate the stratosphere satellites could not have come about without this guy. 

in his diary that he himself wrote he had a dream this is 1948.  he had a dream where he saw somebody that he calls Messiah Dajjal, and he tells him "you are helping me".  Like, I'm not making this up.  well I am NOT making this up.  go look it up yourself.  so where's all this stuff coming from.  seriously, where is it all coming from? 

we're in the age of the Dajjal you know it's just Aloha know when and where and what but this is it people, as far as I'm concerned endgame, yeah that's why Allah Akbar water and prayer and Quran, You can't take that away from us so just keep doing you know.  I mean kebab wanted to you know he wanted to ask for death you know and he was with the

Prophet (SAW).  Can you imagine that wanting to ask for death and you're living with the Prophet so what about the age of the Dajjal people will go by graves saying would that I was in his place

so we need to prepare as much as we can you know but the technology you study where all this technology comes from.  Read about the magic and the Enlightenment period all these scientists were magician.  they were all into black magic.

you read about Francis Bacon, I just read a biography of Francis Bacon called knowledge is power magic and and and the creation of modern science.  Francis Bacon was reading all these magical books

2001 Space Odyssey it's, his name, no the guy that wrote it arthur c clarke. also see clark great technologist he actually has most of the patents that enabled the satellites right if you look at his interview with BBC in 1961 where he predicts the internet he predicts the cellphones he predicts texting he said that by the year 2000 people are going to have handheld devices that n will talk to anybody anywhere right arthur c clarke said and he has three laws of technology one of his laws is no technology reaches a level of complexity except it becomes indistinguishable from magic.  so you know I don't know, I'm not a big fan I'm not a Luddite, and I'm using a microphone right now, I'm not a Luddite but this whole worshipful attitude towards technology to me is really stupid.  and if you want to read an interesting book it's called "giving up the gun" which is about the fact that the Japanese chose consciously to ban the gun and they did it because of the samurai Lobby.  because the samurais thought it was disgusting that a man could spend 30 years becoming a master swordsman and some idiot could pick up a gun and just kill him they just thought it was just so unexpected amp and the powder got down they actually had waterproof powder kegs in their guns in the 16th century and we know Japanese technology I mean just took them a little while to get used to the cars and now they're making better cars than any of the American cars

I mean Japanese have it's on when they do things, but they outlawed the gun.  this whole idea that because it exists, we do it.  because you know it's like these people say "why did we climb Mount McKinley you know or k2 , what's the tallest mountain in the world.? Everest.  why did why do we climb Mount Everest, because it's there

I mean what a stupid thing to say.  that is so dumb to me .  it's like these Sherpa's are at the bottom, the only reason they'd ever climb that, is because you're paying them.  they've been at the bottom of that mountain for centuries, they never thought about climbing it.  like I'm not going up there you know and what do they get up there you know they get up there and they can't breathe first indication you're probably not supposed to be there but they literally get blown off the mountain by wind you know how many people have died that that British lady who left her kids in England to go climb Mount Everest she got blown off she orphaned her children its panel ah well because oh we should do it just because we can just do it that those are these are demonic slogans of this of this age just do it you know no limits I who made that one up no limits what do you mean all you are is limits you're limited in your space you're limited in the decimals that you can produce you're limited in your breathing you're limited in your intellect everything's limits no limits you're talking about stupid people seriously just mad people anyway time to pray.