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Danger of Heedlesness

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Event Name: Danger of Heedlesness
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fore they have

their dessert I'm not making that up

why because they can't control

themselves it's as simple as that

people aren't well but you're human

beings I mean this this has been II Adam

we're not insignificant creatures we're

meant to be to be people of discipline

and that's why Allah has given us this

religion five prayers a day in specific

times the prophets Eliza once saw a man

who had a heavy stomach and he said that

would be better if it was on somebody


thirty thousand children died yesterday

of starvation and all and probably more

or as many died from overeating because

it's imbalanced people don't think about

other people they just think about

themselves that's huh flow it's enough

it's all greed it's all ego is all me me

me that's what's going on out on that

freeway out there nobody's thinking of

the other when I grew up

people had courtesy on the road I

remember that clearly I'm not making

this up people had courtesy on the road

people would actually stop and let you

get in now they speed up and and then

flip you off series

that because this is a complete meat

culture that's what's happened it's the

whole planet we got six billion people

mimimi six billion people makes a

wonderful world doesn't it

well you if you don't know enthusiam

that's what Islam is about they prefer

others to themselves what oh can it be

him huh salsa even if they have needs

they actually prefer others to

themselves like the two of the unsub who

had a guess and they turn out the lights

because they didn't have enough food for

themselves they they put their children

to sleep and then they fed the guests

and the Prophet I sent him said Allah

was pleased with with what you did last

night because Allah is aware those are

real people those are human beings is

not all these selfish people out there

so not all these people filled with that

mimimi attitude it's human beings that's

what we're supposed to be we're supposed

to be human being now if you know if you

look what happened in in Virginia I mean

there's a lot of it's a very deep

problem but it's a problem that we need

to think about as a society about where

this whole thing is going where this

project is going you know internet and

and violence that's so graphic you know

that if you have any sanity at all you

have to feel sick in the fact that it's

out there all this graphic violence

video games all these things I mean even

the kid is is imitating a film that he

saw that's what it you know but if you

look what happened to him that's what

I'm interested in what happened to him I

mean how did that get created

you know humiliated laughed at because

he's Korean made fun of by his could go

back to China people don't even know

difference being a Korean and a Chinese

person you know they have very distinct

looked and they know they know each

other but Korean sees another Korean

they know each other Chinese know each


it's like Africans people think blacks

all look alike when I was in Africa to

learn all the different Yoruba house

mending fool and they all look different

and I learned to see I meet people on

street that are from Africa I'll say oh

where you from Nigeria how do you know I

say you're Europa how do you know they

can't believe an American would even

know that there's different kind of

black people in the world but you have

to treat people with dignity but that's

what happened this man was humiliated

since he was a little kid in grade

school and that's what happens all this

bullying and the quran prohibits that is

one of the worst things that you can do

is is Surya is making fun of people

mocking people humiliating people the

same thing happened in Colombia you

study those two boys that did that in

Colombia the same thing

they were mocked by the jocks of the

school spit on called what kind

of culture is that what do we teach our

children in the houses there's so much

abuse out there if you want to know why

people are in the state sir look at the

way they're being raised look at the way

they're being spoken to just human

respect human dignity treating people

like human beings welcoming people this

is what humans are supposed to be doing

that that's what humanity is about

that's what we're here for

we're here to help each other Talan why

did bitter ii with tupla what Eleanor

added is me would one work with each

other in righteous things don't work

with each other in harmful things unless

it's nice hot elemental poem don't let

one people mock and other people and um

here is Nikki ah it's an indefinite

substantive whenever you have a negative

before that it means anybody it's lit a

moon like the also do and say it means

anybody no people should mock another

people Arab shouldn't mock Americans

Americans shouldn't mock Arabs people

should not mock each other because when

you mock people they get angry because

you're humiliating them you're making

them feel insignificant you're making

them feel like rich people that mock

poor people that was a lot of his

diatribe was about rich people their

insensitivity and that happens we're in

a culture where we don't even know

there's a whole other culture living

alongside this culture that doesn't have

anything really people that don't have

anything they live with rats and

cockroaches in this culture we've got

New Orleans right now down there

nothing's been done we're trying to

rebuild Iraq and a whole city was

wiped off the map and and still there's

people that can't go back to their homes

what's happened and these are questions

we have to ask as a culture as a country

and these are really really troubling

things that people should be deeply

troubled by these things just come and

go and then it's just our media flash in

and and everybody gets excited and then

it's over until the next one happens

people don't think about what's going on

what are we teaching our children

there's a book by Dave Grossman he's a

lieutenant colonel taught the psychology

of killing it's called stop teaching our

children to kill he it's been proven by

social sciences that there is a small

number of people out there that are

going to become violent from all of

these violent games that they watch yeah

it's small it doesn't happen to

everybody but if it happens to a small

number that's the whole purpose of this

long you prohibit things to protect that

minority that's going to be endangered

by those things like alcohol a lot of

people to help their glass of wine every

night the doctor said no it's good for

your heart

forget about your liver and your kidneys

but it's good for your heart

but but what happens right there's a

whole other group of people they start

drinking that stuff it destroys their

marriages it destroys their life it's

just like internet pornography in this

book I'm reading there's so many

marriages have been destroyed destroyed

people that get addicted to that don't

even want to have a intimate

relationship with a real human being

there's in cyber world kind of culture

people have to ask themselves those

questions chalma so American


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masala Radhika

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