ENCOUNTER 19: Interpreting Islamic Discourse

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Event Name: ENCOUNTER 19: Interpreting Islamic Discourse
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the names are there is

this a multinational because

it seems like egyptian names yes yes

my name is in this context i'm

and it's not a question in fact i'm very

i'm very excited

and it's an honor really to to be able

to listen to you

uh virtually thank you hamuda thank you


jazakallahu in fact

i'll give you a very brief background

i'm born in saudi arabia

i used to offer the quran uh

i'm graduate of al-azhar university and

i have it foreign

and regardless of that my first job

opportunity was

islamic it was the highest

highest institute and and i was like no


i'm scared i can't i cannot

it's not me guys i'm running away of

this civil

service and you know i need to we have

to have a civil serve

to be civil servants as a kind of

let's say security and i rejected that i

escaped it after

almost 15 years i was invited to


in a conference of adien

it was a terrifying experience

and i'm i was like no way this is one of

the most difficult fields i've ever

can deal with and that's why i decided

guys you are heroes

and i will never be able to do what you

do the more you talk like i said

that i'm ignorant guys i'm ignorant


that i'm just an interpreter


thank you so much

perhaps i will be ending this talk in


by way of summarizing in a couple of


what has been discussed in this very


and memorable uh discussion with the


scholar sheikh

you are really you've taken us

into a journey








the thing i'm most proud of in terms of


is uh the prayer of the oppressed

and this took me a really long time


i i took a poem that was in the regis


and i put it in a

hexameter which is very similar

to the regis meter so

if you look at it they're both metered

so if you say yeah

o you whose mercy is a refuge for all


in dire need who flee to you


whose pardon is so near you answer all

in need they know that you do here

we beg for your relief redeemer of the


you are enough for us both humble then

so meek

so uh that's that's what i'm most proud

of in my

translation work is

intercultural communications