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Gift of Prayer - Eid ul Fitr 2020

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Event Name: Gift of Prayer - Eid ul Fitr 2020
Description: Transcribed by Wkrbee76
Transcription Date:Transcription Modified Date: 6/8/2020
Transcript Version: 1

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wm, start your relationship with the Qur’an today. So, don't go back to, oh, now Sawm is out and I'll just go back to listening to shit. So, have a relationship with the Qur’an even if it's one page a day, even if it's one page a day or half a page. Even if it's an [26:14 speaking in Arabic], do something with the book of Allah. [26:18 speaking in Arabic].

What a blessing to complete the [26:38 speaking in Arabic] of fasting. The prophet [26:41 speaking in Arabic] province This is called [26:45 speaking in Arabic] so it's a joy that we're on the day of [26:49 speaking in Arabic]. The prophet [26:54 speaking in Arabic] and he has a joy when he meets his Lord. Those are the two [26:57 speaking in Arabic]. Even though he says don't think that the [26:59 speaking in Arabic] is about going back to eating. No, it's about completing the [27:03 speaking in Arabic], that you completed it and you fulfilled this incredible obligation to Allah. That's the joy because it's going to be [27:13 speaking in Arabic]. It's going to be set aside for you in the account of your payments for the debt that you owe to Allah. We're putting this in the bank of the [27:23 speaking in Arabic]. So, when you come you're not [27:27 speaking in Arabic], you're not bankrupt because there are people now going into bankruptcy.

There has to be bankruptcy, so you know what it's like to lose everything. The real loss is not here. Allah says, [27:43 speaking in Arabic]. Those [27:48 speaking in Arabic]. Those are the real losers, not what you lose here. You can lose everything here. They can't take away [27:56 speaking in Arabic] and prayer from you. You see people. I've seen Bedouin that have nothing in the world, and everything's taken care of. They're like the birds that go out hungry and come back. I have these birds at the house. They come every day and we put out food for them. Why? What's in our hearts to put out food for these birds. They come every day and the squirrels come and they eat and that's their provision.

So, Allah put it in our hearts to do that because they're not working. They don't have a 401k plan. They're not working. They just go and it's there because they trust. They go out knowing it's going to be there. They're not worried about it. They have no stress. All these people that worry. What are you worrying about? When did Allah ever deprive you of a meal, other than when he said don't eat for his sake, for your health as well. When? Some of us now are in our sixties, fifties, forties, thirties, twenties. When did Allah ever not give you a meal? And most of you are eating quite well. So, this is a time to be joyous that we completed this. The prophet [29:15 speaking in Arabic] said that there are eight doors to paradise, you know, to get into Jannah there are eight doors there. There are many ways to get in. Like he said, [29:24 speaking in Arabic]. He's given lots of colors to his obedience.

So, one of the doors is Baab Ar-Rayyaan which is for only for fasters. That's the door you get in. [29:35 speaking in Arabic] said, I saw all of the doors to God crowded. This is called [29:42 speaking in Arabic]. You know, they're all crowded getting in, fighting to get in like the [29:48 inaudible]. Have you ever tried to get there? Everybody's fighting because that door is there. Everybody knows that door. He said there was one door I looked and there was nobody there. The door of humility. He said I didn't see anybody there.

[30:05 speaking in Arabic] How are you elevated in this din? You're elevated through knowledge with humility, not ignorance with humility because you should be humble if you're ignorant. The danger is when you actually know something, then you have the danger of being arrogant.

Knowledge with humility and this is why the prophet [30:25 speaking in Arabic] said [30:27 speaking in Arabic]. He will face some people with this book and those are ignorant Muslims. And that's why our [30:38 speaking in Arabic] is very ignorant now so we are based. And then he will elevate Muslims with this book, those who learn it, and practice it.

So, this is our task to learn the book of Allah and to practice it. [30:50 speaking in Arabic]. What do you do in the prayer? You read the Qur’an [30:58 speaking in Arabic]. God forgive us. May he accept all of our fasting. May he forgive us for our negligence, our stupidity, our dysfunctionalities. May he forgive us all the things that prevent us from entering into those doors that he has placed there only to be knocked on and they are open.