Global Philosophy of Religion Project, The

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Event Name: Global Philosophy of Religion Project, The
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for what we did here and and so we believe in a in a a day of judgment we the quran says that just as the universe uh was spread out god will the big crunch at the end it says god will roll it up like a scroll at the end so the universe will go back into that singularity point that it began from and all of the souls are going to be raised up and and we will meet on a plane and then we will go through a uh a reckoning and there will be intercession there will be prophets uh interceding for their peoples uh we believe that the prophet muhammed peace be upon him has this great intercession um christ will intercede all of the prophets will have their intercessions and then then the judgment uh comes so uh the quran says there's a group uh destined for the fire and there's a group destined for for paradise and and so you know this it's interesting because you find this in so many uh religious traditions um and and it's it's hard to believe that uh this simply came out of the imaginations of people um so this has been terrific i've learned about the god of islam i've always wanted to learn more that's one of the the themes and the elite motifs of closer to truth that we want to explore the different traditions and understand them and i really thank you for our conversation i look forward to do it more in depth at some future time where we can address these subjects even further but thank you for participating in the global philosophy of religion project in which we hope to bring mutual understandings from different traditions thank you very much robert for having me on i appreciated your stimulating uh questions and i love the name closer to truth we one of the names of of god in in in the 99 names is al haq the truth so we believe in the truth so hopefully we'll all get closer to truth with a capital t thank you [Music] you