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British poet Thomas observed in Indiana

and Afghanistan said that all the people

who read all the people said all nice

people like us are we and everyone else

all good people all these people said

all nice people like us and everyone

else now that was all so I think we

spend on by the Scottish the cogniser is

called our demand wrote a book called

knots it's a very funny poem in that it

does not it's so you have to unravel it

it's very strange book to read it's not

like any other book you'll read it's not

that long but I can sum up knots in a

few sentences basic premise of the book

not how a line is if all the good people

kill all the bad people there won't be

any people left because a good people of

the bad people are the bad people of the

good people and the bad people of the

good people are the bad people so that's

the not everybody out that good

now here's words where I think it gets

interesting I was thinking I'm flying on

food today from San Francisco to Chicago

the Windy City I don't know

San Francisco with the I was thinking

about identity and about times I was

thinking about times like times and how

we put people into categories in it's

part of the the makeup of the human mind

back cognitive science has proven that

people are divided into two types people

that divide people into two types and

everybody else and there's a lot of

truth to them but we really do tend to

divide people into two types us and then

and this is what our tonight was

alluding to and also web marketing was

so I'm thinking about this I come on

that airplane

but I'm walking down and I saw the news

week my moments of weakness I'll be

things like that so I purchased Newsweek

and I gave her my card



because they'll drink the whole Jim Beam

and have

without because they are exposed this is

why represented just in this room alone

if I was in it was a very different

there would be horrible homogeneity but

if I go into a bank Valley auditorium it

starts getting quite distinct

we recently read about this Afghan and

how is he presented in the press house

he presented did you have you been

nobody's following in this fight very

serious that kind is trying to

supposedly allegedly blow up with

hairspray or something

in New York all right it's presented as

Afghan terrorists know if you ask and

that's not good enough

he wants to know is he a baton is is

here he wants to know where these

companies of the time determine from a

city because if you meet somebody that

time you automatically have something in

common they Newsday which branch were

you in who is in the Marines you were

the baby now there's a division so you

because that was an amazing where you

brown shoot or William I shoot and then

if you are back to where you want an

aircraft or were you want to destroy it

for our submarine if you're on a

submarine it's a completely because also

bring people immediately and nobody else

we share with them

because there's a because because

identities is about identifying with

somebody else

I identified with people that are like

me but how much more they are like these

before I identify with them so initially

if you like football so we have

something in common we identified with

each other but now I like my rival team

I no longer

is because of that difference in how

many people

and then I told him the story that he

just laughed almost always the whole

eternity but I told them my experiences

in people now so but I can tell West

Africans reasonably weather

I really can't I can distinguish the

differentiation but when we move into

places like Rwanda and I have a clue I

can tell East African specifically I can

tell these Europeans always and I know I

always say this I know your secret could

accomplish that

when sister Gertrude saw these to cease

to kill her sister Gertrude 12 hours

where that happened so she would avoid

being killed

now that dog seemed fine with me being

in the car

but ahead on to their house they there

one of the things about dogs not

symbolic just like Mother Superior saw a

symbol in that it doesn't like each


because he measures the beard worked out

to just stop growing at that point the


is not some problem that I've solved the

riddle for beautiful country

this is what I got my dear so these are


you're in Paris and you're sitting



Finders Keepers losers weepers

I was in

there is less went into a mosque it is

chilled people drank because they were

error and they will suffer whatever

reason but he has a radical self you

that they professed and who when you

teach you minimize another you can do

whatever you want to them why because

well these common denominator

that we share as identity that's what

goes under the fraction everything else

is going to be negotiated

whether you like whether you know all


he went to Israel interview a terrorist

and he met a Palestinian they register

all and he says

there is no

or incredibly violent and kill a lot of

people this is the story looking and

trying to count the numbers and record

obviously there's even take what do you

think is the second most violent

religion in history

Buddhism everybody associated Buddhism

with like peaceful people war they love


we've not the peasant public relations


basically which Gandhi took as his

inspiration for his pacifism even though

it's normally

I know do you know what is bacon China

so the basis of the rise of the West

according to one of its philosophers was

China now that's very interesting

because actually per said the basis of

the rise of the was China

so it's very interesting type of country


as the Sun was nothing but he was not a

Muslim and he became something by being

what was not now firstly there are many

Muslim this



so I purses from the Quran and children

hayashi that was not true what you said

is true

which is where

is it a human being in other words how

is horrible judging is entirely up to us

Lord it's not up to me

because why

we have

if you want to get your revenge and hang

people to death I think the psychologist

would probably give a good

recognizing because we are

or any

the divisions of mankind to do two

groups and offer and some other lower

order of beings inferior races and

cultures subhuman creatures and nations

or classes condemned by history is

something new in humanism it is a denial

of common humanity a premise upon which

already his humanism religious and

secular understood this new attitude

permits men to book on many millions of

their fellow men as not quite human to

slaughter them without a qualm of

conscience without the need to try to

save or warn them such conduct is used

to describe to our barriers or savages

myth in a pre rational print of my

characteristic of people can the infancy

of civilization this explanation will no

longer do it is evidently possible to

attain a high degree of scientific

knowledge and skill and indeed of

general culture and yet destroy others

without pity in the name of a nation a

class a history itself if this is

childhood it is the doted of a second

childhood in it those repulsive form how

happened then I went on that this

community and I'm talking to the Muslims

in this room and people of other faiths

or secretary Newman is whatever because

we each one of us is us and come to what

word between us that we share in common

or on both sides of the equation

when was talking about the width when

they talk about the West they're talking

about but they forget me when I talk

about me I'm not just talking about my

suicide my five children

because people told me to account for

what his minions did

something else of remembrance

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