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ppen your

head buddy a female your booty no see

that's a sorry hadith in Imam Noah's

Arbaeen no one believes that's what it

says let you me know no one believes

until he loves for his brother when he

loves herself as a high mom in Islam

that's not the mom of everybody that's a

hi mom so what does the hadith me let

you know he commanded a man a Hadouken

none of you believes with a perfected

Eman so it doesn't mean that he's not a

moment it means that his Eman is still

growing and he hasn't achieved that

level of Eman which is a high level so

hadees have to be taken into

consideration of their translation

interpretation and understanding and

commentary by the rightly guided Imams

of the hadith now the other thing about

the second happy this hadith

first of all sahaba the Prophet said

things to the Sahaba that related very

specifically to the Sahaba that really

this is not made of what it means is for

the Sahaba it was an obligation right

but for the people who come after it is

the ideal that they should attempt to

achieve now to give an example for the

Sahaba they all had to pray in them in

the Masjid of the prophets Elijah the

five prayers they had to if they didn't

they considered it a sign of neetha of

hypocrisy and one of the Sahaba said

well I'm at the ha'la'tha I'm sorry and

he mysteriously lay in Lamoni doubling

me papa

we never saw anybody that used to not go

to the message of the Prophet and pray

except he was a clear monofin now

somebody here in Edmonton reads that

hadith yeah look at all these mana

Fiocchi I'm the only one in the Masjid

right what's he saying basically now

that shape on trying games with that

brother you see Kevin he's clever he

doesn't you know once he gets you in it

once he sees you're going to the message

it then he'll try other strategies like

what a good Muslim you are a love like a


takbeer now the in in Ahmed Ibrahim

bells med have it is wajib to pray in

the masjid it's a far dying if you hear

the Adhan it's a for buying and he

considers that the prayer was invalid if

you prayed it in your house without an

excuse ultimately charter be like a

sickness or something like that in the

other myth have it is Kara he Ishida

it's an extreme Kara here but you have

to hear the amount now if you look at

old pictures of Medina I guarantee you

you'll be amazed

there wasn't a house that wasn't three

minutes from the Masjid there wasn't

look at pictures I've seen these

pictures there wasn't a house that

wasn't three minutes from the message

but PA I met a man who lived in Medina

for the last 70 years he told me Bhatia

used to be a long distance from Medina

now it's literally right outside the

message of the prophets are lies and you

go out a door and there's Bhatia Masjid

is bigger now than the original city the

main state now is bigger regional city

there's two kind of people have to kind

of and you have to appreciate what I

would say Muslims living in a

neighborhood attempt if you're not going

to the Masjid attempt to put together in

the house if it's too difficult to go

the mess obviously the to go the message

it so we have to be careful about

reading hadith and applying those have

these two people nowaday very dangerous

because we'll literally will all end up

pain I mean my contention if a Sahabi

came in to any mustard in the Muslim


today he would probably say what

religion is this you know and that's

just the nature of you know of how far

we've come but the Prophet said you're

in a time if you hold to 110 if you

leave 110 you're finished to his Sabha

110 he said there's time on my Ummah if

they hold to 110 they'll have knit now

that one tenth doesn't mean far it means

the sooner it means the most how bad

things like that the far below you don't

pray one for every you know two days or

something like that right one

so I just think it's really careful and

then the last comment about those two


there are Hadees that have Muhammad

health or Muhammad up and there's Hadees

that had Muhammad Raja or Muhammad boss

see if the prophets Elijah was given

Hadees in order to keep us balanced if

he gave all Hadees that were Rama

because he is what - Iran when a deer on

Bashir on when a deer on but what did he

prefer Bashir what I - nephew

he preferred Bashara and that's why it

precedes an idea - Iran one nadir on

he's first and primarily a Bashir but he

also has to give in law he has to warn

people because he can't simply just give

Bush shut up because we'll all just yep

take you do like the Prophet said when

he said that hadith in one area should I

tell the people you are so Allah in

other words that he's that if you say

light and I law you go to Jannah he said

no don't tell don't tell people say in

tequila because they'll get lazy they'll

just think that's enough and it's it's a

dangerous idea to live your life on

really it's a dangerous habit to live

your life on because we know fitna to

hover we know fitness Sahara tan cerca

rotten old middleman humbug is a famous

story when he was on his deathbed they

were saying saying I and I he loved that

and he would say that that and some of

them thought he was making Kufa and when

he explained to them he came out of the

Sakura Sakura is like a delirium he said

that shaitaan came to him and told him

that no no really

Islam is not to try to be short on this

and the problem is questions are always

to me they're detailed I know that

people like very short concise answers

but to me the knowledge not simple short

concise it's you know take an agnostic

and an atheist they're halfway to Islam

because Islam you first have to say that

you da ha before you get to it la la

we with every precedes negation precedes

affirmation so they're halfway there I'm

doula it's better than not being

anywhere I mean an atheist at least

they're taking a position right they're

taking a position I I prefer somebody

takes a position that somebody that just

a guru no no and I'll tell you something

that a theist the Imam used to debate

the atheist openly Alba Hani Ferelden

Lana used to debate them in the Masjid

in front of the Muslim they weren't all

like you know saying look at each other

and throw no they sat in debate and

discourse I need a pair two more in the

comb let's hear what you have to say

omaha Niva you know generally the Muslim

there are several arguments for the

existence of God right that are used one

of them is all the cosmological argument

or one ontological you know I mean

they're just words in the end of the day

but the the problem Muslims have

generally relied on the one called

argument by design which is all this

stuff is here where'd it come from and

it all the it spawned this perfection of

a laws existence so I think that usually

is a point of no really asking people to

reflect and think about where did you

where did this come from I mean one of

the things I benefited from Optoma

jiva's and Danny is that and that's a

good book in his book on ahead because

he he argued and many people who were

atheists and agnostics have become

Muslim from his talks one of the things

he said he had a doctor who said he

didn't believe in God and so he just

said to him what is the purpose of the

eye and he said to see he said what's

the purpose of the liver well it does a

lot of things but it functions purifies

the blood detoxify his bottle was a

person to heart send blood to the brain

to oxygenate the cells what is the pre

he went through all these parts of the

body because this doctor understood the

body he said you mean there's nothing in

the body that doesn't have a purpose and

the doctor said we'll really

not I mean everything has some purpose

the appendix they used to think that it

was vestigial organ that it didn't have

any point now they say no it actually

does have a function in the immune

system I think the only vestigial organ

of evolution is the human brain because

that's the only organ that people don't

seem to use which is a case against

evolution because the golden rule of

evolution is if you don't use it you

lose it

well we haven't used our brains for

centuries though I mean why is it still

around you know that's a you know

something to think about so he after he

went through all of that he just said to

him so you admit that everything there's

a Telos or a purpose to everything in

the body he said yes he said but the

synergistic effect of all of these

things the totality has no purpose and

you recognize the particular purposes

and yet there's no universal purpose you

see that's an important thing to think

about I mean we recognize the particular

purposes that there is design you know I

mean physiology one of the things that

you learn studying physiology as they

say form follows function in other words

that the organ is designed to fit a

certain function not the other way

around the function doesn't work from

the form and there's many many examples

of that but I think there's enough

people that believe in Allah out there

to talk to before going to people that

don't believe in Allah because really to

me it's it's a horrific thing I mean

what right do you have to say that Allah

doesn't exist really what right do you

have I mean you would you couldn't even

breathe if it wasn't for Allah's gift of

breath you know if you had one organ of

your body this disability I'm just your

kidneys go and look at somebody who's on

dialysis and what type of life that they

live the quality of life go and look at

somebody who has info

Seema's destroyed their lungs through

smoking you know and the gift of just

breathing of being a lot being conscious

what what right do you have to do not

recognize the the joy and blessings that

Allah has given you in children I mean

my children are just they're just a

source of constant you know just a lot

like about you know really they just

always you they're just so pure and so

alive and so they just fill you with it

I mean you what right this is the gift

of Islam as it is it gives us the

articulations of praise and gratitude to

our loss of the Hannah Wattana

we know to say alhamdulillah wa

shukrulillah and even the beauty of it

we say alhamdulillah could be had

they've been out the solid Iman and said

no that any tribulation that you have

you could be in a worse tribulation and

that's an Emma

so thank Allah anything that's afflicted

you like one man came to me once at the

Masjid and I can get pretty rough I was

not very nice to him but he came to me

said yeah I have this big problem and I

said by your father and he said my car

broke down and it's $800 and well and I

was we had just heard something and I

did I grabbed him I mean this is my bad

side up but I grabbed this kind of shook

my said look the Bosnians have a problem

all right you don't have a problem your

car breaking down

there's does not go under the category

of problem in my book all right your

house being bombed by an Israeli jet

that's a problem and really in the end

it's not because HUD motivates Shaheed

the one whose house falls on them is a

martyr so I'm to be God

I mean really it's it's a horrific thing

that that's happening but the attempt of

Shahada he takes from us martyrs Shahada

so we just be people of praise and

gratitude and Shukr you know that the

kaffir is an ingrate that's my favorite

translation of Kufar. it's just ingreat to be in gratitude to showing gratitude to Allah subhana WA Tallah