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Event Name: Introduction to Logic
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tually um
end up losing their femininity and
becoming a different there's new hybrid
species out there that's
androgynous so but it's good inshallah i
hope people
enjoy it he's he's a qigong master
and qigong is not a religious uh
exercise it there is relation to the
taoist tradition
and to shaolin temples and things like
that so so there are there is
association but it's
it's a it's the exercise that went with
martial arts in china
and it's very very uh
invigorating for people that do it on a
regular basis and practice it but he's
going to be working with you so you can
pretty much
learn how to do it during the time and
it's good to learn it from somebody
there's a lot online and things like
but according to the new york times the
longest living
human being ever was a qigong teacher in
they ascertained he claimed to be 235
years of age
but they did ascertain that he was at
least 170
and and he taught qigong to the imperial
troops and the new york times sent a
team over
to find out about him in 1932 i think so
that was actually
um and ate goji berries and
drank green tea and gensang
so i mean i don't know if anybody really
wants to
stick around here for 175 years but
but the time we're here we should try to
be as healthy as possible you know
it's it'll help you yeah
my mom was at the grocery store and you
know how they have those all those funny
national enquirer and all those and she
was my mom's 94
this year and she was there was another
old lady in the line
and she looked at my mother and then she
looked at the magazines and she said
aren't you glad we're on our way out
set up my nickel