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hoever takes

william from them he's from them

and then allah says after that

unless you have fear unless you're

endangered unless there's

situations says that this

is in situations that will continue

until the end of time

and that's just one example now what

believers do which i really

interest me about believers i like this

aspect of believers

believers and i'll give you one example

somebody was you know going on and on to

somebody who i know

about this that and the other and how

you know i did this and i did that and

he was well maybe he did for this reason

maybe he did it for this reason maybe he

did for

and he said you're just making excuses

for him

and this man just said to him he's very

sweet man very pure man he's

he really is a pure man young man from

new york he said

isn't that what we're supposed to do

and that's that's all he said you know

it i thought that it wasn't that islam

wasn't that like

looking for excuses maybe maybe this or

maybe that

you know because you see the thing about

islam this is very tricky

people the thing about islam is you know

the hearts

nobody knows the hearts only allah knows

the hearts it's something that he veiled

even from his

angels did you know that even the angels

do not know the human heart

the devil himself does not know what is

in your heart

he doesn't have access because the heart

is god's alone

it's just god's god made the heart for


nobody has any share in the heart


and that's why the quran is filled with

verses allah knows what's in the hearts

and then allah said to his prophet

judge people by the outward but don't


what their inward state is don't assume

what their inward state is

just judge them by that word umirtu

i was commanded to judge people

according to the outward

so i think what's interesting to me

about the lack

of education in our community is that we

bypass all the principles of islam all

of them they're just

thrown out nobody they're paid lipstick

they're put up on the walls

right people have them in their houses

on the walls

speak well to people you speak

beautifully to people that's in the


and it doesn't say

speak beautiful to the believer the

quran says do not say to those who greet

you with the green

peace you're not a muslim

you know what abu hanifah took from that

verse i mean it's really interesting he


anyone that shows any type of

outward courtesy towards muslims you

should assume that he's a muslim

before you assume he's a kafir because

he said

it's better to mistake a thousand

atheists for being kafirs than to

mistake one muslim for being a

if it's it's easier to mistake a

thousand atheists

considering them muslims than to

consider one muslim

outside of the fold of islam that's what

ever said

just one cell in sahih muslim the

prophet said mankaf

whoever says that a muslim is a kafir

one of them is a kafir one of them

i mean those are bad odds

do you know if if any of you know

anything about

gambling you know those are

bad odds so you better get it right

you better get it right and in islam

interesting enough in in the rules of

the tongue which i taught

and and attempt with great difficulty

to practice but in the rules of the


if somebody calls you a fornicator you

can't say bel antazani

no you're the fornicator if somebody

says you're a thief you can't say no

you're the thief you can't do that it's

haram according to sharia

but if anyone calls you a kafir it is

absolutely permitted

to say you're the kafir and is that

interesting in the rules of the tongue

because if you know you're a believer

they have left islam by deeming you a


they're out it's gone it's all over

so people should really think deeply

about this situation

this situation we find ourselves in


right really we have to really think


how we're treating each other now i have


you know supported the war ever

i've never spoken in support of the war


not once and it really upsets me

that people spread these rumors and

although i know there's a hadith that


a man towards the end of time will tell

a lie

and he said

and that lie will instantaneously be on

the horizons

of the earth it'll be all over the world

that's one of the signs of the end of

time so i get a call

from somebody in california the day this

goes out

and asking me what's that you know a lie

that goes all the way to california by

pushing a little button

now i want to tell you if you think

about the sin

of a lie because there is a hadith that

the only thing a believer cannot

be is a liar you can be a

fornicator you can be a thief you can be

an adulterer

you can be a gambler you can even be a

murderer according to the prophet


but you cannot be a liar

i mean isn't that interesting you can't

be a liar

emon and lies are not in the same heart

they just don't fit one has to push the

other out

so i would really guard your heart and

advise all these people to

to guard their hearts you know and may

allah guide

all of us the whole lot of us because

we're a pretty pathetic lot

i mean this is a motley crew on this

planet right now

and i would say and you know if we look

at human history

i mean it's looking pretty bad it really


and allah says in the quran

if god took this world all the people

a nest all of humanity to account for

the wrongs on the earth

he wouldn't leave one living creature

but thank god we have a merciful lord

right alhamdulillah so i mean

alhamdulillah that's the reality of it

so i just

needed to clear that up just to kind of

you know so i can have a little

breathing space

so um and i mean it's not like i don't

i you have to expect all this stuff and

it's you know the thing about this is

that it was taken seriously

and it goes all over and there's people

that get confused

and that's called fitna and i want to

talk a little bit about that that's my

next subject

right because we're going through

islamic education