ISNA 1999: The Beautiful Names of Allah

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Event Name: ISNA 1999: The Beautiful Names of Allah
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eople is Islam I

believe that with firm conviction and we

should take this message out to the

people be people of Dawa invite people

to the deen of islam many of these

people are looking for the for the deen

of islam and my brother who was here

last night who's who lives in Chicago

who's not a Muslim and he's a young man

and he's

he's a very intelligent person and he

told me hearing use of Islam and Imams

II last night he said he's been hearing

me for the last 35 years it's not much

new but hearing he said he realized the

power of the message of Islam and he

said that this he said why aren't you

getting this out to the American people

he said what there's a book he's a

lawyer and there's a book called should

trees have standing which is should

trees have legal rights and when imam

zain mentioned last night about trees

having rights in Islam they are debating

this question now we resolved this

question centuries ago trees indeed have

rights rivers have rights land has right

these are things we should take to the

environmental movement and and really

take this Deen out to the people so it's

time for us to stop being a insular

community as a community that has been

provincial and distant self and really

engaged these people in debate for the

sake of allah subhana wa ta'ala with

with love and mercy and compassion

Kulik ha dejado which is a common law

Hannah will sit on it