ISNA 2000 - Asserting Islamic Identity - Shattering the Inferiority Complex

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Event Name: ISNA 2000 - Asserting Islamic Identity - Shattering the Inferiority Complex
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ASalaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh our dividend manisha

I was telling Sheikh Tariq earlier that i'd met his father over 20 years ago in switzerland and then once again in london.  And it's interesting to hear the grandson of hassan al-Bana speak with such eloquent english with a French accent 

Unfortunately the time is now very limited and I would

like to say though I would take a little

bit of disagreement with the idea that

we don't need words I believe in the

power of words I think the words moved

heart and I think one of the greatest

things about the air of people is that

they also know the power of words and I

believe that's why that the message of

allah subhan allah ta'ala was not only

words because these are the kerryman

told law the words of allah and awkward

or rasool allah and the words of the

messenger of allah saw the laudanum and

those are the most powerful words that

have ever been uttered by tongue and

lips and the Arabs were people that were

moved by futaba and this is why the

singleship Abba was actually an

essential ingredient to leadership with

the extraordinary and singular kaffir

Winston Churchill

said that a man who has the power of

words has a power that even Kings don't

possess and this is something that

unfortunately I think what's happened in

the modern world is that we have inama

who have inherited avoir de la serena

but they haven't inherited the alcalá de

la certeza when mvi an animal what

attitude MD are the scholars are the

inheritors of prophets they inherit from

them their words their deeds a fan and

there are one or a flop the states that

they have to their limited ability and

this is what our Ummah in a sense of

action is more abundant is people of

Serbia is people that transform the

heart this is one of our greatest crisis

most of our youth now are we're losing

them because we don't have examples that

they can look up to Imam means an

example it's a Paragon it comes from a

word that means to lead and the most

powerful weapon that the Imam has is his

tongue and this is why the football is

every Friday because the hope was meant

to move heart and once heart removed is

a hundred said he died to husband inicia

first then a bad seed alpha old when he

died answers the heart then the limbs

begin to respond with enthusiasm a

beautiful Greek word that means to be

filled with God to be filled with love

of God but this needs to be tempered

with intelligence if we look at the

situation that we're in now and this

idea of inferiority complexes I don't

have that it's not my problem I don't

have to talk about it because it's not

my problem i was born in America like

the Americans say born in the USA made

in the USA it's made in the USA I didn't

grow up I grew up my grandfather told me

you know you're a great great great

grandfather was I said who he said

Socrates and your uncle was Aristotle

and on my paternal side they told me

that your ancestors were Vikings they

used to go and conquer people and they

were Chisholm from the Chisholm clan

that ruled Scotland and used to beat up

the English every once in a while that

that's what I grew up with now I'm

amazed at of people because those are

some big eaters that really are not all

that impressive historically if you

studied Socrates was impressive but if

you study a lot of those people they

were really in a sense of barbarians

they were savages what a difference

between somebody who's told that their

great great great grandfather was a

bucket of severe was embellished udupi

why is his name of Philippi your

buckaroo right this is a buckaroo his

grandfather is abu bakr as-siddiq who if

his a man was weighed in one scale and

all of the ummah in the other scale that

his e man would outweigh the entire oh

ma this is a fragile and we'll get CD

this man is his great-great-grandfather

was all madhavan of kebab well what do

you tell when you have somebody you tell

him your grandfather was almighty than a

football and then you tell them who r

madhavan arkhipov was how many people in

this room raise your hands are

descendants of the Prophet Muhammad

sallallahu center raise your hands raise

them up look at all these hands say you

look at all these hands your

great-great-grandfather was absurd ocala

p math the best of creation or

inferiority complex comes because we no

longer know who we are we don't know

where we came from and if you find out

who you

our and understand it truly there is no

way you can feel inferior if my

grandfather was all evocative

significant nobody is going to tell me

I'm interior because those jeans are

running in my blood there's a Hadees IAM

irani a despot Emerson and look fertile

salam al baraha hulu michigan you know

as dana ho Elena Adam when the knoxville

when the zygarde is implanted in the

womb then all of the descendants of that

zygier health to bring in that human

being back to Adam we're all children of

Adam that's who our Father is he was a

prophet of Allah that's who we are were

bano Adam how can you have an

inferiority complex if you're Benny Adam

that's not possible look up karramna

bani adam we weave in noble Benny Adam

we gave him Karama we gave her Karami

you're the daughters of how else really

who do you think you are we're not

walking around on 4 May some people are

behaving as if they should be but we're

not we are walking upright we're not

donkeys we're not brain nobody's right

I'm speaking English I'm speaking an

extraordinary language that has a great

history filled with rich words texture

meanings metaphors great literature I'm

not braying like a donkey I'm not

squeaking like a pig I'm talking like a

human being I can't feel inferior a lot

didn't create me to feel inferior he

created me to feel superior to

everything on the earth because many

atoms is the reason why all of this is

here but lest we become arrogant allow

reminds us who defied in san o managin

the human being was created from agile

maheen from a lowly despise fluid minsul

addison man plane from mud Allah keeps

us humble and then tells us put your

head on the ground because the greatest

thing that you have is your intellect

put it on the ground rub it in the earth

feel your mother that's a hobby in the

Harriet a look on this earth is your

mother furnace poverty muha for in the

hottest holiday from yamaha yama she

will testify against those who oppress

her on the day of judgment because there

are it's a kabira to be somebody who

shows filial impiety so allow meant for

us to be balanced to walk upright this

is why prayer is standing at the thigh

and we begin far in and then we go into

real cool and when we come back fine and

then we go into seduce and we end

sitting and we end our prayer with a

showdown while equal these are all to

elevate human beings prayer is a journey

when ship alberto fasciani one of the

great north africans was asked why do we

end our prayer with Salam he says

because you've just taken a journey to

almost panel at ala and when the

traveler returns from his journey he

says a sudden why they call we've been

given prayer we think even fasting kuta

by de formación will come up cookie

Valentinian public on LAN lacuna home in

order to learn taqwa these are things to

elevate us in Nakano command Elias

fathom the most noble of your people of

taqwa Allah Japan or China said sephora

become a lady uhuh defoe from one latina

men comedy comes landrum sets upon that

perhaps you might gain is taqwa this

truck love Allah subhanAllah salad that

elevates the human being changes his

face now I want just to say something

very simply and I'm not going to be long

I would like to talk about this subject

all night because it's my favorite


but I'm just going to say one thing I

believe the only reason a Muslim can

feel inferior is because he doesn't know

who the Prophet about loss of the

lightest animals because once you know

who he is and there's a great book

written by father yell from Andalusia

called Asifa chicharito famous Papa the

cure or the healing and coming to know

who the chosen one was when the tsavo

were once in a gathering in the messages

some of them were saying subhanAllah

Musa Karim Allah one of them said

ibrahim khalil hola one of them said I

so Allah and the messenger of allah

sallallahu Shannon came out and he said

I heard what you were saying and all of

that is true but who am i and I have

evil laugh ha ha I am the beloved of

Allah and this isn't a vote and a season

will be Adam 1f aha angelia angioma

Fiamma I have the banner of praise on

the day of judgment when all of humanity

all these people you see out there

running around with their cars and their

cellular phones and all of their dunya

and all of their important things every

single one of them on yoville Fiamma

will be forced to go to each prophet

begging to get out of artificial begging

to get out of that state and all of

humanity is forced to recognize men who

are a suitable hasta la la la diosa de

lo que ayuda de cosas dunya a face

tattoo holman near Monticello and I know

the economy how can people in this dunya

realized his reality when they're

sleepwalking preoccupied with their

dreams how can they know rooms from

below ideas for them is and if you knew

who he was and knew that you were from

his Ummah not from nola of Musa which

was a great honor Ka'Deem hola not from

the Omaha of Ibraheem which was a great

honor believe Allah not from the OMA

visa is anna-marie on which is a great

honor but from the ummah of habib allah

sallallahu ala was enough that's who we

are lest we forget who we are we are

people who were given belief in the

prophet of allah sallallahu sin and we

say la illaha in the law Chetty Maxim de

cuna be hello double agent a word if you

understood what it was you would possess

the heart not the body the heart of the

Arabs and non-arabs because this word

the heart is waiting for this word to

return to it to go back to it sad that

has to be a become better say it now all

of all these people out there they are

waiting for somebody to come and remind

them some Peter Lawson to go out and

remind them where do you think all these

Muslims came from where do you think all

the Muslims in India came from in

Indonesia came from in turkey came from

they were non-muslims before the Muslim

showed up they were picky eaters they

were doing all the things fornicating

drinking but when the these people came

they transform their heart they brought

them guidance they brought some guidance

and that's what these people are waiting

for they're waiting for us to bring them

guidance and there are those who will

accept and now although are those who

will reject and that is the nature of

this teaching because unless of hano

asada had given the human being a free

will a component in him that enables him

to choose or to reject so you have to

find out who the messenger of allah so

allah resident is and i would like to

remind all of us of a hadith because all

of the sharifa in this room should

should honor their lineage by being

people of taqwa they should honor their

Lydia's because your people should

summon esta su kawase welcome so what

that's who alve about what sorrow the

people of the family of the Prophet they

they possess the hearts of people

because of their tough law and other

people possess it because of gold and

silver been awash him vendo hashem has

lost their mom amongst the OMA partly

because many of them have forgotten who

they are and they need to be reminded

but also the Muslims have forgotten

move- hashem are honoring the family of

the prophet sallallahu I'd incident one

of the things that Imam Shafi oral-b

Lana says in his d1 he said he thought

he must listen up Karate leah was if a

new apartment akia yo kha dosage

Alleluia almohada z'ha'dum in Haditha

brasilia but it's who in and mahima

neiman unison girona Rockefeller Papa

Mia he said if we mention in a

multi-state nollie and the to his two

sons the two grandsons of the prophet

and Hakim of the pure one people say

you've gone beyond the limits you're

speaking the speech of the Rafah dia he

says well I i'm free from a people that

considered love of Fatima Rafa via I

have nothing to do with those people the

prophet sallallahu sanam said in a

hadith the trade nardi relates in

faverani ex vivo o death and

somatostatin he thought if you want your

children to lose their inferiority

complex then editable whom come up out

on a solo money from a la diosa de esta

vous avez commodity latias Hassan who've

been a big useful teach them to love

their prophet teach them the stories of

their prophets teach them to know who he

is some imodium what would be a dvc he

and teach them to love the family of the

prophet sallallahu sinem we're not

people of who knew where people we

should love the family these people

should be honored they're not supposed

to take you can't tell they're just like

everybody else they're not like

everybody else they cannot take zakat

Allah has given them a math on that

other people don't have and those who

tell you otherwise are lying to you

because this is the Sunnah of the Muslim

this is not kodama Shia this is sunnah

and the people that change this with a

venir o maiya and it was the great study

for all madhavan of the disease that

stops all of that nonsense

and return the family of the Prophet to

the status that they had in the

beginning of Islam the Prophet honored

them say they almost had tremendous of

us will be rasulina a tennis which will

be the army recruiting an advance we

used to do was helo with the messenger

of allah when the messenger of allah was

with them and now we do what you know

with advanced the uncle Sidna they'd

even Sabbath when he kissed the hand of

even as bad and in our best when he took

the the camel even our bass said like

that we were ordered to do with their

own amount because they'd was one of the

greater animals especially in tariqa in

inheritance law and then they said when

he kissed him like that we were

commanded to do with the family of the

messenger of allah lateral chromatic

agora inland more deceitful horrible

more at this woman who eddie vicki

rosary that is a way of drawing near to

the messenger of allah sallallahu ala

was for them and one of the things imam

shafi'i said ya Nabi Rasool Allah coo

coo coo more fertile men of Maharani

Angelo who yes dear pumaman our demon

sorry I know kammula mandame un dia de

como él será será who all family of the

prophet of allah your love is an

obligation binding on the muslim your

love is binding on the muslims and it's

in the quran allah revealed it and it's

enough that you have honor in this ummah

that those who don't prey on you have no

prayer according to the method of Imam

Shafi bubble 0 on Orlando Raja he said

if you don't say those philosophy

brahimi which includes a lamasery anna

muhammadan whether any muhammad

sallallahu wasallam and then there's

another room for all of us because anna

jadu cooley sapiens well in them yet

food jajaja de semana who sorry

inshallah that the provençal elias and

his family said monomania elevate the

people of taqwa draw near to the

messenger of allah saw the law and it

was for them so we have to know who we

are we have to know who the messenger of

allah sallallahu them is in this country

our children we're losing our children

and many of the region's relate to what

our brother mentioned about the media we


tell them to sit in front of the devil

chiffon if Lee and he's raising your

children he's putting into their minds

Epictetus a Roman slave a Roman stoic

slave in around 90 @ in the years of the

first years of the Christian Epictetus

said a man will not allow anyone to

penetrate his body and yet he allows

people to penetrate his mind by

listening to anyone who has anything to

say and this is really an Islamic

concept of guarding your ears in the

thermos what a bus or what to add a fugu

galactic anonymous una you're

responsible for your ears in your eyes

when you're allowing your children to

watch these things is filled you're

allowing these things to enter into

their minds really you're affecting them

deeply my advice to all of you if you

want your children to really understand

and have a heart that's open to true

meanings of this mean you have to stop

allowing them to watch what the co far

have to tell them all not even after

disease what all the Ilana said and it's

related in a muddle of even al has he

said led to make an ordination min more

pity and Vanessa City Machado kabhi

alvida min chatty gnatty don't allow any

innovator to have that give your ears

you do here to any innovator because you

don't know what will cling to your heart

if this is a multi-day who's a Muslim

with deviant beliefs then what you say

about a casual about somebody who

rejects Allah subhana with Diana allowed

giving ear to what they say to your

children who have no way of

distinguishing what's right and what's

wrong we have to take wallahi and I say

by Allah Subhan Allah Tala I believe in

the power of people I believe in the

power of individual and I believe that

we have the ability now to change the

world and i'm not saying this as some

pie-in-the-sky belief no I believe this

is real we have the power to change the

world the world has never been more

unstable than it is now and one of the

beauties of instability

is that even slight perturbations can

influence it when you have a stable

system it's very difficult to affect it

and physicists motive we're living in

unstable time and this is from a lawsuit

analyst ali because he isn't Muhammad he

is the one that moved he is the one that

unsettles things he is the Mo's Eldon he

is the most active he is the one that's

moving all of these things he eats all

crumbling down TS Eliot's their own one

of their poets said the center's no

longer holding the center is no longer

holding their bereft of spirituality

these people they're materialist in the

grossest forms of materialism and yet i

would say that many of the Muslims I

have met in my life and in many Muslim

countries are more materialistic than

many of the Americans that I know and

I'm not exaggerating about that there is

there's a deeply died materialism that

has entered the hearts of the Muslims

and the prophets allah lightest and I'm

when he described the weakness of the

Muslims and that's our inferiority they

asked him what is it he said at once and

they asked him what is the one he said

Hoopa dunya what can I here to mode how

do you remove the junior from your heart

you remove the love of this world from

your heart by reflecting on death the

prophets allah wide is Adams external

manzini have them in the death make much

mention of the destroyer of appetite

tonight before you sleep reflect on your

brave reflects on going into your grade

reflect on the Omo fiamma think about

these things these are real things in el

generador Apple when Nora her phone was

Sheriff aha phone it's all true it's not

fairy tale he spoke the truth and he is

the greatest proof of his own message

The Messenger of Allah an orphan born in

a jehadi period without any education

unlettered completely one man came with

the greatest legal system that has ever

graced the face of this earth and anyone

who studies it with any objectivity will

recognize the truth of that the legal

system of islam that elevates the five

universals the d

enough samatha the nests of their these

are the things that the Islam came to

protect people's lives their property

their their lineage all these people are

losing their lineage really they're all

fornicating they don't even know who

their fathers are anymore and this is a

crime against children that a child

comes into the world not knowing who his

father is this is a crime against

children and they have to be told that

because they've lost the understanding

of that they've lost their Christianity

and there is a spent force Islam is the

last force left it's the only force that

can transform this world and if we the

Muslims don't take it upon ourselves to

do something in this time today now

today we make an intention every single

one of us and that this is not an

emotional speech I am saying we need to

commit our lives to this beam and the

dfac met my mother mother it's all gone

you're past your mukama and mafia toba

the station of the past is toba the

station of the present is this the

pharma full amman to be less of a

stocking it's as simple as that say I

believe in Allah and be upright and you

can be upright we have Muslims in this

oma that are upright they don't

fornicate they don't drink they don't

feel they don't lie they don't cheat

these we have them and I'd live with

them and I've seen them live seen the

power that they have in their eyes and

in their faces in their movements in

their prayer and these people if you

live with them they will transform your

lives and we need to reproduce we need

to do this we are children need to

become these people and if they become

these people will lie if they enter into

these cities people will come like they

came in Syria in India they couldn't

speak the language of the Arab and they

said whatever you have we want it they

look at their faces and they said

whatever you have we want it teach us

how do you pray really this is who we

are why you got stuck Regina hoon SMS I

Egan's in the home so I doubt we should

be people subjugated to the felicitous

one some Aloha is that a Mezzaluna la

hora su

don't betray our line is messenger don't

be people of Keanu don't be people of

treachery be people of what that one of

the greatest attributes of the arrows

which is why the message came to the

Arab and the Arabs were great people and

they have greatness in their genes and

they can be great again with the ease of

Islam with the dignity of Islam with the

dignity of Islam they can be great again

but they have to humble themselves they

have to become leaders through humility

and service not through pride and

arrogance they have to go out with

humility to the non-arabs this is the

Thoroughbred the Arab is an Arabian like

a stallion he's a thoroughbred Allah

made him a thoroughbred and even the

kuffar admit that the greatest horses

are the Arabian horses they admit that

themselves the Queen of England has an

astable filled with Arab horses not

anglo-saxon horses Arab horses and the

greatest beast after the human being is

the horse which is why he's honored in

Jihad he's honored in the Quran alafaya

Laurie bapat hand and the Arabian horses

the highest horse and the Arabian on the

Arabian horse is the greatest mujahid we

are waiting for you we're waiting with

Arab like Santa Monica Odyssey said not

knew it was that I want to mow tomorrow

we're your ministers you are leaders

we're waiting where are the arrows where

are you well line where are you wake up

hold on bill get up well line you get up

and take this beam out not with mean

faces I've seen so many mean-looking

Arabs is enough to make you weep they

need to smile some more really quit

being depressed and obsess it's beyond

depression is beyond depression it's

beyond optimism really this is it this

is the last this is the last it's like

that last chance for gas this is the

last chance for Iman because it's just

desert ahead so people need to wake up

we need to wake up people wake up that's

that's it that's all you have to do just

wake up and the first thing when you

wake up you're supposed to splash water

on your face and say this means not it's

called woogle and will do will make your


because it's from la baja this is what

we need to do you should all be and will

do if you're not in will do shame on you

go back to your places and do move

through and pray 2 rakats and they tell

the two of us a panel asada and commit

your life to this beam and stop wasting

your life don't waste your life is too

precious to waste your life is too

precious to waste don't waste it don't

be foolish people don't be people of

hamata of stupidity Kavya oh yeah but

the Alana has a chapter in his book

called Hamato Coleman the stupidity of a

people who trade the guidance of their

profits for the error of another people

they trade the guidance of their profits

for the milana of another people really

we have guidance from Allah and we need

to take that out to people via off right

people vehicle la mina pitilessly people

standing up for the truth this is our

this is our strength our moral strength

we're people that are supposed to be

moral people we're not supposed to be

people that simply talk islam we should

live islam we could talk islam eat islam

drink islam and sleep islam and diets

long and that's all there is and there's

nothing else in the world this world is

a place for submission if you submit to

Allah super hannah lisanna then a lot of

promises as Aslam Aslam Aslam testament

that's the message of Islam enter into

submission and you will be safe and I'll

just end this by saying that if an image

ogia rahim allah said that islam is

muscle hallelujah erasmus kumuha idol

kudo ha y kuma kun doha it's all

benefits it's all wisdom it's all right

my mercy and it's all justice and you

said anything that is not beneficial

it's not wise is not merciful and it's

not just it's not from Islam and that's

our message so if you see anything from

a Muslim that doesn't emanate one of

those four qualities he's not acting

according to Islam and we need to wake

up and and change our ways really so

that's that's that's it I don't have

anything else to say and they can take

over now

la la la