ISNA 2008 - A Time For Change

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Event Name: ISNA 2008 - A Time For Change
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nobody nobody in the history of the
world has ever entered Afghanistan and
left it with their head held high the
Afghani people the Afghani people will
go to the last man the Afghani people
will go to the last man I've been told
by its now that we can't let anybody
endorse anybody for president so I'm
saying right now all that stuff I just
said before cut it out of the tapes and
you can take what you want from it so I
take it all back and I apologize cut it
from the tapes you can like if I could
do up you know like on a cassette you
can reverse it I can't do that so I take
it all back not what I said but for it's
not safe so I'm not endorsing anybody on
isness platform but but I want to tell
all of you
Afghanistan is a quagmire for anybody
who's ever gone there the Anglo
Mohammedan war of 1832 is a reminder to
the British people of what happens when
you go into Afghanistan I feel deeply
sorry for the Afghan people over 30
years of horrific warfare but I also
have great sympathy for these young
Americans that are being sent into
harm's way for no real just reason and I
want to see them brought home I want to
American troops brought home many of
these young men and women that are
serving our fine and decent people and
they joined the American military in
order to further their employee in
further their education in order to
learn a trade in order to learn an
honest livelihood but they have been put
in harm's way and I truly believe this
against any sound moral judgment and
that's why I want to see them come back
and finally I want to remind you also
that people died in order to vote people
were beaten into the ground in order to
vote black people in this country used
to be lynched for wanting to vote so
it's absolutely necessary for people to
understand the historical reality of the
vote we need to vote and we should vote
our conscience and that's why I'm
telling you I'm giving you my own belief
what my conscience is telling me the
other very important thing is that
Guantanamo Bay needs to be shut down I
said this last year but I reiterate it
Guantanamo Bay is a sin against the
history of this country torture there is
no room in the American creed of human
dignity for torture there is no room we
condemned torture Islam condemns torture
1400 years ago our prophet said the
people that have the greatest
chastisement on the day of judgment and
in hell are the people who tortured
people in this world that is our
prophets all a lot is to them we do not
accept torture I want to remind you also
that Americans have no idea the power
and the leverage that a man whose middle
name is Hussein will have when
negotiating with the Iranians
they haven't discovered that yet because
the Adel Americans will think they're
chanting Obama they're saying yeah is
saying yeah I was saying and that's a
good name Hussein and those people that
say oh he's got a problem with his name
well lucky thing they mean Franklin
wasn't around these days when he signed
the Declaration of Independence Benjamin
Franklin right
wallahi and I say this from the bottom
of my heart we need to support this
institution is now is now is zindabad is
now and I want to and I want to say from
the bottom of my heart
god bless the Pakistani American
community because in 45 years this
community has been the biggest support
for Islam in the United States of
America and I say that with absolute
conviction the Pakistani American
community has been the financial
backbone of Islam in America they have
given far more and above any other
community and I say that with no
denigration of the great contributions
of the Arabs or the Indians or any other
group but the Pakistani Americans are
people that we as Muslims should be
proud of and compete with them
Jews are Camilo Hayden was said on my
the caloric Hansa we can give them a
standing ovation a standing to kabir
whatever you want to do just get up and
show emotion like a beard like being
back here