The World of Jinn

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Event Name: The World of Jinn
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instability share heavy Bachman Michoud

told us that the treatment for that is

to do liquor but to do balancing Vickers

certain vicars are dangerous for people

you know Dakota is like medicine if

there's over-the-counter and then

there's prescription medicine and not

all vicars you know people can go mad

doing vicko the way you can there's

spiritual psychosis is very real and

I've seen it happen to people if you

start doing a lot of divine names you

can really hurt yourself so but things

that will not hurt you are prayer on the

pulpit slice him you can do that as much

as you want and it will just benefit you

it will not harm you you still fall will

not harm you and letting him the law is

you know if you do a lot of it you can

you can get some pretty intense

experiences but it's not a harmful but

if you do certain divine names they can

be very you know dangerous to do on your

own so that's why the religions about

balance the Prophet did not like it

excess even in the religion he did not

like people to do too much because you

can really lose your balance in doing

too much devotional practice you don't

want to do too middle you want to find

that balance and and that balance

depends on you also it depends on your

environment too

a lot of liquor in southern Morocco is

not a real problem if you start doing a

lot of vicar in southern Chicago you

might get into some serious trouble you

know because of the the types of

environments that you're living in one

culture supports you thicker and the

other is actually antagonistic to it so

it can create the kind of cognitive

dissonance that really can be

problematic for people anyway it's it's

a you know it's a it's a big topic big