Making Time for Ramadan

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Event Name: Making Time for Ramadan
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d all of you the first thing if you

have a television we don't have a

television in the house I don't we don't

watch television - my children don't

watch television if you have a

television in your house take it and put

it in the closet lock it in the closet

for one month don't allow your children

access to a computer they say it's not

TV HBO it's not TV it's TV trust me HBO

is just tricking you to make you think

you're more intelligent than the average

person wasting his time watching ABC NBC

or CBS really HBO is TV if you're

watching a Showtime shame on you really

shame on you

these are our sinister forms that that

are out there destroying people's time

taking eating their time away so my

advice to you is put that machine away

cut down all of your sensory stimulation

CD a little Gemma and one of the great

North African said that as the sensory

diminishes the meaning increases as this

the meaning decreases the sensory

increases there's a correlation between

hiss and mana that your highest points

your peak points in life and and if

you're blessed with having experiences

of profound significance in your life

you will know what I'm talking about the

peak points in life are not sensory

experiences their experiences of meaning

of discovery of understanding of

cognitive awareness of a divine when you

realize in truth that it is allah

subhana wa ta'ala that is is behind this

entire universe in america no man i am

attuned sor Kulemin you Derek Ojeda

Kahneman a holiday bar this universe is

nothing but images that are meanings

their meanings set up in images if you

understand this

from the people of a bra what is he bruh

in the Arabic taboo yeah you need a

bizarre think deeply about this yeah

Yulin observe people of innermost

understanding think deeply a t-bar in

the Quran is used several times the word

a bruh is a discerning lesson it's a

lesson that you derive meaning from the

word abre

means a tear because often when you when

you discover the truth tears well up in

your eyes because of the profundity of

what you're experiencing and also a bra

tears emerge out of some understanding

whether it's the loss of somebody

something like that but the root word a

para Lube or means to move from one

place to another that is what it's about

is it's moving from not understanding to

understanding the Quran is there to take

you from not understanding to

understanding who you are to whom you

belong where you are and where you're

going may allah subhanho wa taala give

you all a blessed journey this ramadan a

journey to the lord of the world may

allah subhanho wa taala increase all of

you in this ramadan may he make this

Ramadan a blessed Ramadan for our ummah

may he increase our Ummah may increase

it in numbers anyone who's left Islam

may he replace that person with a

hundred people

anyone who's turned their back on his

some and and I guarantee you nobody

leaves Islam Islam leaves them that's

the truth of it nobody leaves Islam

Islam leaves them we have many young

people and this is my advice to the MSA

we have many beautiful young people do

something with your life you're here for

a brief moment in time we're all here

for a brief moment do something profound

with your life utilize this opportunity

it's a blessed time allah subhanho wa

taala will give you great gifts if you

do for the sake of our loss of a Noah

talent one of the greatest tribulations

on this planet is tribalism tribalism

and I've talked about this before

tribalism is a bliss ism tribalism is

ibly 'some it's thinking you're better

than somebody because of your lineage

because of your color because of your


and beware of religious tribalism to

think you're better than the Jew or the

Christian or the Hindu because you're a

Muslim you have to be very careful

because you don't know who you are until

the last breath you take and you enter

into the next world and then you'll know

who you were but you don't know if

you're better than that person who's a

homeless person on that street knocked

down and busted by life you don't know

if you're better than that person so

beware of thinking that you're better

than anybody on this planet because

that's a bleach ism tribalism is

destroying this planet in Kenya in Kenya

where Barack Obama comes from his father

became an alcoholic because of the

tribalism that was tearing that culture

apart a brilliant man who came to this

country studied went back to his

homeland and it was tribalism we saw in

the last Kenyan democratic elections the

whole thing fell apart because of

tribalism because of one group thinking

that that tribe shouldn't be elected

that we're better than that tribe and we

should be supporting our tribe and Kenya

by the way Obama comes from a very

powerful tribe in Kenya but in America

tribalism means nothing tribalism means

nothing and that's why the African

Americans whether they realize it or not

and I got this from dr. su demon yang

who said that one of the great gifts of

the a from African American community is

having their tribalism rooted out from

them because they're one people in this

country but if they were in Africa right

now they'd say who are you i'm house'

and automatically you're in a box

according to the Mandinka or according

to the fool an or according to the

Yoruba or the Evo or whatever group

there is but in this country it's a

unified group of people that have a

solidarity that have a solidarity

because of a struggle that they have

shared in this country to obtain their

rights Thomas Jefferson one of the

founding fathers of this country said I

shudder for my nation when I recall that

God is just that's Thomas Jefferson

that's a person from this country who

knew the meaning and you know what he

was talking about he was talking about


he was talking about slavery in this


he said he shuddered for this nation

when he remembered that God was just we

have a just God and we pray for God's

mercy because God's justice when it

comes it leaves nothing standing no UI

for the nasa with on me him now you ask

allah llahu Nessa bugle meum Matt Erica

a Hammond dubba if God took people to

account for all of their oppressions

there would be nothing remaining

standing nothing living or breathing

would be remaining that's the reality of

God's justice well you have one cause

here he forgives so much tribalism is

killing the world right now whether

you're an Arab that thinks you're better

than a bangali or a Pakistani whether

you're a Pakistani Punjabi that thinks

you're better than a Belushi whether

you're a Belushi that thinks you're

better than a Pathan whether you're an

Indian that thinks you're better than a

Pakistani whether you're a Russian that

thinks you're better than a Georgian

nobody is better than anybody else on

this planet and the best of Allah's

creation said I was commanded to be

humble I was commanded by God to be

humble the best of creation was

commanded to be humble and why he said

haughtily aha ahá Dona Ana I had so that

no one would boast of being better than

any other because if anyone had a right

to boast that he was better than anybody

it was the messenger of allah sallallahu

sent him and yet he was the humblest of

men this is where this world has to come

to and so I congratulate the United

States of America for putting a

Democratic candidate as the primary

candidate from a black family this

country needs to be congratulated but it

needs to be redeemed it needs to be

redeemed this country needs to be

redeemed we want redemption for America

not destruction we pray for America's

Redemption we pray for the Toba of this

country was Saddam I did come along