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I was the more deceived and even a

Muhammad Ali was like you said him to

Stephen Kajiura but I heard what

happened there with an ally of him I did

was year trophy

she doubled in the year Apple to Kamala


we have asada

you come here to the slam a ceremony

from Mallorca to Mordor in the other to

an attic Adam he he oh sure either share

he I'm Donovan d'ya radula Madden

mysterion to sahifa so I'm going to talk

about what the Orientalist said about

the sahifa

of Medina and one of the most

interesting things about the Orientalist

tradition to me is that generally they

attack the heritage of the Muslims they

often claim that the Hadees were

fabricated later they even made the

claims that all the jihadi poetry was

invented after jahiliya as if the Arabs

didn't have any poetry before Islam

another aspect of many of the

Orientalists and some of them are very

good and I won't deny that but many of

them whenever there's anything that puts

Islam in a dark light they say oh this

is historical fact but when it puts his

mom in a good light they say this is

clearly a made-up contrived story this

is very common in the methodology when

you study in western academia but one of

the most interesting aspects is even the

most skeptical of the Orientalists

believed that the sahifa medina is a

historical fact it's very interesting

probably the most important book written

on the subject is by an israeli scholar

Michael lekker who's actually quite a

brilliant researcher and Arabist another

person that accepts it is Bernard Lewis

the famous Jewish American scholar at

Princeton one of the things that Bernard

Lewis said

that the quran recognizes judaism

christianity and a rather problemed

problematic third party the religion of

the sapiens as earlier incomplete and

imperfect forms of islam itself and

therefore is containing a genuine if

distorted divine revelation the

inclusion of the not very precisely

identified Sabian's made it possible by

legal interpretation to extend the kind

of tolerance accorded to jews and

christians much more widely first to the

Zoroastrians of persia so the muslims

actually allowed the Zoroastrians to

continue to worship fire and this is a

historical fact and there are still


in iran and in india where they lived

under the Mogul islamic tradition so the

Hanafi and the Maliki recensions the two

schools accepted not just the haladki

table but they accepted all of the other

groups as part of the multi-ethnic

multi-religious civilization that was

Islam Islam began in a crucible of

persecution Habana to death we had a

Dini national Islam the Prophet SAW

litem as dr. doctoral Hillary said

earlier the Prophet experienced

firsthand persecution so he knew what it

was like he saw his Sahaba tortured some

of them actually killed and martyred the

poorest ones but after 13 years of

burying this persecution and this is the

Sunnah of the Mahad the prophets of

Allah Islam if we say that all of the

verses revealed and Mecca our abrogated

by ayah to save like Fahad Dino Rossi

said we say that McCarron o'clock at

noosa heads and so there's a meaning to

the suffering of our prophet sallallaahu

them he has three Sunnah that people

forget the Sunnah of being oppressed the

Sunnah of living under just non-muslim

governments like the Ethiopian

government where he sent his followers

and then the

of power all three are part of his

tradition and so if you look in sort of

that hatch when the permission early on

after his migration to Medina is given

allah subhana wa tada said that athena

then led in Europe at aruna oh your

party don't know who denied letting your

pattern on be unknown will you move that

permission was granted for those to

defend themselves because they were

oppressed one of the things that also

these scholars say about the Quran is

that sometimes the qur'an will give you

the allah can be hookah tab it will tell

you why a ruling is coming

what follows is the next slide load lola

differ Allah he knows about mohombi

bobbin had it not been that some people

defended other peoples then you would

have seen the hood limit or who Timothy

wash salami obey your own was hara wat

enormous Hajji do you would see the

destruction of synagogues and temples

and churches and mosques where in the

name of God is mentioned much and God

will give victory to those who give

victory to his religion by preventing

persecution of other religion so jihad

was actually given to defend those who

were being persecuted religiously this

is the actual reason this is there in de

the the legal rationale behind jihad was

to protect religious communities so

after the Fattah al Makia the profit

goes to Medina and during that period he

sent a group of his in the in the in the

fifth year he sent a group of his Sahaba

go to Ethiopia and there are two

migrations to Ethiopia they lived under

the new Joshi who was a just king and if

you read in Saratov even his Hawk when

Jennifer when when Jennifer even have a

part of goes before the ruler what he

says about Islam is all virtues Makara

meant a flock he talked about how they

were before Islam

how they were after and then he tells

them what they believe about Jesus and

the Jesse says you're protected in my

community so the Prophet sent them to

Christians to protect them and this said

is an example of Christian tolerance of

the Muslim community it wasn't always

persecution and then when next the hey

Jen I never we had to Madinah the profit

goes to Medina and makes this

extraordinary hijab by commandment we

believe and in Medina in the first year

the next slide in the in Medina in the

first year after that and just one time

yeah in in this year he comes to Medina

and begins the medon ease period Medina

and many Muslims are unaware of this

there were several thousand Jews in and

around Medina several thousand this was

a very powerful community

ben'll panocha controlled the

marketplace they were merchants been oh

no dear and been a pariah like the house

and the Hazarajat

were farmers mostly and some of them

were jewelers and they traded in gold

because they had a lot of gold and well

they had open which are these these

these castles around Medina and also in

hey ba because of the Bedouin before the

prophets Eliza became the Arabian

Peninsula was abdullah bin bayer says it

was like mafia gangs and they would

fight each other and take the wealth of

each other during that period and so the

prophets Eliza took these Jewish

communities and one of the tropes of the

Orientalists one of the things that the

Orientalists say is that the Prophet was

expecting the Jews would all just

embrace him like Moses and say you're

the chosen one you're the one mentioned

in our books this is not true because

surah that Ezra was revealed in Mecca to

the Prophet the Prophet was very aware

that there would be a rejection by the

Jews when he went to Medina the

Orientalists say the

profit turned the fibula temeka because

at first it was to Jerusalem and then

because the Jews didn't accept it he

turned it to Mecca in a way of of just

showing the Jews his disdain this is

also false because he prayed towards

Mecca before he had any contact with the

Jews he prayed towards Jerusalem in

Medina in Mecca for thirteen years when

he goes to Medina he wanted the Kaaba it

was in his heart and allah subhanho wa


in his plan directed him to move towards

Mecca and the Jewish community was was

upset about this they actually went and

complained to him about this he would go

and sit in the Midrash than what they

call the Midrash where the Torah is

studied and he would sit with the Akbar

the scholars of the Jews and he would

discuss with them and this is clear in

in his serie

but another aspect of Medina which is

very interesting is that when Muslims

think of the Jews of Medina they think

of any pain OFAC bene Nadia and Bennifer

Aida these were the khulafa of the has

ROG and the house but there were several

groups of Jews in the area and and and

these Jews there is a lot of difference

of opinion in our scholars in their

tradition asou Haley argues one thing

some hudie argues another thing even his

hat actually has been with that about

separate from Benny appareil the Benny

Nadia and Benny I know Pat so there is a

difference of opinion amongst the

scholars about who these clans were some

of them say they were converts to

Judaism from the Arab tribes and one of

the things that the Jews used to the

mote the Arabs the polytheistic Arabs

because they had a high infant mortality

rate they would actually say either yeah

yeah hadas under how we do who we if if

my child lives will make him a Jew

because the Jews were the people of the

book and knowledge and so they would

raise their children as Jews one of in

the tafseer one of the us Baba new zoo

that is mentioned about Lake Ravi

Dean was about the Arabs who had

converted to Islam and but their

children had been raised Jews and then

they wanted them to convert to Islam so

they wanted to force them as parents to

Islam and this verse was revealed to say

no leave them alone let kravid Dean this

is one of the ASVAB in the zoo that some

of them office it in give so you had in

the wealthier you have nine tribes yeah

you have nine tribes in this what theta

and then oh that lava is clearly from 50

on who was even 50 on who was one of the

Jewish tribes that was not from the

three and milady and there's a he laughs

about who he goes back some say he's

from Benny Nadia but others say no he's

from his own separate tribe which is

been oh that lava Mahaney who the

prophet sal i said i'm said was the best

because he refused not to go out on the

battle of and fight with the prophets

alot he said i'm he was killed in that

battle and he left his wealth to the

prophet there's a key laugh about the

first a difference of opinion about the

first what endowment in islam some of

them say it's from the wealth of makkah

deep that the first book in the history

of islam was from the wealth of mohareb

the jew and it said even his Hawk says

about him and Miniver rasool lack in a

taliban a he in foodini he that he

believed in the prophet but he was so

accustomed to his religion that he

stayed in his religion and the Prophet

said hey no homo hey Rick and he's

honored to this day and the Arabs in

Judea knew the Jews as well one of the

greatest Arab poets a Samoan even idea

some Samoan who said Troy Harouna and

pedir una de una facultad ah ha in al


tally that she found faultiness the the

daughter of miracle Moonville who a jar


Samoan so when he protected her she said

you're a few how can you protect me and

he said we might be few but remember

noble people are always few and this is

a famous saying amongst the Arab the

Arabs say Oh famines Samoa a yahoodi

more trustworthy than Samuel the Jew

because of his famous position with

imminent face and the duel of emerald

face who he refused to give up despite

losing one of his family members so and

he went between his his his his Hassan

and Kaiba in the jahiliyya when the

Prophet made this fahisha between the

jews what the Orientalists say is this

was a very odd nefaria that the Prophet

Elias Ram can buy even for our other and

yeah turn on your hood yeah Jo hadeel

sahifa hotter you know my taqwa shoukata

who yoke of the I lay him haha that was

Reuben must assure the king they say

that this was just a trick and the

Prophet once he got rid once he got

power that he would just take over and

destroy the Jews there are many problems

with this view of the Prophet sahifa but

the biggest of all these problems is the

fact that Muslim the Muslim numbers at

hudaibiya were 1600 men these were the

most sincere Muslims that the Prophet

had the Muslim numbers at Hebert were

1600 men this is what he had in fact he

didn't want the other Muslims in Medina

to come because they were interested in


and he only wanted people that were

uninterested in panama to go to Hiva

after after hotei bia this is this is

late in his serie and so the fact that

the prophets numbers did not begin to

grow until after Haber

this is a historical fact the Jews

outnumbered the Prophet over 10 to 1

they if you look at many pray that the


Derwin and Ecija ality Canisteo Sonia

Benny parada men and a giant can you

tell you don't ask for nebesa light is

surrounded so he had a code word shoka -

who it had like in audacity help in our

region now in fact so this is a very

important point but the second point and

this is something that most Muslims are

completely unaware of go there to wear

this after brother Benny I know Pat is

removed because of treachery Kiana

and treason by all traditions is is a

capital offense even in the American

Constitution treason is a capital

offense and yet the Prophet did not did

not kill any of them he actually let

them B's Medina with all of their wealth

and they go out with all their wealth

they were the relief of the Khazraj

and the Hazaras to us up at home and

they left Medina with their wealth and

they some of them went to Tama and some

of them went to hyper and some went to

Syria this is a historical fact the

prophets allah i am at then been IAM

abeer were beginning to ally with the

parish and so the Prophet as l'homme ET

hey Bob and some of them went to Syria

this is the second time but who yeah

even and aha

continued to instigate eleven are about

our sutil ah he's so hilarious and he

continued to instigate and again these

are historical facts as far as the

Muslims are concerned because the TOEIC

are Italian Akbar now Benny a parada and

this again is a problem in our tradition

for a number of reasons

venya parada helped dig the trench and

they were part of the sahiba so the

sahifa continued up to Benny parada when

Benny Horak parada

Terra had my Benny nadir mark now whom I

admire him after the the Battle of the

aquazap the prophet Elijah huzzah huzzah

he was going to leave it as that

but he was commanded to go and deal with

Venezuela now what's important about

this is that the numbers are grossly

exaggerated and I find it very odd that

one of the most momentous events in the

history of Islam and there's no hadith

sahih ha or Tabata on the numbers the

hadith a nerd Bihari of site have been

more add that a murabbi

via paddy MacCarthy that to him will be

will be a sorry

there re him nee-sama Dharavi him that

that is in sahih al-bukhari and it's

undeniable and the quran in surah tara

has AB fairy pant octoroon with a shoe

Dona Felipa that's that's in the Quran

so we don't deny that but the numbers

are grossly exaggerated but Akkad Ahmed

wrote an entire study of this the Asura

were put in the house of bent inherit in


I called chef Abdullah Adi in in in

Elisha to ask him how big the house was

and and I just said he's one of the most

experts on on the houses of Medina I

asked him how big the house was he said

Leah saw about 10 people it holds the

prophets Allah I am married or Allah

Allah pole and Jara Jara authority an

takuna Emma Rae Hannah from venir parada

again the Prophet only did these

marriages as a way of reconciliation

between people and anybody that says the

Prophet Allah I am

Tazawa chacha who attempt at kaffarah

the prophets Allah Islam is other than

NASA and had a sheikh he was already

well into his 50s just even as a human

being but this is one of the things that

the most Ishida team say Mojave of Tara

at allah rasool allah when he went to

hey Bob

and he after hudaibiya he made the shot

with hood idea and then he went to hi

Bob everything changes in the seventh

year of the hijab because for the first

time in the history of his mission after

19 years of persecution 19 years of

persecution he's given peace for the

first time between hudaibiya between the

Quraish and between the jews of

because he goes to favor say you're a


kuraha an takuna Yahoo de temporada Neha

Rotella have to be a d ha Oh an takuna

soldiers and aho for Qatar attend takuna

so Chetan laho have that ability what

other Fifi was Sophia menage à è Bella

if you read the Serie of Sophia video

yay even an you have to be marvel at at

this woman's piety and her purity

she said Marikana Chanukah Oberto and

email rasool allah the prophet she said

in a hadith Lozano yeah attitude Oh

Olivia he must either be your pony

Hector I never end in my kin Afiya

honor can evoke a kid together

eleven out of Alleluia he drew alaihe

solo the holiday was salam this is our

prophet's a licen he was not a Jabbar he

was not a party yet he was a man of Rama

and when he was given this and this is

what is one of the most extraordinary

things as the social foot a solid idea

1600 every one of the Sahaba we should

Athena see his shame and in Lavaca all

of them except for Abu Bakr why because

they were promised they were going to go

on the Umrah and what happens the

prophets Allah I am too far with my poor

age what Tunisia and cooling apart

hotter on Rasool Allah who finally said

Nana maha-rathah to a doobie rally Rafa

onion who had a shame fan every salon

Phalguni la Fidele the holiday won't be

enough seeing

Rasulullah Jenna thought that muhammad

sallallaahu was a new mother

Leonel bath - Salam who are the salon

for he Nomura jerilyn Medina in fatahna

laka fathaan mubina' October 15 Islam

who were fastened on and this is why the

Agora zhudi the teacher of America

bananas from pootie - Islam

me Pablo who can Abama Minho in

McConnell Peter no hey girl

Tucker NASA said um McKenna tell houdina

to well what the earth Aloha I'm an

insuperable Humbaba well Taco Fatah

fulfill hadith when moon as arity Phelim

neukölln I hadn't been islami yeah

pollution in the ha'la'tha he but after

da falafel tanika's entertain Mithra

mechanic a tsunami habla darica Oh a car

how the who will fit a sinner who Allah

defer to hand out a suit unless all of

our teams to them

Vienna Nesbitt Oh usually moon hello

veiny were bein an S how the world that

he sat at a hollow bany were bein honest

Oh tuck knee or hugged at the nest and

so they became Muslim I'm almost done I

got it has there been a brute

we used to Venus Hawk Ben Ezra that was

here the Dolan Oh Maria Fernandez was


moonship in my moon memo an ADIZ one of

the greatest Hakam of the Bani Israel

this happened that wrote in Arabic the

Jews that want to study him today they

learn Arabic to read his text his

commentaries on the Torah on the Midrash

Musha bin mamoon who became the a beam

of salahuddin in a UV this is our

religion the Jews lived look at Damascus

this is a synagogue in Damascus the next

slide synagogue in Damascus a synagogue

in Iran a synagogue in a these are more

beautiful than synagogues now in America

the Rafah here that these communities in

morocco extraordinary

synagogues that were built in the

traditional and the ricean style the

jews were more honored than the

christians in the history of Islam

because Muslims were often at war with

the Christians they were never at war

with the Jews and this is a historical


in Egypt whence when some of the

Christians were being persecuted the

Jews would have them wear their turbans

that identified them and this is

something that we also have to deal with

because and I'll conclude with this I

mean there's this is a long bath that I

wrote because I wanted to talk also

about the the Christian with that that

are ignored but in conclusion

I also wanted to say that benefit either

in Cyril javea

yoku Vienna Benny parada the major and

Nasser manager on EDA

el-medina Allah o the Senate ASEA Takeda

they can allow the new bageno whom

rasool allah i am pardon me pass the

masjid how allah hood was sullivan

message allah' rewire who whenever salat

is from allah home navaja lucuma vittala

and there now give us some time their

bow ELab any arena yokota la vie

i'ma bokkeum in whom a mahaki amin whom

well in urbana nevere follow a Shahrukh

delay and that you ban hero Rasool Allah

is Allah doesn't lack and solid

Fahad Amazo was Sofia been to a game in

in in the time of Omar Sofia

oh man what we need are the Alano in the

time of umar IBN al-khattab to him at

vidya hoodia

daniken at tosh.0 akari behalf medina

mineral Yahoo Fahad the de la yahood

buckles and Medina

it had the owner of the LA know we're

putting in his heart as Larimar even an

apartment near corner who are hadoo in

the Rasool Allah is Allah is RAM

rock till 11 with a design a very boxy

shukran jessalyn