Mawlid 2021 - Muhammad (SAW) In World Scriptures

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Event Name: Mawlid 2021 - Muhammad (SAW) In World Scriptures
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Transcript of speechso no prophet was sent from adam untilall the prophets except a covenant wastaken that he has to believe in himif any prophet reaches the prophetmuhammad so this was an ahad but it wasalso a covenant that they were told totell their peoples that there will be afinal prophet so every group was toldthat there will be a final prophet thereis no prophet that came to this planetthat did not tell them about the lastprophet so the prophet is the onlyprophet who was mentioned in allprevious dispensations both written andoral this is unique to our prophet noother this this is our belief and soit's really important because i want tosay that this is not athat we shouldn't in any arrogant sensewe should actually be humbled by thisand and in no way should we look atthese other traditions with anydenigration and i'll get to that laterbut it's really important so i'm goingto if there if there are people fromother religions watching this i'm in nowayadvocating that muslimssee this as some kind of triumphalistsupremacistapproach no this isin order for us to understand what wehave be given as believers like webelieve this and and i'll get into thisdeeper so allah subhana wa says do youwant a religion other than the religionwhen everything in the heavens and theearth has submitted to god willingly orunwillingly we're all in submission likegerte said if living and dying andsubmission is islam then we all in islamlive and diethe fact that we the way we breathewe have to breathe the way we breathethe way we walk there are so many thingsthat we are in submission to and we wedon't think about these things so sothese are thethe signs that allah has given and thenallah tells us we sent you as a herald agiver of good news and a warner becauseevery prophet has to give good news butthey also have to warn what happens ifyou don't follow the good news andthere's no ummah that has not been givena warner a prophet every ummah everypeople has been given a prophetand then those who disbelieve they saidto the prophet you weren't sent you arenot an envoy you're not a messengeryou're not sent god is sufficientwitness between me and you and those whohave knowledge of the book sohere are the shawahit these are calledtestimonies so allah is saying in thisverse that hetestifiesbetween he's the prophet is told to sayto themgod is my evidenceandthe previous bookso here's the evidence so just a quicksummary of the types of evidence so youhave what's called a preponderance ofevidence that's like a civil suit sosome of the legal jurors say it is like51sothese are in civil casesand then you have evidence beyond areasonable doubt those are in criminalcases so for instance just giving aquick example o.j simpson uh wasfound not guiltyin the murder of his wife and the otherperson that was with herthat was in the criminalcase because it wasthey his trial lawyers who were verygoodthey put reasonable doubt into theirmindsbut in the civil case o.j simpson lostfor wrongful death so the family suedhim for wrongful death so they had thepreponderance of evidence in the civilcase so he actually had to pay damagesto the family for the for the murder soit's basically sayingwe think you murdered butthere is a little bit of doubt souh that's the example of the differencebut there's a really interesting thirdtype of evidence which is clear andconvincing evidence and this is theevidence that is often incases that involve wills and testimoniessothis is a higher standard thanpreponderance of evidence but a lowerstandard than beyond a reasonable and iam convinced that this is the evidencethat god has given people for belief inhim and for belief in his messengers andhis books it's not beyond a reasonabledoubt because then there would be nomeaning to faith and it's not apreponderance of evidence because it'sjust two but it's clear and convincingevidence it's it should convince you andthat's what that's where you get thatthat feeling i believe this and ibelieve it's true but you just have towait till the afterlife worship yourlord until beyond a reasonable doubtcomes to you which is your deathso now just to look at the worldreligionsthe oldest religionis that we have in their ancientreligions recently there was thisamazing temple discovered in turkey sohumans are homo religiosis we arereligious creatures by nature but theoldest religion that we have is hinduismand it's more than 2500 years old it isan ancient religion judaism is anotherancient religionthen there's zoroastrianismbuddhism is some say it was actually ahindu reformist movement so buddha wasin essence came out of hinduism andtried to reform hinduism he opposed thecaste system and tried to make changeswithinhinduism and then you have christianityand the last and the youngest of theworld's religions althoughmuslims would argue all of theseprevious dispensations were forms ofislam because the religion with god issubmission to allah subhanahu wa ta'alaso the difference between these previousreligions so if you look at hinduismhinduism it's actually you're born intohinduism so you have the brahman and thekashiya and the vaisya and then you havetheand then you have the dalit people thatare the untouchables so you're actuallyborn into this there are converts tohinduism but it's really a religion thisis unfortunately whatsome fanatical people believe that indiawhich is hind is only for the hindus butmuslims are alsohunu they're from india so and then youhave judaism which is essentially atribal religion it's it's a religion ofbani israel and and even though they'rethe
was also taught to know hidden laws
they they don't proselytize to otherpeople and in fact the rabbistraditionally were encouraged to todiscourage people to become a jew andthen zoroastrian zoroastrianism is thereligion uh that was founduh in what is now iran and then buddhismarguably becomes a proselytizingreligion like the last three religionsare more universal proselytizingreligionsthough it's arguable that christianitythat christ himselfwas only sent to the lost sheep of thetribe of israelif you take the ebionic the ebionitesand the otherjewishchristians who believe that you actuallyhad to follow judaism to be a christianyou