MSA National - Continental Conferenceapos;12- Torchbearers: Creating Positive Changes

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Event Name: MSA National - Continental Conferenceapos;12- Torchbearers: Creating Positive Changes
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9;s walking every

day at least 10,000 steps you can get a

little counter now and do that people

aren't well they're not walking we're

all sitting behind computer terminals

watching pixelated images and and and

getting sicker and sicker people need to

exercise there's a book that Imams uthi

wrote called el macero a to ellen

mansoura and it's proving that it is

assumed that to actually wrestle that

wrestling was a sunnah of the prophet

Isaiah he was a great wrestler rakhana

he actually defeated the greatest

wrestler he was one of his cousins

distant cousin from Mecca and he met him

and he said you're claiming to be a

prophet prove it to me said what do you

want me to do he said wrestle me if you

beat me then I'll believe you and he

threw him down and he got up immediately

he said do that again he couldn't

believe it because nobody had ever

thrown him Satan Ali was a great

wrestler said now the AXI Rachel

wrestled yazid the son of Maui and

defeated him in an interesting match but

that's an interesting little book and

masada add to it on mospheira arguing we

forget that it's a sunnah to exercise

the Prophet I send people are talking

about sooner they grow their beards a

Pam the user see whack they do all these

things but they don't exercise it is a

sunnah to exercise the Prophet exercised

every single day because he was living

in a society that demanded you exercise

but he also said in Le Jessica konica

haha your body has rights over you your

body has rights over you you should be

eating what you need about 1700 to 2200

calories depending on your levels of

activity that can all be monitored what

you eat you should be eating primarily

foods that are good for you very little

you know now I mean you go in Ramadan

and the consumption levels are beyond

belief the waste levels are beyond

belief if you didn't lose weight this

Ramadan something's wrong with your fast

I'm serious something is wrong with your

fast people eat more in Ramadan than

they do outside of Ramadan food exercise

in the Olympics if we participate in the

Olympics it's becoming really unbearable

now just the whole what's happened to

the Olympics and things like that but

sports is an important element I'm not

anti sports but if we compete we should

be competing in those things that are

particularly Muslim areas like horseback

riding we need to reinvigorate horseback

riding in our communities are you should

be riding horses I grew up riding horses

it was one of the most beneficial things

that I did as a child because i was

actually trained to ride my sister still

raises horses and has a horse ranch in

southern california but you know i grew

up around horses horses are incredible

creatures beautiful creatures the

prophet saw lies have loved horses he

loved horses we should have horse camps

for our youth in the united states of

america really where they go out and

interact with horses swimming get your

youth swimming but in halal environments

right we have bikinis now the women can

swim too you know and don't ever be

ashamed I told my wife we went she went

swimming in Oman I told her look don't

first of all don't be ashamed they

should be ashamed you shouldn't ever be

a shame for covering up your nakedness

you they should be ashamed you know so

when Muslims where those bikinis

shameful about des on the contrary is an

honorable thing it's the way people used

to look if you look at pictures of

swimming women a hundred years ago in

this country they're all wearing bikinis

it's a very American thing now finally

just to dovetail and conclude with this

the single most important thing for our

community is educated I confer

wholeheartedly with with what was said

about the importance of being creative

in your education we have to be more

creative as a community economics for

instance what dr. Ramadan mentioned

earlier about economics we study

economics all we do is study the

mainstream economics and we mouth back

what they teach us there now debating

seriously the idea of getting back on a

gold standard this isn't a joke anymore

the number one activity now in terms of

war games you know the Pentagon plays

these war games I ready to go called

currency wars which argues that the last

two wars and probably the third world

war will be over currency but anyway one

of the things that he pointed out in

that book is that the war games that

they're playing now in the Pentagon our

currency collapse in scenarios like you

saw what happened in Greece if a

currency collapses societies fall apart

so they're actually very considerate

about this and you have people in this

country Indiana has a sound money

legislation about restoring gold because

states can actually coin gold and silver

our monetary systems based on gold and

silver gold and silver is the monetary

system of Islam if gold was used today

all over the world as the dominant form

of a welter exchange it would be about

twenty thousand dollars an ounce that's

how much value would have right but

maybe Gold's not the answer that's open

to debate in modern in the modern world

I'm open to a debate proved to me a more

superior system but fiat money is

problematic fractional reserve banking

is is completely honest la me because

fabricated wealth creation and these

things can be studied and there are

serious Western scholars I read a book

by a German economist called

non-interest economies Kennedy she's a

Marguerite Kennedy in this book arguing

that interest is actually profoundly

harmful to a society to its economics

and to its to its well-being and she

doesn't understand Islam on 4G she makes

some really silly remarks about Islam's

views on Ussery but there are

intellectuals in this society that are

actively arguing against usury base

forms of economics and many other areas

so we have to and finally my advice to

myself and all of you you have to we're

living in a time when there's a lot of

mental disruptions people are not well

they're not well we have people dying

their hair orange and going in and

shooting people and these people this

guy was like he was the best and the

brightest of this culture like even his

the people at the University he had a

scholarship studying one of the most

difficult subjects and he was he was

studying neuroscience PhD candidate and

he goes in and kills all of these people

one of the worst massacres in American

history with his hair dyed red because

he watched a film a Batman film I'm not

because you know but that's part of the

story we have people that go in and

literally imitate I mean I saw the

footage of the this guy that went into

mendocino school and killed people and

he was literally imitating Arnold

Schwarzenegger and apparently he'd

watched one of his movies over and over

and over again Plato said if you want to

corrupt youth if you want to corrupt

them the most efficient way to corrupt

youth is by using corrupting stories

corrupting story this is why he actually

argues or Socrates to censor the types

of stories that are told in cultures

most of what's on television is arguably

Haram to be watching most of it arguably

the Illuma I really want to reassess a

lot of the image

ice-watch was of the night late 19th

century and look at what their own mo

we're talking about because I think the

whole image based culture is becoming a

serious problem this whole idea of

everybody can take pictures my this my

image like who gave you the right to

take my picture series and then paste it

up on facebook who gave you that right

did I did you ask me my permission hey

can I take your picture your image can I

take your image and then put it up on

facebook for anybody to see with my

mouth wide open or while I'm eating

something or you know or whatever or you

know did I give you that right seriously

because people didn't just go around

taking pictures of other people this is

some modern thing that's happened if you

watch 19th century just look at some of

the photographs they're always like this

you know why they're like that because

they were in all of the idea of their

image being permanently produced and

they're always dressed in their best

clothes they didn't just go in and their

t-shirts been there done that I'm was

stupid or rabbit ears behind something

you don't see a 19th century guys with

rabbit ears behind his wife or something

like that right because they weren't

idiotic people they were actually

dignified people that had a sense of

human dignity so you know I really think

we should reassess what some of those

early scholars said about that and you

know because I really questioned the

validity of all this image based culture

I think it's very dangerous i read neil

postman's book i'm using ourselves to

death and I think his argument nets I

think it's the second chapter about the

the Decalogue prohibition on graven

images his argument is pretty solid and

very Islamic as far as I'm concerned

anyway god bless all of you may lost

behind with that increase all of our

youth give you strength preserve you

make you dignified people people that

are torch bearers of the light of Islam

said I'm not equal model I ok