Nine Hundred Years: Reviving the Spirit of Andalusia

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Event Name: Nine Hundred Years: Reviving the Spirit of Andalusia
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North Star but also using the present

recognizing we're in the present and on

a journey into the future so we want the

assala of the past the the principles of

the past and the strength of the past to

derive from that but we also have to

reconcile the fact that we are modern

people and we can do that

may Allah give us benefit and finally

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala says about

people that abandon his way come tocome

in debt not my urine was roaring while

my famine shed him how many greats

gardens did they leave behind and

Springs and fountains was Errol and mama


one Nick Martin can ophea have a keen

and all these blessings that they were

in it deriving these blessings from

Kidada kaorun aha oh man ah Kareem this

is the Sunnah of a logically I knew that

Widow have been an ass we are here in

the West we should partake in this

extraordinary civilization by becoming

productive members of it and also I

believe becoming leaders inshallah

and we can do that in the spirit of

Andalusia which is akamalik aromas are