On Contact: The Perversion of Islam

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Event Name: On Contact: The Perversion of Islam
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especially since 9/11 to stoke what I

find to be a very frightening

Islamophobia that includes within

mainstream discourse of demonization of

Muslims right well you know because I

think of all people you probably know

more than anybody in this country what

happens when you demonize people because

it's always the the predecessor to to

great violence against those people and

and I think you've seen that in many

places around the world and so it is

deeply troubling I'm I have some

optimism because I'm always struck by

the fact that there is a profound

goodness that resides in the hearts of a

lot of people in this country and and

and what I saw after 9/11 because I

actually predicted all of this I thought

it was going to happen within one or two

years after 9/11 the fact that it took

over ten years of an incredibly massive

machine about the kind of

- hey Todd it took a long time to

transform it in Nazi Germany as well

I know towards the Jew that's true and

it took Hitler all between 1933 and 1938

he mentioned the Jews three times

according to Cory radicans yeah but

don't I I know but I I think also the

Jews there was a deep problem and Mark

Twain addresses that in concerning the

Jews there was a deep anti-semitism in

the German psyche prior to Hitler but

not a lethal anti cemetry that's true

mean anti-semitism came with Lutheran's

me I'm deeply disturbed by it and I

sometimes I sit around with some Muslim

friends and say do you think we're like

Jews in 1933 like how bad can it get you

know I mean I really do every once and

I'll say that and and we have a

tradition of our prophet that said you

are most like the Jews and you will

follow them hand span by hands ban well

I don't want to see Muslims end up in

these internment camps but the Japanese

internment happened and if there was a

bad strike here a dirty bomb or

something it's I think don't you think

rhetorically we've laid the ground for

that oh absolutely yeah I I'm convinced

that if a 9/11 event happened today we

would not see the type of responses that

we saw there won't be any flowers at the

mosques yeah

I as you know sued President Obama over

section 1021 of the National Defense

Authorization Act which overturns the

nine 1878 Posse Comitatus Act

prohibiting the military from carrying

out domestic policing and judge we won

in the Southern District Court of New

York the Obama administration appealed

in the Second Circuit they refused to

accept my standing didn't hear the case

because it is patently unconstitutional

but Judge Catherine before us two ruled

in our favor when she wrote her opinion

which is worth reading on the internet

said that this opens the way for the

government to criminalize an entire

category of people and she brought up

110,000 japanese-americans

who were interned stripped of their

rights u.s. citizens in World War two so

legally we've already created but

rhetorically we've created the

Editions and legally we've created the

condition race yeah and and and

apparently in order for that to be

overturned it has to happen again so

because that's never really been dealt

with the Japanese internment well it now

is the government can in essence if you

read section 1021 carry out

extraordinary rendition on the streets

of American cities hold people in

military facilities and strip them of

due process ie they I don't see what

people don't realize what's happened I

mean the type of changes that happen I

think one of the things that we as

believers certainly you know we believe

that there's another force working in

the world greater than their force and

certainty of faith and well maybe selves

a leap of faith but but I I do believe

that that we we worship a just God who

tempers his justin's with great

benevolence and and that that these

things do have a reckoning they do have

a reckoning that civilizations cannot

justice even if it's the the type of

relative justice of the world justice is

what enables and empowers civilizations

and as they lose that that's striving

for the truth you know one of the things

the quran says we don't destroy a people

as long as there is amongst them people

fighting for the truth and and so a

society can be unjust but if you have

within it people that are fighting

against that injustice that's one of the

reasons God will sustain that people and

I think there are still a lot of people

in this country and you're certainly one

of them that that is speaking that truth

and as long as we have those people I

think that that we have some hope and

optimism that that there's there there

is that divine force that will sustain

us in secular terms that's

Vaslav hobbles the power of the

powerless and which he quite he uses

that I realize live my the prayer of the

oppressed that that the the oppressed

have a power that they don't realize

that and the numbers are on our side

despite the fact that the military might

is on the other

but that military might until they get

there robotics in place which is a

terrifying that is and you know CS Lewis

predicted but transhumanism predicted

the abolition of man I think is one of

the most important books for people to

read because another one is Lewis

Mumford which nobody reads anymore you

know Pentagon of power

I mean Mumford saw this stuff coming you

know we talked about Kierkegaard's the

creeping villainy yes

you know Vice is is a monster of

frightful mean as to be hated needs but

to be seen but seen to all familiar with

her face we first pity then endure then

embrace thank you

that was Islamic scholar and president

of Zaytuna College Sheikh Hamza Yusuf


revenge is the psychological engine of

all campaigns of terror victims are the

blood currency their corpses are used to

sanctify acts of indiscriminate

slaughter those defined as the enemy are

rendered inhuman they are not worthy of

empathy or justice pity and grief are

felt exclusively for our own we vowed to

eradicate a dehumanized mass that

embodies absolute evil Christian

fanatics embrace the concept of holy war

as fervently as Islamic fanatics our

Crusades are matched by the concept of

jihad once religion is used to sanctify

murder there are no rules it is a battle

between light and dark

good and evil Satan and God rational

discourse is banished and the sleep of

reason as Gore said always brings forth

monsters thank you for watching you can

find us on our t-dot-com slash on

contact until next week