Our Family An Institution in Crisis

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Event Name: Our Family An Institution in Crisis
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first what to say I'm honored to be here

in all seriousness partly because I'm

very honored to be part of what's

happening the youth these dedicated

youth in Toronto and I think it should

give us a spark of hope that Islam does

have a presence in Toronto and the

presence is not a temporary one and I

heard a story once of some Muslims that

fought them off

it was actually a synagogue and they

wanted a Hamas and they were very happy

but the mom who gave the talk on the

first day that it was open it was like

the opening ceremony mentioned that we

should be wary of being happy about this

cause and the reason is is that this

mosque before it was a mosque was a

synagogue which means there were people

in here of another faith who were

worshiping their God as they saw fit but

the point is they sold it which means

that there weren't people to sustain the

sick body anymore and so that should be

a warning to us that the losses that we

build Islamic schools that we're

building that if there is not a

generation to come after us to fill

those losses and to commit themselves

Sonam and to send their children to

schools that are being established then

his son will be in these lands like it

was for the first generation of Muslims

that came here a lot of people are

unaware of the first migration and if

you've heard city magnetic dr. Singh

magnetic empower talk about the first

migration it's very enlightening to

realize that in the first migration that

people who came from Lebanon the people

who came from many places in the Muslim

world Bangladesh one of the first mosque

in California was in El central

California and I happen to live in that

area and I met a lot of people named

living at Mohammed and John Syed and I

asked them how did you get these days

and they said our fathers were our

grandfathers were Bengali farmers who

came to this place and they married

Mexican women and they built a moss care

and I said well what are you they said

we're Catholics you see because the

grandpa died and the grandmom maybe

never seen she never became a Muslim and

she raised her children Christian and

now there's no moss there there's just

Christians who have last names that

reflect a Muslim heritage

there are many Arabs now living in these

countries that don't speak Arabic

anymore and they say well my gran

Araki or my grandmother was Lebanese for

my father was Egyptian or my father was

Palestinian but I don't know Arabic

quite yet right this is tragic because

it's a it's a separating from their

identity and that's partially what I

want to talk about tonight but before I

get into that and I'm I I want to cover

some some areas so I'm going to be going

a little fast because the time is

limited it is an awesome talk topic but

I will say what I'd like to do and I

used to don't do this but what I would

like to do so it would keep me on track

maybe because I would like to look at

what's happening in the West because the

problem or the or the great tragedy of

the modern world is everybody who's

following these people so they're 5 10

15 years 20 years ahead of the rest of

the world but the world is desperately

moving towards catching up in everything

the good and the bad because there's

good in these societies there's no doubt

the traffic system works and we hope

that Cairo left behind the other places

are going to catch up right to the way

people drive here but there are many

other things that are actually quite

frightening and I just want the first

date don't think there is not an agenda

don't think that this culture does not

have social engineers we all

we all know about engineers right

engineers think things out they plan

things they draw drawings maps and they

show people this is the most efficient

way to do it and here's my diagram and

everybody gets the point they have

people in these cultures that are called

social engineers they work in think

tanks that are supported and funded by

these governments and Canada has its

social engineers believe me America has

its social engineers the United States

they look at what's going on they

examine it and they give you plans now

the thing about these people is we often

don't find out about the plan we just

begin to see them implemented in the

public schools and just to give you one

example of a social engineer Plant

Values Clarification

Values Clarification came about because

of the new migrations and also because

of the new world order george bush's new

world order and it's not his but he was

the first one to literally come out with

it and say in his famous speech there is

a new world order plan and part of the

plan is people have to live according

his new world order and what is called

the international community right the

international community now in order to

do that the Americans or the Canadians

have to start getting used to the idea

of having

international police force in other

words a Canadian working with a karate

on or a Pakistani and soldier in the

United Nations peacekeeping force so you

have to begin to see other people now

somebody can say well that's interesting

that's a good isn't it that we get to

know each other a lot says we created

people nations and tribe so we can know

each other so that's positive well you

have to understand how they're

presenting it they're presenting it that

first of all the problem is the word

values and unfortunately the Muslims

have started to use this word it is very

alien to the Arabic language is alien to

the Muslim tradition we don't use the

word values the word p.m. in Arabic

canal is used because it's a loanword

from 19 late 19th century and 20th

century English they act writers in

Cairo and Beirut and Damascus

translating newspapers and things like

that began to use the word values and

they look well let's look it up in the

moment or something like that and what

do they see Oh value clima and so they

say okay

pema we have now the Muslims don't have

that there's no such thing as I am a

tsunami young Islamic values we don't we

have tiwari we have rules we have back

town we have my body we have a flop we

have these we have words we don't have

to borrow words are our language the

Islamic language

bitch but we borrowed this word now the

interesting thing about values if you

look at another word in Arabic which is

favela which is translated using as

virtue if I say to you well I have

different values than he does

that sentence worked very well in the

English language but if I say to you I

have different virtues than he does

suddenly it sounds strange I have

different virtues than he does why

because we have a general idea of

virtues virtues are not relative virtues

are shared by people and understood

objectively they're not relative whereas

values are gratitude they become

relativized so well his values are not

my values but everybody's entitled to

their opinion so what values of

clarification is in the schools is to

teach people yes you have these beliefs

and these values but he has other set of

values a set of values so truth becomes

relativized and everybody has their own

individual truth now I have to take a

course by law in the state of California

to clarify my values so the state is now

clarifying for me my values in other

words what he's telling me is they're

just yours they're not universal don't

try to

impose them on other people so when you

see a homosexual you have to recognize

he has values too and they're different

from your values so don't condemn him

and this is what they're doing in the

school this was socially engineered and

the words are engineers etc etc so I

want to look quickly very interesting I

think at what is the agenda well the way

to look at the agenda is look what's on

the menu

look what time when you're going to have

some an event you look on what's on the

ceremony that what they're going to talk

about well let's look at what the United

Nations in the 1990s have had their

summits on the UN summit on biodiversity

the UN summit on the Family the UN

summit on population control the UN

summit on sustainable development the UN

summit on the Rights women the UN summit

on housing the UN summit on the

environment the UN summit on education

the UN summit on global warming there's

an agenda there and the agenda if you

look at that at the centre and at the

heart of these summits is the family

because they have one on biodiversity

the family

in control related to what we're going

to do about this problem of

overpopulation not in Germany where

they're encouraging and paying money to

have children because they're so worried

about their little population but the

ground people that are proliferating too

fast right they're not talking about

population control in the industrialized

countries but they're talking about

publishing corn other places in the

world so this is the agenda now just to

look at there is the agenda well let's

look what's happening and what's a

result of the previous agenda because

they've been doing their social

engineering for some time

Pleasanton is a city in the Bay Area

it's got one of the most affluent parts

of the Bay Area very wealthy people

upper middle class - rich people and

they did a study there Pleasanton teams

detailed drug use sexual activity seven

percent have tried suicide in Pleasanton

seven percent and suicide now for the

first time there seems suicide in six

seven year-olds prozac is now thank god

we've just discovered a drug that works

in children is prior to that

antidepressants do you work for little


right now prozac is being tested on

children so we don't have to worry about


we can just give them drugs now this is

a very interesting study used marijuana

during the last month Los Angeles 21

percent San Francisco 18 percent of San

Diego 27 percent is right next to the

border idea one that's where the

marijuana a lot of it comes from 25

percent in Pleasanton and the u.s.

overall 25 percent of teens between 8th

and 12th grade that's was one out of

four so if your children are in these

schools right one out of four of those

children are using drugs by their own

estimations in Los Angeles

attempted suicide during the past year

16 percent between 8th and 12th grade 6%

in San Francisco 10% in San Diego 7 in

Pleasanton 9% over on the UX that's

their estimation 9 percent of teens

between 8th grade 12 have attempted

suicide had sex in the past 3 months

Los Angeles 30 percent San Francisco 23

31 36 u.s. overall 38% 38%

now obviously you boys tend at that age

they'll lie about things like that

because it's it's a big thing in

American culture to brag and boast right

and people who've gone to school here

know about that so

we do take that I mean all statistics

you take with grains of salt certainly


they say there's lies big lies and

statistics right so smoke drinking

episode 25 percent overall us 33 percent

snip or inhaled intoxicating substance

you asked 20 percent right it goes on

it's quite frightening now where did the

Muslims fit into this well believe it or

not we have our own problems in our

communities and as somebody who deals

with these things that gets all normal

phone calls quite considerably

concerning these things I know very well

that within the Muslim community we have

a lot of premarital sex going on with

our Muslim youth we have drug use

we have alcohol use we have a lot of

parental abuse and in America they have

by law in the counties child abuse then

they have adult abuse they have agencies

for adult abuse and a friend of mine is

a Muslim works as somebody who's a

counselor an adult abuse dealing with

parents that are beaten by their

children so there's a lot of rage there

so this this is what we're seeing now

you will notice that all these

statistics radically changed when you

have religious families in the United

States as well these statistics

radically change when you begin to look

at the Christian surveys when you begin

to look at the Jewish surveys not an

exaggeration I'm talking about people

that are practicing their religious and

have religion at the center of their

households now unfortunately for many


this was USA Today are you a Christmas

and Easter Christian one of the priests

says on Christmas and Easter it's good

to see you by the way we have a church

together 50 weeks out of the year now

this could be Vicky's mom on the eat

somebody call nice to see you by the way

we have a Masjid and there's actually

five prayers count on one two three four

five prayers a day you have an

opportunity to pray five times a day in

the Masjid right so there are now what

we call these Muslims somebody who put

it in a good classification you said

there's Muslims you see every day in the

Masjid there's Muslims you see once a

week in the message it

there's Muslims you see twice a year and

then there's Muslims you see once in

their lifetime where you do for tuxedoes

right and these are the categories of

Muslims you just break the janaza and I

mean I've been at janazah prayers where

those people didn't even know they came

the family didn't even know what to do

they said our Father

I'm just happened to me in centrica our

father was a Muslim we don't know how to

eat - what do we do how do we

did is there a ritual do you have like

something you do they don't know there

are Muslims like that in the United

States and in Canada and in the West and

there's Muslims like that unfortunately

in many other parts of the world so we

are have a very serious crisis on our

hands now if you look at what's happened

in the breakdown of families the first

thing to remember is that the

disintegration of community is one of

the primary factors in destroying the

family the disintegration of the

community one of them is migration

moving corporations now control people's

lives they approve people there's very

difficult times people have in

establishing communities because they're

moving and changing jobs constantly so

neighborhoods are not established

neighborhood is part of the community

and so the destruction of neighborhood

which you still find in many parts of

the Muslim world is collapsing in these

countries television has had a profound

influence in radically changing the

nature of social intercourse not only in

the West

now all over the globe people prefer to

spend their nights watching television

than social intercourse with the family

itself and most Americans are eating

their dinners at one time that they have

to spend with their families watching

television with the television arm there

are people that don't talk

one study did they said most people now

in the United States have five minutes

of meaningful discourse between them

during the day

this is serious very serious stuff going

on and people have to realize that and

the Muslims have to realize that if we

bother them in their behavior we will

share the same symptoms of their disease

state and this is what's happening now

just to look if you look at what what

Islam has done how to get out of this

mess right

the first thing boosts hub in the Arabic

language means to bind it relates the

word Assyrians prisoner and Ostra is a

binding factor if you look at the Quran

itself Allah subhanAllah to Ana one of

the most important things in Quran is

the run the are ham everyone thought

that the prophet saw horizon gate when

he married people hospital hospital as

the watch the prophet Elijah included

the ayah yeah you had asked a table of

optimality haha Kapo