Planning for Tommorow (Malaria Speech)

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Event Name: Planning for Tommorow (Malaria Speech)
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orld War two DDT was

discovered by a Swiss pharmaceutical

company and hundreds of millions of

dollars went in to funding the idea of

eradicating the malaria bug with


unfortunately they found out later what

DDT was doing to the environment this is

always the problem of looking at the

world without holistic eyes looking at

the world without understanding the deep

intricacies of the world that the world

is bound up with each other you can't

separate this from that you have to

address problems ecologically the

says exactly and I'll use a political

metaphor here this is exactly the the

plan of the bush government in

eradicating terrorism just like they

want to eradicate malaria just send

bombs drop bombs on people eradicate

these evildoers and suddenly it's just

all going to go away well life doesn't

work like that life doesn't work like

that you have to address the causes of

malaria malaria is directly related to


malaria is directly if you look now on

the map of countries that are suffering

from malaria these have some of the

highest rates of conflict in the world

they're like maps for places where

there's large conflicts why because war

and malaria go together we have a

history of war and malaria and that's

why when you sell these countries

weapons when you sell these countries

weapons you are depriving them of health

care programs you're depriving them of

sanitary water you're depriving them of

education that will elevate their

populations that's what you're depriving

them up and you're giving them malaria

you're giving them yellow fever you're

giving them hiv/aids that's what you're

doing there's a direct correlation to

Commerce and what's happening in the

worst parts of the country and in the

best parts of the country there is a

direct correlation you cannot separate

economics from morality Adam Smith who's

called the father of capitalism and if

he was alive today he would spit on the

men that are calling him the father of

capitalism because the capitalism that

Adam Smith believed in and the

capitalism that exists today has nothing

to do with each other out of Smith

before he wrote The Wealth of Nations

wrote a book on Moral Sentiments saying

that the basis of Commerce was morality

that every transaction is a moral

transaction because it gives each of the

people in the transaction a chance to

honor the other and not cheat them and

this leads to a win-win situation which

is necessary

for civil society that is a different

type of capitalism than the type of

capitalism we see when it's a

dog-eat-dog world the high price of low

cost when Walmart comes in and destroys

whole communities we have to see the

relationship our religion is an economic

religion it is the last religion that is

addressing the economic problems of

humanity the Jews have abandoned their

economic injunctions the Christians have

abandoned their economic injunctions

it's in the Old Testament they know

usury is prohibited ly in the Old

Testament but nobody talks about it more

of Imam Malik two-thirds of that book

deal with economic matters Medina was a

place of transactions until we begin to

address these problems and the

fundamental core issues of these

problems we need societies that are

committed to law and order but you can't

have societies that are committed to law

and order when there are people above

the law if you have people above the law

that people below the law see no reason

to obey the law if they can get away

with it when George W Bush got away with

murder and he did get away with murder

and I encourage all of you to read

Vincent Bugliosi book on the prosecution

of george w bush for murder Vincent

Bugliosi argues in that book that George

W Bush is guilty of murder in the first

degree because in our legal system you

have a principle called felony murder

felony murder is a type of murder that

that occurs during the committee the

commitment of a felony crime if you fire

a gun in the air during a robbery and it

ricochets and kills somebody in that

room you are guilty of first-degree

murder in our legal system lying to the

American people to send them to war is a

felony lying to the American people to

send them war is a felony it's a felony

Vincent Bugliosi who was the District

Attorney of Los Angeles

said we cannot have a legal system a

system of law and order when there are

people above the law this is hakama


is what the Prophet came to eradicate

not malaria he came to eradicate

injustice and when you eradicate

injustice you eradicate things like

malaria because they're inextricably

bound that's what we should be working

to do we should be working towards more

just societies more just distribution of

wealth this is what we have to be doing

as a community the Muslims have lost

their moral compass we have the most

corrupt countries in the world we have

no moral capital to speak from as a

Ummah but we still have individuals the

Oulu bhatia people that abide by the

truth of the Quran and there are many

people like that in this country there

are many good Muslims in this country

these are the people that need to rise

up and OMA in this country to become a

role model to come in come on ma let

there be amongst you I grew minute

separate most of the elements say this

is a positive proposition that this

means some of you there should be

amongst you those young Moroni been

mauve they called to good wayan hona and

in Mongkok and they forbid evil these

are the people that we want to be from

that's what I see in this country a

thriving Muslim community that is

dealing with root problems not with

mosquito nets and that's good and I'm

not in any way detracting from that

because I used a mosquito net when I was

in West Africa that's fine but that's

still looking at the symptomatic

problems until the root problems are

addressed and that's why we need malaria

lodges we need scientists we need social

commentators we need people that are

going to write papers on how to do with

these issues we need our community to

rise to the challenge not to be obsessed

with the pursuit of wealth which is a

false pursuit all of these people who've

had the equity of their homes wiped out

all of that pursuit it's gone all of the

wealth there are hundreds of thousands

that they thought they had in their in

their homes they'd spent their whole

lives paying off their mortgages and

they got wiped out in a yuzuriha system

that they don't even understand they

don't even understand fractional reserve

banking or how printing up false money I

I was at a store yet

two days ago and I gave him a

hundred-dollar bill and he was looking

like that I said man you're never gonna

spot the counterfeit on that because the

one that counterfeited that is so good

at it it looks exactly like a real

dollar he said he looked at me like I

was crazy I said the US Treasury

counterfeited that man that's right that

is well that doesn't exist it's not

backed by anything it's not backed by

gold it's not backed by silver it's not

even backed by debt anymore they're just

printing it up churning it out trillions

of dollars bailing out all of these fat


I mean Jesse James and Frank James had

nothing on the bank robbers today they

used to go in with their faces covered

these guys are on the board of the banks

seriously they don't need to cover their

faces they're on the boards of the banks

they've got the congressman facilitating

the robbery like John Dillinger who used

to go in and pretend they were having a

movie and and the people would watch him

rob the bank thinking they were part of

a movie scene that's what we've got

today Americans watching their

children's wealth and their children's

children's wealth being robbed from them

blind and they think that this is part

of the recovery package people have no

idea what's going on there and Muslims

should find out if they don't know and

begin to educate our own community how

can we address real problems not

artificial real problems the real

problems of this world and I'll finish

Ghandi said there was seven things that

were going to destroy us wealth without

work people that want to invest in a

hedge fund do nothing but put their

money there no risk if it fails they get

bailed out by taxpayer

this has to end and the only way it can

end is by a populace that's vigilant a

citizenry that actually reads and knows

what's going on and that's why

entertainment and dumbing people down

and keeping them from thinking about

these things as long as that continues

on as long as people are more concerned

about what's going on on the reality

television show they're obsessed with or

who won this that or the other game as

long as they're entertained by those

things and the Wolves out there are

going to keep eating the Sheep

wealth without work pleasure without

conscience we live in a society where

sexuality now has become a technique you

buy a book to learn how to become a good

lover there's websites now that that for

where married couples can find other

married couples that want to commit

adultery what's happened to our society

people you can't sit around and just

think these things are normal these are

terrible signs pleasure without

conscience without thinking of the

repercussions of what happens when you

pursue pleasure without any moral

compunction knowledge without character

going to Yale Harvard getting these

degrees and then robbing people blind

and laughing about it and Ron the

smartest men in the room that's what

happened in Enron they were laughing

about the money they were robbing from

old people there's transcripts of their

phone calls laughing about grandmas that

were losing their shirts paying for the

high cost of energy in California

because they were being completely

robbed blind by immoral people commerce

without morality is an extension of

business with a of character knowledge

without character Commerce without

morality the foundation of Islam is is

character innama bu'ithtu leo tell me

mom Academy a flop I was only sent to

perfect character that's the foundation

of our religion inculcating character

that comes from examples that

from living in communities where

character is practiced on a daily basis

generosity courage modesty chastity love

of knowledge science without humanity

we've got studies here on dogs seriously

on dogs and cats and I'm all for taking

care of dogs and cats when when the

Muslims had thriving civilizations they

had off for dogs and cats we know that

they had al-kahf even even in infest

they had a look for stray dogs to feed

them but when you're taking care of dogs

and cats and you've got baby human

babies dying something is seriously

wrong with your priorities because in a

hospital you have what's called triaging

every emergency doctor knows and nurse

knows about triaging if a patient comes

in and their limbs often they're

bleeding out you don't sit next to that

patient talking to the guy with the

headache and asking them is it sharp or

is it cutting what type of headache do

you have you take care of the man who's

hemorrhaging to death triaging

priorities science we've got all of our

talented scientists developing weapons

of mass destruction for enemies that are

created out of thin air enemies that are

more like characters out of a James Bond

film living in caves somewhere boogie

men that are conjured up to scare people

are you scared yet that was a headline

on Time magazine we need our scientists

to actually be in the pursuit of

excellence not for profit not for the

Nobel Peace Prize visa bv lab FISA

beating that it's a completely different

set religion without sacrifice Imams day

was talking about can you have submit

motive is salamy katha enter into Islam

totally and completely don't be

half-hearted half-baked you can't have


mission it's called me that's what

half submissions called in our religion

is called NEFA laya full moon a la ku


they just get up they're lazy they do it


and finally politics without principal

politics without principal Barack

Obama's from from ancestry his father

was from Kenya malaria is a major

problem in Kenya it's a personal problem

for him but when you're in a political

machine that eats it principal when you

can't speak the truth because you're so

afraid of what the spin doctors are

gonna do Fox News will turn everything

upside down and so on ABC and CBS CBC

and NBC and all of the other ones they

just have different degrees of it but

I'll give you an example of politics

without principal when you don't deal

with tort reform in malpractice cases

that's politics without principal

because the tort lawyers in this country

are so powerful they don't want caps on

malpractice suits which raises up the

cost of everything it forces doctors to

do unnecessary procedures which elevates

the cost of health care but they don't

want to talk about that because it's

politics without principle instead of

looking at the principle and we have

caps in Islam the Prophet put caps on a

human life no life can be judged by

wealth and that's the point the higher

you go doesn't make it any less or more

but the cap is a cap because people

can't afford if you if you make things

so exorbitant everything goes up with it

we have caps every a finger has a

certain amount a tooth has a certain

amount a ear has a certain amount

it's already done Allah did it the

Shetty I did it

we don't need tort reform in Islam but

they needed in this country politics

without principle Socrates said in the

apology to the people of Athens if you

stop worrying about the interests of the

state and start worrying about the

interests of your souls the state will

take care of itself said I'm a newcomer

I'm to live