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Event Name: Poisoned Meat - Sacred Text Messages Podcast - S2-E05
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of what comes from the prophet saw he said is revelation the prophet saw isam said


whoever does he had and is correct in his ishtihad has doubled the reward and whoever makes

his jihad as an incorrect in his ishti had he in other words he's mistaken

so the scholar could be mistaken but he has the criteria that enable him to make that ishtihat

if he's mistaken allah is going to give him a reward anyway but who are you what what reward

are you getting other than the accrual of sins by attacking people you have no business

attacking no business attacking and so

people can and i know this is a democratic age and everybody says everybody's entitled to their opinion

and and people say um you know that they can say whatever they

want well that's that's true you can say whatever you want but you just have to know that like imamatic said


when a man realizes that his speech is from his deeds his speech will

diminish in other words he'll begin to speak less and less because he knows he's going to be taken to account for

every single thing that he says in this world and that includes what you write on the internet you will be

taken to account for it so you should just know that i mean this is just to myself

and to everyone else you should just know every comment you make just like it's preserved on the internet

it's preserved in your sahifa and it's going to be show you're going to see it all that mockery

those little emojis that you put all that making fun of people whatever you're doing and i know the

people listening to this aren't those people so a lot of you don't need to be hearing this but it's something for all of us to

think about and maybe just maybe there might be somebody listening to this who actually does participate

in these types of things and will say us they'll you know i i really need to change my

ways because in the end of the day in the final analysis

we're all moving towards the at such a rapidly increasing rate that we need to be getting ready and one

of the best ways to get ready is to guard your tongue to guard your pen which is just an extension of your

tongue to guard your keyboard which is just an extension of your pen this is life on earth

and this is what we all need to know one of the poets says

that the flesh of the people of knowledge is poison and whoever opposes them is quick to

perish so be a helper to the people of knowledge and should you one day attack them

right just be prepared to take what comes

so may allah purify our tongues make us people of purity and

righteousness elevate us make us people of tawbah of repentance of forgiveness

i mean you can be talking about somebody and they're in sajdah doing taubah and allah is accepting their tauba and

you're backbiting them and the hadith that said backfinding is worse than fornication in islam people say how could that be

that ultimately the thing about somebody who fornicates can make tawba and allah accepts the

toba but if you backbite you've attacked another person

and you you technically that can't be redressed until that person forgives you

so it's worse in that way in that it's more difficult to remove from your

sahih than even something as enorm and and it is an enormity so i'm not belittling and certainly the

hadith i'm just quoting the hadith at least in english so so i

you know i was thinking just about sheikh dala mimiya who who i've known

personally for many many years he was my teacher in the 90s and

can i continue to learn from him and benefit from him and increasingly he got involved in

a lot of forums to where he was attempting to mitigate a

lot of the attacks on muslims and and there's people that have clearly

disagreed with his approach and his views but one of the things that is remarkable to

me about people that attack people like sheikh abdullah is it's

the question is never about is is what he's actually doing haram or

like what's the of this and then are you somebody that can determine that

because you have to be at the level of some level of ishtihad to be able to determine that i once heard somebody was telling about

some criticism that he was getting and he said i haven't done anything haram and

i just that really struck me it's a very simple statement but it just really struck me as something

wow you know that's that's how he's looking at things halal and haram is is this permissible

what i'm doing or is it not and obviously he has a whole set of criteria

for why he would be doing what he's doing because he obviously thinks some greater good is going to come out of what he's doing

that's his ishtihad but what what really strikes me is that

the the people who attack him essentially i mean very often it's pure ideology

it's just because he's not an ideologue and they happen to be following some type of

ideology and so so they

somebody like that who is recognized as one of the greatest living scholars

of our tradition when in pakistan when the hanafi ulama

came to an impasse in dealing with certain questions in in in in some issues that had arisen in

pakistan uh chef takadin osmani who's one of the greatest scholars of the hanafi school

in in the subcontinent seven problems and that is actually part

of the hanafi ulsual according to uh told me

that in the future that they will go to the maliki opinions if they don't resolve the problem within the hanafi

school and so they actually sent him and he solved all seven of those problems

these are recorded as well but then if you look also at his service i mean first of all

he comes from one of the most notable mortanian families his father was

aldi his father was one probably the the greatest living scholar of the 20th century in muritania

um and that was recognized even by people like uh sheikh mohammed ramirez

who the great mulfair of quran recognized uh his his position his maqam so that

was his father and he spent his life there studying and then at the age of 20 went to tunisia

with some of the top scholars in muritania he was the youngest of them and he graduated first in his class

amongst these scholars he actually gave a interview on the voice of america in 1961 i think

60 or 61 representing the students there in the mauritanian students in tunisia

so even the elders put him forward as their spokesperson so he was recognized just for having a genius in

fact i was told by his son muhammad

who died recently he was one of my teachers in when i was in medina he's a beautiful man from the

clan of tejakanet in mauritania but he told me we were talking about sheikh abdullah

bin bay and he said you know my father used to say that he's one of the geniuses of muritania

and he said you know that he had a creative mind that that he wasn't he wasn't like a

run-of-the-mill i mean the muritanians are very it's very difficult to impress a mortalian scholar

because they you know they really do have a lot of knowledge so but the mortality and ulama all

recognize but even more importantly this idea somehow that

he would support you know anything that's unjust and people say oh well he's supporting this or he's supporting that again

he does his ishtihad and in the late 70s he was sent by

the president of of muritania [Music]

he sent him to libya when there were problems between mauritania and qaddafi who had

taken power in libya and he sent him there and

the only reason i know this story is because the mauritanian bastard at the time who was in in libya at the

time actually recently revealed this last year on uh on to arab television this story even

the children of sheikh abdullah bibi were unaware of the story so sheikh abdullah bibaya gave his

delivered his message in the presence of the ambassador because always when a visiting

politician visits another country the ambassador will accompany them to the palace or to whatever the

president's residency or his office and so the mortality ambassador said that sheikh

abdullah when he finished delivering with deda's message the president of

muritania he said look this was from my president but i have something personally to say to you

and qaddafi said qaddafi said he said you need to fear allah he said you

cannot attack the our our sahaba you

what you've said about abhorrent what you've said about sahih bukhari what you said about things in the quran

i want you to make tawba and badhafi the ambassador related all

this it's you can see it it's on youtube he said that when he said that but daffy was

taken aback and this is somebody who killed people like literally as far as we know dumped

scholars into the ocean uh in in in the mediterranean um

there's still nobody knows what happened to poor bakker the great shia scholar from iraq but

it's believed that he was dumped into the ocean so you know this is a mokaf like this is

speaking truth to an unjust ruler who amongst us has actually done that like really

like who amongst us has actually done that you know put their lives into jeopardy

for their belief and so the ambassador said qaddafi started arguing with him and he said i'm

not he said you're wrong and you need to make taubah and i will not leave here until i hear

you retract your statement

so the ambassador said that he didn't find that gaddafi relented and said no no you're right i stuff for the law

you're right and then he left so that's something to think about

you know and and that if that's a man who was

now he's 87 years old and he spent his life serving this

religion he's going to sell his religion at this late stage when when he knows

that just by being a mortal that he's looking at his own mortality

i mean that's just i don't know how what people how they reason it just doesn't make sense so

but i know who he is because i've spent years i've spent over two decades living with him traveling with him

translating for him i know who he is i have no doubts i have no doubts

you know we can't only allah knows the reality of people but i in myself personally i believe that he's

one of the olia of god because i've seen it like i've seen and many people

who have worked with him have felt the same thing only allah knows these things we can't

it's not our business to determine but that's my belief so when i look at

him i don't i don't judge him i i might disagree

i i can actually disagree with something and and think i would have done this

differently or something like that but the idea that i don't recognize the level of

scholarship and the sincerity and the valid authority that he has

to determine his own path i mean that seems to me to be something

just really obvious and clear and i just feel sorry for people that

the way that some people have talked about him it just to me i i would just not want to be

in their shoes on the day of judgment i really wouldn't um i mean there's always time for toba

but it just it's it's amazes me

so may allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala inshallah elevate all of you and increase you and keep you

going inshallah until jalal we meet again assalamualaikum