Rihla 2014: Book of Knowledge by Hamza Yusuf

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Event Name: Rihla 2014: Book of Knowledge by Hamza Yusuf
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e in those days would be
pious people who kept their piety to
themselves if they show up somewhere
nobody knows them if they sit somewhere
nobody's looking for them and he said in
the and the
worse people are the the Habib's the
Miss healthy miss town which is a really
powerful orator you know because this is
a time of demagoguery and so you have
orators that rile people up and get them
stirred up and get them agitated in an
agitated time and then people going
travelling to someplace so and he said
that this fitna would be I'm yeah mobile
email it'll be like a blind dark fitna
tomorrow morale bottom it'll be like
waves of the ocean lay a baton minute
out of William Illumina a to the Lanois
Hoffa there's no home of the Arabs or
the non Arabs except they're filled with
this duel and fear to be Forbush am
without Chappell Iraq it'll be in Syria
and it'll be in Iraq covering Iraq with
topo bill jazeera be ad Huaraz leha and
it will have its hand and foot on the
arabian peninsula
teracle omaha Arkell Adeem the oma will
be pounded like the claw the leather
cloth that's used to grind mill like the
millstone cloth yes Ted 2vl Bella had a
young car Fe had mouth off the
tribulations will be so great that there
won't be the model won't be known who
your fov head monk are and the the moon
car will be what's known last ethereal
haroon and your food and no one will be
able to say stop stop
silence silence well I
now Europeana Hammond area tan alert a
fat ax-cut Manhattan
nobody will show up one part of it
except another part will be ripped open
you spare a juicy ham Amina William C
kuvira people will go to sleep believers
and wake up Caviar's
what I and Jim in her element
a cadaver axle Baha and the only people
that will be saved are people that
called the call of somebody who's
drowning so low on amid this applies to
our time right now but certainly sounds
like it so when were in a difficult time
and I think a lot of people are almost
it's you know I worked in a in a
intensive care unit and you know
sometime we had comatose patients there
and it was always very strange when you
change their IV lines or you cuz you'd
poke them or draw blood or do it and
there was nothing no response so it's
it's a very strange thing to see
somebody really comatose but the oma
seems to be really comatose we just get
afflicted with so much and we need to
call on a lawsuit behind with Diana we
really do this a time we should be
calling the Dada Dada you know somebody
who's drowning because that's the dua of
the one who Allah will always answer
their prayer Yugi moto
he that Iosefa sue Allah will answer the
prayer of the desperate and he will
remove their harm and we should believe
that so
may Allah give you all a blessed time
here I hope you don't see anything that
troubles you while you're here I hope
it's beneficial for all of you and we
should during this time just remember
our brothers and sisters in Gaza in
Palestine in Syria in Iraq Egypt Libya
Yemen the Central African Republic China
now the hue guards are having
difficulties Somalia that's been going
on for a long time even Kenya I mean
recently met with a lady from Kenya very
very high-powered Muslim lady she's has
a very high position in the government
and she was in the United States
visiting and she came had dinner with me
and my family and she said that she's
from Kenya from the Muslims of Kenya and
she said that the Muslims were always
considered the most trustworthy
community in Kenya she said when she was
young they were all the Kenyans
respected them they were known to be
honest as merchants she said now they've
begun to hate us and she said it's very
strange to see that happening and it's
coming from these really harsh
manifestations of people that call
themselves Muslims I don't know where
they get that idea because the Prophet
wasn't was anything but harsh no Cavani
they'll be landfill boom and hullick you
know for be Muhammad in oh man you know
la he'll in tera home it was a mercy
from Allah that you were gentle he was
layin allarakha he was the gentle human
being and he really did not like
violence it was not a violent person if
you study his life he was not a violent
person and but he was a lion in battle
when he was forced to but he said
let the manolio Kyle I do in sahih
al-bukhari don't desire to meet enemies
that there's a sickness in that when you
want to fight it's a sickness it's a
sickness of young men in particular
emerald face inside Buhari
there's a section about fitna it's in
the babble fitna inside Buhari
and and it's and and and it said the
Sahaba said that whenever fitna either
stated fittin whenever fitna arose
amongst the Muslims we used to remember
the lines of emerald peace the jihad
report this is inside Buhari right and
and and and and and the lines are about
the nature of war that that when war
shows up al horrible automatic uno
Fatiha 10 Tessa a busy Nazi highly
khaleja holy that when war first shows
up it shows up like a beautiful young
girl seducing every young ignoramus
Hatta either stand at Waseda be Rama ha
well let a Jews and later that that eheh
Lily until when when the flames erupt
and it becomes the harshness of war she
turns out to be an old hag without a
husband that's what they used to when
fitten came they would remind themselves
don't get pulled into this so there's a
lot of people suffering right now
because of all these fittin that have
happened in the Muslim world and and
it's for those of us who live in bubbles
and most of us do on the one hand we
have to be grateful for the bubbles that
we're in on the other hand we have to be
really aware those bubbles can burst
very easily that in in some ways why
these tribulations are happening to
these people is because they're actually
people that are closer to
God because the Prophet said o meteo
Mattoon Mohammed enjoy their behalf Eden
yaja my Ummah is a is a Ummah that is
mahoma that it has the mercy of God on
it and part of that mercy is that it's
punishment is in this world and so when
Muslims that are close to God when they
go off they get it in this world
and our community has deviated very far
from the teaching of our prophet
Palladino Haruna and Umrah he and
Toshiba home fettino - no Yossi Bahama a
divan alene let them be warned who go
against the guidance of this prophet let
them be warned fell yah
let them be warned if you deviate from
the path of your prophet that he's this
guy he's given you you will be afflicted
with with fitna and painful chastisement
so you know may Allah have mercy on on
our Ummah on all of us and and and may
we keep them really and in our hearts
and in our minds make dua for them
during the prayers the prophets allies
that I'm said call on your Lord when
your heart is is brittle in other words
if you cry for any reason make dua even
if you're crying your pet cat died and
you start crying make dua because the
Prophet said that at that time the
hearts close to God when it's brittle
when it's broken because when when the
heart breaks there's room for the light
of God to come into it and that's why in
Allah and then Monica Sarah tfoo boham
Allah is with the brokenhearted as long
as you keep your faith in God he's with
you and unfortunately a lot of people in
this time are losing their faith and
these are people that it's questionable
whether they had any faith to begin with
because the whole point of faith is not
when things are going
it's when it's when it falls apart
that's when faith is real so if people
lose their faith when it all falls apart
you were just on the wheel of fortune
you were on the top and now you're on
the bottom so when the when fortune was
kind to you
you remembered God but then when fortune
is unkind to you and fortunes a fickle
so I'm Dana we should all remember these
people and I you know I've Lana stands
another place that and they've had 40
years now it's going on the Prophet said
how will you be like when people grow
young people grow old in the same fitnah
50 Netanyahu Murphy has suckier the old
person grow the young person grows old
in it so but we have to be aware you
know it's really on the on the on your
thing it says the three iman is cinnamon
it's an the three dimensions of islam
what is it
the three foundations of islam but
there's really four in the hadith
gibreel that people tend to forget and
the fourth one is the signs of the end
of time and that is our deen and so it's
important to know the signs to be able
to read them if you don't know the signs
when when they come you see the stop
sign if you don't know what that means
you keep driving and you get hit so you
have to know the signs of the end of
time so that I know what this is this is
signs that we're getting closer
I thought about the side - inshallah
bummer so we're certainly closer than
the Prophet said barreto Anna was
Sarkoja attained I was sent in the hour
is like this that was 1,400 years ago so
we know were 1400 years closer and at
it was like this so but we're here the
Prophet said if it comes and you're
planting a seed keep planting it so
we're people of hope and Abu Yussef on
his deathbed the great Hanafy scholar
was memorizing some Messiah
and one of his students said that you're
about to meet your Lord and you're
preoccupied with this he said I'd rather
meet him knowing these things and being
ignorant of them and then and that's the
way of our religion it's no matter what
we keep doing it like the the the
Chinese calligraphers when they're when
they were being attacked and the master
came out and said this is the time to do
our calligraphy they just kept doing
that calligraphy you saw here oh so
that's that's that's what we have to do
just keep doing the work keep learning
the Deen my you know my dissertation is
on Abdullah had been a show and I pretty
much I read everything I could find on
him I read all the public art literature
I read and handled I've read most of
what he's written and what I was amazed
about was he lived the first 20 years of
his life he died at 49 the first 20
years of his life were some of the best
times in Morocco he lived under mansoura
the heavy and very peaceful time but the
second half of his life was was all
civil war and fits in his City Fez was
bombed several times they used to have
medjani up the they would throw fire
bombs in the city was bombed several
times he never mentioned any anywhere I
couldn't find where he mentioned the
fittin all he left behind is FIP
our pita top CEO Tish wheel he was a
master of Tish weed he has several books
Grammer polluted fit that's what he left
behind because fitten are they come and
they go
as long as human beings have been on
this planet trust me that the Mongols
what they did was much worse than
anything that's happening right now in
the Muslim world much worse they didn't
leave anything breathing when they came
into them Muslim cities they just killed
everybody it was much worse
the Muslims actually got their faith got
stronger you look at the post Mongol
period of Islam and it's great great
spiritual even this city there's a shape
Mawlana Rumi gelada Dena Rumi he fled
the Mongol invasion his father had some
premonition and took them out his city
was destroyed after that and they came
here and under the auspices of the
so fit and come and go but this stays
not knowledge stays and that's what
you're gonna take with you you won't
take the fittin with you when you leave
this world you won't take the fit in
with you but Allah says to you
Okara WAPA we recite what you know and
be raised in degrees
you're very latina aminal well Ladino
tell in da Rajat those who believe in
our and are given knowledge that's
that's to have humility rutulian
even though you have to earn it and work
for it and struggle it's still a gift
from God
so inshallah use this time to learn as
much as you can try to implement as much
as you can while you're here from the
Sunnah to make things become habituated
and and I'm gonna talk about that a lot
about habit and invocation of habit
so de alcalá herons vahana Columbia
Homme de que shadow and you know hate
lanta stuff lyric or to avoid a mala